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  1. There's some weird logic going on here. Usually the concern is when someone leaves an organisation in a worse state than when they found it. But blaming someone for events that occurred after they leave and for which they cannot possibly be held accountable is, well, bizarre. It's like saying it's John Lennon's fault that The Beatles never reformed after he was shot.
  2. I have never believed that people booed Goodes for staging. Rather, I have always believed that people claimed they booed Goodes for staging to avoid having to admit that the booing they participated in was racist. (You will note I have deliberately phrased the above to say that the individuals themselves may not have realised that what they did was racist.)
  3. This is just a guess, but I suspect concussion symptoms are completely unpredicatble with no way of assessing any likely timeframe. In other words, players have concussion symptoms until they don't. If I'm right, KK is listed as TBC because he's not yet right and there's no way of knowing when he will be. It doesn't have to mean that he's "done"...but until he's over the symptoms we also can't rule out the possibility that he may not play again.
  4. I thought this thread was going to be about useless Demons rather than useless statistics. It's marginally more interesting than what I was expecting. Just.
  5. Didn't I just read that Shaun Smith has criticised the organisation of the 2019 EJ Whitten Game for converting it to AFL-X in format? I've always believed that there's a place for AFL-X, but this isn't it. I see it as a simplistic game played overseas as a way of accommodating amateur players, where there are smaller numbers playing (so it allows for reduced team sizes) playing on rectangular fields. But I wouldn't care if it died a nautural death, either.
  6. I like the subtle recognition. Compares favourably with the sometimes overblown criticism of the CEO in this thread and elsewhere.
  7. Just what we need. An excuse for the players to fall back on for their poor set shot goalkicking technique.
  8. I like the way you appear to describe Boomer Harvey as apparently having "key position size"! Nevertheless, as always, a well-expressed opinion supported by clear explanation.
  9. Also, St Kilda only plays one ruckman, so we don't lose by using stop-gap as our second ruck.
  10. I can accept the criticism that his poor disposal was the cause of the problem; but it's not correct in my view to say it was because he didn't run back hard enough.
  11. Gary Ablett Jr? Or would you argue that he's not slow? Mind you, I agree with your post overall.
  12. Didn't "his man" get the "go ahead goal" following a bad turnover? If that's correct, Brayshaw had presumably run off "his man" because we were in an offensive play and it was "his man" who could easily have been criticised for "not running back hard enough" if Brayshaw had ended up being involved in our forward momentum.
  13. Made me laugh...I can't imagine Preuss as a forward ever playing on anyone but a smaller opponent.
  14. It's not that hard to understand...once someone under the age of 20 explains it to you (speaking from experience). Think of it this way: If you'd tipped the team in 9th position every week this year, your tip would have been right 12 times out of 16 games. On the other hand, if you'd tipped team that was second on the ladder every week this year, you would have only got that tip right 4 times out of 15 games.
  15. Based on that statement, I have to assume you'd be happy to trade Gawn.
  16. I think we will this week. Rowan Marshall is probably leading St Kilda's B&F and is very much doing well because of his mobility.
  17. I don't disagree, but there will be about 8-10 players on our list at the beginning of next year who won't have played a game. It's one of them that I was thinking about.
  18. I think its only "meaningless" to those people for whom the fact doesn't suit their agenda.
  19. I couldn't find a thread, but if I'm mistaken please merge or delete. If Tim Smith or Weideman are available, one of them should come in for Preuss. He's been tried and he's not ready. Lockhart had no impact. Presumably Viney is the only player at risk of missing due to injury. That's two outs, or three if Viney's unavailable. Players to bring in are hard to find (other than Smith or Weideman). I'd like to see JKH, but it seems the club doesn't. Who else?
  20. I find it hard to believe that Bendigo as a zone should be any better or worse than the Goulburn/Shepparton area that we had. I suspect Carlton's relative success with their zone may have had more to do with their ability to extract talent at that time. The point about Berwick and Mornington Peninsula being high growth areas makes sense and may have been advantageous to Hawthorn, but I still suspect their main success came from good talent identification programs and good coaching, both of which I suspect were deficient at Melbourne.
  21. Can Demonland please confirm that Joeboy's account has not been hacked? I don't ever remember him being this positive after a loss.
  22. The dilemma is that if he plays perhaps he will be keeping a great talent out. The player who plays instead of Lewis might become a champion. If he doesn't get to play because Lewis does, we would never know. My view is that Lewis's time is up. I think he's been a great addition, but as time has progressed we've received diminishing on-field returns. (That's not a criticism; we knew when we recruited him that his third year would likely be highly problematic because of his age.) And I would expect those returns to diminish much further were he to play on in 2020.
  23. Hard to believe he's 30 years old already. And so's Austin Wonaemirri.
  24. 6. Oliver 5. Fritsch 4. Salem 3. Harmes 2. May 1. J Wagner
  25. He's a defender; the others aren't. C Wagner on the other hand... I can understand why ANB is playing and why Hannan is not. And in all seriousness, C Wagner for Dunkley isn't much of a change. What interests me, though, is why J Wagner is in when it's two forwards that got the chop. We can but hope it means Salem on the wing or in the midfield.
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