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  1. 35 minutes ago, Lord Nev said:

    ASADA have nothing to do with the fine.


    My interest is not in the fine per se but the mechanics of how the failure happened given I can't imagine any player travelling anywhere in the world without taking their phone with them. It is possible, of course, that they may be in a remote location without phone/data access, which might require additional care by players to ensure their whereabouts are known to whoever needs to know for what I'll loosely call "ASADA purposes".  

  2. 13 minutes ago, Smokey said:

    Yes comrade, I agree all AFL players must configure their iTunes accounts to be readily accessible by ASADA. Punishment for failing to meet these conditions will be 10 years hard labor in Gil's personal Gulag, which produces small textile goods for his army of foreign nannies who are not subject to commonwealth immigration laws.

    Never mind how the bloody phones work, are you familiar with the concept of privacy!? 

    Not quite sure what privacy has to do with it. Players have impliedly consented to the ASADA requirements which includes the right for ASADA to know where they are at all times. The implied consent derives from the obligation to abide by the ASADA rules if they want to compete in the AFL system. 

  3. 19 hours ago, TGR said:

    If we get this guy, what, will he get $250-280k?

    Watts would have stayed for what 470-500?  Howe for an extra 50k on his current contract I am told unreliably.

    I think the extra 220k gives you more flexibility.

    I just can't work out the overall strategy and big-picture here?  When you get rid of treasure and lure in trash, you have no choice but to gamble big (Bennell/Murray) and scrape the bottom of the barrel until your finger nails bend backwards.

    I can smell....a big rebuild in 12 months time and....

    Clarko or Ross Lyon - 6 year deal 2021/2/3/4/5/6.  Ross Lyon + EI = flag.


    19 hours ago, brendan said:

    What’s this treasure we got rid of?

    Hi TGR. I'm still interested in your response to the above question. I, too, would like to know what you meant with the above. And, while you're at it, who's the trash? Or am I just wasting my time expecting you to substantiate your commentary?

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  4. 18 minutes ago, Satyriconhome said:

    I am more concerned with Fritta and the impact pre season is having on him, he had a full head of hair yesterday

    Methinks he failed something in the games the boys play and the hair is the penalty

    Adds about 15 years to his age. I thought he was one of the coaches at first.

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  5. 26 minutes ago, deanox said:

    It'll be more about registering a schedule than tracking live location. 

    Ie are you in the country staying at home, or on holidays in Bali? Or training camp in queensland? Are you training at casey or gosch this Thursday? Etc.

    Rather than "you didn't tell us when you went out to the pub".

    I'm sure you are correct, but I also expect that the players would have an app on their phone for this very purpose. And if they don't, they should have (ie, ASADA should administer the obligation in this way).

  6. 4 minutes ago, stevethemanjordan said:


    Rawlings, McCartney, Jennings, Viney,  Sam Pietsch...

    You can play the technicalities game but when a club have that many leave, (no matter the terms) over a single off-season, you know something is up.

    We had a crisis meeting off the back of our horrendous first half of the year. There was a complete restructuring of positions at assistant level, (that's alarming given it was the middle of the season). And by the end of the year, we had an exodus.

    I'm not comparing us to Adelaide, I'm looking at us.

    In the eyes of the footballing world, we were at crisis point by mid-year and by year's end something had to change. And it did.


    It would be equally arguable that not making any changes during the year would have been alarming. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Caligula's cohort said:

    Got there around 10am, it was beautiful weather out on the track. The ground surface was looking immaculate!

    About 26 payers in attendance today. Crossy was putting Neitschke through his paces with kicking, marking drills and then sprinting through to collect the handball receive and then kick it down the line. Later, Neitschke went on to do repeated 200 - 300 meter boundary laps at about 80% pace with about 2 - 3 mins rest between sets. He was cooked by then end of it...

    The main group were doing defensive drills ran by Chaplin. It was a 6 on 6 system where the players would try and move the ball out of defence by kicking laterally or along the boundary. Petracca intercepted the ball about three times so he was definitely switched on and moving like a cat. 

    Players then switched into their runners and half did interval training around the boundary marked with cones. They would sprint 50 meters, jog 40 and walk 10 and repeat for about 10 minutes continuously. The other half would do 100 meter sprints with 30 seconds rest. 

    They finished up around 11am and Preuss stayed back to do extra goal kicking and forward craft with Max Rooke. Preussy has lost considerable weight in the upper body and looking really fit. Salem, Hore and Jordon also stayed back and did a bit of ground ball touch skills.

    Special mentions go out to Hibberd and Sparrow who both looking in ripping condition. I think Sparrow may have grown a bit as i saw him running laps with Joel Smith who is 188 cms and Sparrow was just a touch smaller. 

    I thought Max Rooke had moved on. Am I mistaken? 

  8. 13 minutes ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    SANFL and WAFL have ten teams with eight non aligned teams in both leagues. VFL has 15 with five non aligned teams.

    Are you suggesting combination of the AFL "back up teams" or removal of the non aligned teams.

    Not sure it would help but certainly worthy of discussion.

    Perhaps just drop to 16 on the field and perhaps 3 interchange.

    If I were starting from scratch, I'd keep the VFL to 12 teams, one each for the 10 Victorian based teams and two non-aligned teams who could bid for a licence/franchise. However, I recognise it's not a greenfield opportunity and the various non-aligned teams have varying degrees of merit.

  9. How do these changes, and the administration of the VFL generally, compare with what happens in the other States?  

    At first blush, it seems to me we have too many VFL teams. A smaller competition might allow a higher salary cap per club and improve playing standards.


    On 11/8/2019 at 10:00 PM, Bring-Back-Powell said:

    Yes I’ve got no doubt they can have a jog on their holidays. You make an excellent point.

    The point I was making was that the senior players who made it to training this week (eg- Gawn and Harmes) are players that are getting the absolute best of themselves, creating excellent examples to their teammates and are carving out fulfilled careers thus far.

    Meanwhile a couple of those top 10 draft picks that haven’t seen fit to make an early appearance for whatever reason (and I concede they have no obligation to) haven’t gone  anywhere near reaching the levels they could as footballers and are nowhere near in the best 50 players in the league.


    Given the importance of mental health, I would suggest any criticisms of players not returning early should be tempered by the thought that some players might be better off not being at the club at this time of year. I hasten to add I'm not speaking with any specific knowledge, but we need to be more aware that the needs of individual players differ.

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  11. The curious bit about this for me is how it happens. I would have thought the "Find My iPhone" feature (which I assume also works similarly for Android phones) just needs to be switched on and the club and ASADA would know where the players are at all times. If that's correct, does this mean players deliberately switch that feature off?

    Or maybe I'm just ignorant about how phones work.

  12. On 11/1/2019 at 10:56 AM, Whispering_Jack said:

    Wylie Buzza is the first to go - he has officially joined Port Adelaide as a delisted free agent.


    Pity. We don't have anyone (do we?) with a zed in their surname. When we had Neitz, Yze, Schwarz, Bizzell we were a team to be reckoned with.

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  13. 38 minutes ago, old dee said:

    I like my car's to have a bit of grunt and nothing got close in my price range. Also think they are under rated. All of a sudden is not cool to own a Holden. But my black beauty goes well and rocks my boat when I look at it the drive way.

    Is that a good thing? Sounds dangerous to me. 

  14. 12 hours ago, DubDee said:

    Can’t wait to see what Sparrow can do next year. He looks fit. 

    Jordon looks like Oliver when he arrived at the mfc. Needs another press on maybe. 

    Pruess been in the afl system for a while so hopefully he can build his endurance. 

    Go Dees. Love this time of year!!


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  15. 18 minutes ago, Satyriconhome said:

    KK was not there, or AVB unless early, Weid was out early for a quick sesh

    Smith and Nietschke in rehab

    Dunkley didn't do much

    Gawn, Tommy Mc there

    Preuss' body shape from last year unrecognisable, dropped a few kilos

    Oliver looking in great shape, cruised through the session

    Firsr 3/4 of session was ball movement

    New Burgess inovation, interval running, used to do this years ago in military, walk 25 , jog 25, sprint 25 around the oval, gets muscles used to doing the same , great for endurance surprisingly

    Any concerns about Tommy Mc alleviated,spent 10 minutes at end, running full pace down middle of oval from end to end

    Gawn also motored around the oval a couple of times at the end, as per the norm these days, looks in immaculate condition

    All the 'young' boys,  nobody looked underdone

    A point, Omac (for all the haters) looked really sharp for first session



    Thanks Saty. I've lost track of time. Is Oliver still one of the young players who were all expected back today or has he turned up voluntarily?

  16. What's interesting is that instead of tinkering with the rules to try to improve scoring the AFL appears to have adopted a competely different strategy: rewarding higher scoring teams with more prime time slots. I don't recall that being a strategy used before and I welcome it. I'm not necessarily saying that I think the aim of the game should be more high scoring; rather, that achieving an aim by not playing around with the rules of the game itself seems to be a better approach.

  17. 26 minutes ago, John Demonic said:

    You have to be an ornithologist to decipher this fixture

    In the monochrome (blue/white) information sent out by the club, but prepared by the AFL, I had no idea which team the bird represented which turned out to be Hawthorn. Could have been any one of Eagles, Magpies, Crows, or Hawks. Clearly the marketing people at the AFL are idiots. But we already know that.

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