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  1. I would expect Carlton to play two ruckmen, even if Warnock doesn't play. So Martin is going to need help. As much as I find Newton to be a continuing disappointment, unless he's replaced with someone who can support Martin, he has to stay one more week. I can't see Davey being dropped - but he could be out injured. I think Bate, while never having been a star has shown in the past that he can play. So I'd give him another chance; ditto Petterd, although he has also been disappointing.

    But enough about the forwards - I don't think they're the problem. With Tapscott, Garland, Grimes, Bail and possibly Davey out we have a backline with holes, lacking pace and generally poor foot skills. With Carlton primarily relying on small forwards, it's time for some new or transfused blood back there.

    So, I would make the following changes:


    Newton for Gawn

    Tapscott for Bennell/Strauss (to play on one of the small forwards)

    Davey (but only if injured) for Bennell/Strauss

    If Newton stays in, I'd be tempted to drop MacDonald and play Howe moving Petterd back - although, once again, his foot skills worry me.

    It's 50:50 for me whether Bennell or Strauss come in.

  2. Has there ever been a game in the history of AFL where no genuine ruckman has been picked for either team? (With apologies to Martin - but I think he's not yet a genuine ruckman, although a very good prospect). This could be a game where Newton rucking might actually be successful.

    Mind you, McEvoy might still come in.

  3. Too much analysis can lead to paralysis.

    Get the Bloody ball and kick it forward to a leading option. If he dosnt mark it, then have rovers front and centre to pick the crumbs, handball it to a free teamate in space, provide a shephard and then kick it forward to a leading option.

    If we dont have the ball, stick like glue to your opponent, contest hard, and tackle like Trengove.

    Footy is pretty simple really.

    I am sick of all the crap about potential, premiership window and young players. These comments come from people who are afraid of dominating the contest. From losers.

    I am sick of all the talk, blah blah blah blah.


    I admit I don't really fully understand the "press" but "stick like glue to your opponent" apparently isn't the modern game. Heath Shaw admitted on the weekend (or on Friday night?) that Malthouse criticised him on Friday for staying with a player instead of being in the right position on the ground. I don't think "footy is pretty simple really" at all.

  4. Just some observations:

    Wonna was unlucky on the weekend in that he ended up being the one to whom the inside 50 kick was too often sent when instead he should have been crumbing the pass sent to someone else (eg, Dunn, Newton, Jurrah). I was watching on TV so couldn't see why it was Wonna that the passes were sent to.

    Newton was dominating forward. So why did he go into the ruck when Dunn was the expendable one - particularly after he'd been reported?

    Jetta often looked like he was labouring when chasing. Perhaps he had exhausted himself but he doesn't look either fully fit or fast enough for an on ball role. Will he make it? Well, I had thought Maric wouldn't and (hopefully) he's proving me wrong, so maybe Jetta will get there.

    So, for my changes I would suggest:

    Outs: Garland, Bail, Dunn (whether suspended or not)

    Ins: McKenzie, Rivers (or Joel Mac if Rivers not ready) and Gawn.

    Sub to be Jetta.

    I'd generally prefer Bate to Newton, too, but believe Newton should be given another chance to play forward for the whole game before the axe falls. And if he takes the chance, perhaps the axe won't fall.

    I'm not sold on Bennell but Bate can't replace him and Bennell's speed is attractive against St Kilda.

  5. All good LDC, i probably get asked something on this every other day at work. Proprioception is our knowledge of where are body parts are in space. Our brain processes information from the ligaments that direct it to where it is. That is if you bend your knee to 90 degrees, or if someone(thing) else bends your knee to 90 degrees your brain still knows where it is and therefor can compute which muscles and with how much is required to straighten it.

    So when a ligament is torn the information doesn't get sent, so a piece of the puzzle is missing. Other ligaments/soft tissues can overcome the lack of input. This is premise of retraining your 'balance' after a leg injury, like standing on a wobble board. Some people are naturally gifted in this area and not much retraining is needed, others need loads of it to overcome a knee or ankle injury

    Thanks mate for your explanation. My apologies for not replying sooner, but this is the first chance I've had to check. I guess I should have concentrated more when I studied anatomy and physiology (obviously badly).

  6. I know I'm late, but here goes anyway:

    6. Frawley

    5. Martin (even though his opponent was possibly BOG)

    4. Sylvia

    3. Gysberts

    2. Davey

    1. Watts

    It's interesting reading the divergent views on this thread and the Ins and Outs threads, particularly with Jetta and Gysberts. Not much divergence on views about Dunn, though. Should have a line put through his name for the rest of the year.

  7. Lucas Cook to continue to play in the backline because of Fevlola.

    We need our own VFL team...

    Dastardly clever cryptanalysis skills. How many of us could have seen the 'c' and the 'o' in MacDonald and the 'o' and 'k' in Stockdale and worked out Casey's real plan is to play Cook in the backline.

  8. Just to throw a spanner in the works of the wrist slashing that is going on....

    It is possible that Jamar, the big Russian, may actually line up this week. His PCL is torn by the reports - as far as knee mechanics go - it isn't required to function well. So, if the doc's and physios can get the swelling out of the knee and have him pain free he can play. The problems lie in how well his muscles keep him stable, Rush has some pretty bloody big leg muscles which may not need too much in the way of extra training and proprioceptive input. There is a chance he won't miss any games. I think i recall Goodesy not miss any when he ruptured his PCL, however they moved him out of the ruck and onto the wing. This may be a good reason as why he isn't on the injury list.

    Just some thinking music for all.....

    I'm not too proud or embarrassed to ask...what does "proprioceptive input" mean?

  9. Perhaps Kangaroos will test us this week, but I think St Kilda the following week will be the real indication of where we are, and whether the West Coast slaughter has taught us anything.

    I'm not sure if it was deliberate, but I can't help but think you're having a go at Nick Reiwoldt's goal-kicking (or, rather, behind-kicking).

  10. I think people may be venting in the wrong direction here. The MRP do not have discretion in applying a penalty. They have a set of very rigid guidelines to work within. If a club disagrees with the result they are able to take it to the tribunal where there is far greater flexibility. It's not the MRP that is at fault here but the people who made the sling tackle rule.

    Regarding the report of high contact, once again the finger must be pointed sat the rule-makers. They determined that in this one special instance consistency can be thrown out. The rule states that should the tackled players head make contact with the ground it will be deemed as high contact. From the standpoint of a poorly designed rule the penalty applied is 100% correct.

    Fortunately there are checks and balances in place in the form of the appeals system. The club can choose to take it to the tribunal and lawyer up. There they can argue that the tackle was 100% legal and bring precedent into play, siting such points as if we are to punish legal acts on the basis of injury to a player then every ACL needs to result in a 10 week suspension, the ultimate lack of consistency in a rule that says that identical acts will be punished differently depending on the result, and indeed that Dangefield contributed significantly to his own injury by refusing to attempt to protect himself and instead hurling himself into the air in n ill-advised attempt to kick the ball while being tackled.

    With a bit of luck the club will back Trengove to the hilt, bring in the big guns and dare the AFL to follow through on this suspension.

    Best post on this site. While we think the penalty seems inappropriate the whole point of the MRP process is take away from the decision-makers the subjective assessments which subsequently lead to inconsistencies (at best) and accusations of bias (at worst). But the MRP has a grading system which , to me, needs further refinement. It's not the MRP's fault - it's the ranking criteria they have to use.

    If nothing else, I would hope the Trengove and Brown cases cause a review of the parameters under which the MRP operates. The logic of the MRP/appeal process is sound, but the gradings given are out of whack. In my view an off the ball incident should be penalised more than something which occurs in play. (Of course, under such a weighting Tappy might have been suspended rather than reprimanded for his off the ball bump a week or two ago.)

  11. Funny how people see things differently. Some people have given Warnock votes and I thought he struggled, but did improve as the game went on. Nevertheless, the best thing about this week's voting is the breadth of players getting votes.

    6. Moloney

    5. Frawley

    4. Trengove

    3. Bartram

    2. Bail

    1. Sylvia

    I couldn't find room for Petterd (imagine what he would have done if he'd been cleaner in he first half) or Maric (clearly his best game) or Jamar or Garland or Tapscott or...

  12. And it's now on the MFC website. As stated above, the bench is Gysberts, Dunn, Bail and Wonna.

    Emrgencies are MacDonald, Newton and Jetta.

    I guess one of Wonna or Gysberts to be the sub. Given our propensity to name forwards as subs, I'll predict Wonna to be sub.

    I'm not sure I agree with the idea of a forward being the sub, though.

  13. So are we thinking Gold Coast followed by a bye is like having two consecutive 'soft' weeks? And therefore we went into the WCE game unprepared for a tougher contest? I think there is some merit in the thinking...but if it is true it's a sad indictment on the ability of the team (coaches and/or players) to prepare properly.

  14. Jamar will need help, so presumably one of Dunn or Newton plays. Pity - I'd prefer Martin to either of those two for that role. I can't see how Bail could be dropped - although perhaps he's got an injury. If everyone on the bench is truly available, I'd play Dunn, Bail, MacDonald and Wonna. Adds strength compared with last week, but loses speed and finesse.

  15. All this doom and gloom - yet we are in the eight at the moment and nine teams aint. Granted, we're not playing as well as we'd like, but if we're in the same position at the end of round 22 will we require a new coach?

    There are aspects about the way we play I don't like (I'd like us to keep at least one forward forward at all times, for example) but I'm prepared to accept that Bailey is in the best position right now to know what needs to be done to fix the malaise. If towards the end of the year we've underperformed against reasonable expectations, then I'd expect Bailey's position to be questioned. But not now. I seem to recall Geelong had a horror start to a year before they climbed up off the canvas, and 2.5 wins out of 5 is not a horror start.

  16. 6 - Garland

    5 - Jones

    4 - Jamar (and he was well beaten by his man, which shows how little this weeks votes equate to actually playing well!)

    3 - Trengove

    2 - Bail

    1 - Watts

    Same players; same comment about Jamar (gee, he busted a gut out there, even though he was well beaten and ditto for Bail); slightly different order:

    6 - Garland

    5 - Trengove

    4 - Jamar

    3 - Jones

    2 - Bail

    1 - Watts

    I'm actually tempted to rate Jamar first and Bail second because they did not give up trying, even though their opponents were probably best and second best on the ground.

  17. LeCras sounds like a bluff, anyone know how long hes been training for?

    On 3AW Rumour File today it was 'reported' that Le Cras has returned more quickly than expected because he had not torn his groin muscle off the bone - as was reported at the time - but had instead suffered from a twisted [censored]. Makes my eyes water just writing this.

    Have to believe he's going to play. What would be the point of naming him and then saying he's not quite ready? Either he was or he wasn't ready yesterday when they named the team.

  18. Sheedy has said this week they would target KPPs over other players.

    Meaningless. Sheedy has for years played a game of not always telling the truth. I'm not criticising him - everyone involved in football understands that it's all part of the bigger game. Some are just better at it than others.

  19. I'd like to think I tip with my head rather than my heart, but I suspect emotion sometimes takes over...but not in he way you might think. I reckon I'm a harder marker for the Dees so am more likely to tip against than for when it's a true 50-50 proposition. I'm probably a bit like the coach who has his own child in his team and treats him more harshly than the rest of the side to avoid being accused of favouritism.

  20. How do you reconcile this statement with the following part of your post?

    In your 'preferred approach' it seems that the umpire decides whether there is advantage.


    I should have been clearer. I didn't accurately differentiate what I meant to say. So, to clarify, if the choice is between how the rule operated last year (umpire decides) or this year (player decides), I think players are better placed. But if the rule could be changed altogether so that it operates a la hockey or soccer, the player effectively has the first call because play continues until the umpire believes the team has been disadvantaged or there is no advantage to take, at which time he then blows the whistle and play stops.

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