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  1. 27 minutes ago, Ethan Tremblay said:

    Do we need to organise a welfare check on Bruce? 

    Good idea. I don't think he's ever fully recovered from Cyril's early retirement.

  2. On 12/17/2019 at 9:10 PM, Bitter but optimistic said:

    My membership was waiting when I returned to The Manor this evening.

    I see what @Lucifer's Hero meant by shrinking contents.

    Not only was the calendar AWOL but also the plastic pocket to keep my card in was  nowhere to be found.

    Now that is tight !!!!!!

    There was also no larger plastic ziplock bag holding all the contents together. Instead, the membership package came in a cardboard envelope that opened up into a letter. I have made good use of the ziplock bag in the past, but must admit that reducing the total amount of plastic being used is a good idea.

  3. 56 minutes ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    you're right of course but what does the "winning bit" mean (ten years.. twenty years) and is it a realistic goal for  a club such as ours. Sure we will have our brief time in the sun (I hope) but sustained success ... that's a tough ask.

    Do we need to embrace mediocrity and work on the football experience (whatever that means) so as to keep and perhaps grow our support base.

    That's a very good question. I'm not sure which of these two options I prefer:

    • that for the next ten years we play finals every year, winning many of them but never winning a Premiership; or
    • in the next ten years we win one Premiership but spend the other nine years in the bottom two or three on the ladder.

    I suspect I'd prefer the first. That would mean we would be winning more than losing every week, whereas the second option sees nine years of relative misery for one extraordinary year.

  4. 8 hours ago, Fork 'em said:

    I'm all for winning regularly.
    But I'm also for sticking our fork in the ground and declaring that this is ours.
    Building blocks man.
    Surely we can do both.

    Umm, no, we can't. Not even one of them. The proof is all around you for the last 55 years. And that's why I agree with SWYL, get the "winning" bit right first. The rest will follow.

  5. Does anyone know if half time breaks have always been 20 minutes? It would be ironic if the half time break used to be shorter but was extended to 20 minutes under pressure from the TV rights holder who wanted to pack in more ads.

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  6. On 12/10/2019 at 2:59 PM, Diamond_Jim said:

    mediocrity would probably be described by most as a dramatic improvement on our present status

    I think mediocrity is about right for the last few years. It's the first half of the decade where we could just dream of reaching the heady heights of mediocrity.

  7. 1 hour ago, dpositive said:


    But I recall it said in the past that these practice games are like dancing with your sister, but I dont think that's a really great metaphor we really won't know until we see these players, techniques, strategies and tactics tested against other AFL sides. I hope that their minds are being as well developed a short their bodies and they can build that confidence against every opposition that was so lacking last year.

    Go Dees

    Not the worst metaphor going around. After all, one of the best dancing partnerships of all time was Fred Astaire and his sister Adele.

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  8. We are getting excellent reports this year. A big thankyou to everyone who describes what they've seen.

    I note DeeSpencer referred to Marty Hore's kicking and (paraphrasing) mentioned him using his trusty left boot. A question for our trackwatchers...is there ever any specific training to make the players improve their kicking on their non-preferrred side?


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  9. 4 minutes ago, Leoncelli_36 said:

    I hate to bump this topic again, but I really feel this is an issue the club needs to be doing something about. Last night I was doing some Christmas shopping at Chadstone and thought I’d drop by the NB, and I wanted to grab some presents for overseas family. I was hoping to get some MFC stuff for a couple of young cousins. 

    I walked into NB and was immediately confronted with the Liverpool FC section of clothing. I spent a few minutes browsing the racks. No MFC stuff. So, I asked the store clerk. Firstly, he didn’t know who the MFC were, then told me “you’d have to find that stuff online”.

    A pretty poor response and again I left the the store thinking ‘what a lousy partnership’. Then, to further disappointment, I passed the Under Armour store about two stores up. I peered inside and saw an enormous rack of Essendon gear (excuse obvious pun). Not only was there a huge amount of Essendon merch, but a couple of wall to floor bollards featuring Dylan Shiel and Andrew McGath. I didnt even have to enter to the shop to see these. It was plastered at the front entrance. 

    Poimt of all this? Why are we not pushing NB to do more for us in terms of branding and getting our name out there. If other clubs are cutting these sort of deals, who at the MFC is asleep at the wheel when negotiating terms with NB. Under Armour have obviously picked Essendon up this year and may want to promote this to make a name in AFL, but it’s not unreasonable to expect something from our apparel sponsor. To not have a single piece of MFC apparel in a flagship store is a disgrace.

    Firstly, I admire you courage in going to Chadstone in December.

    I wonder whether NB not doing more is related to the agreement between NB and the club? Is it possible if we wanted more in-store exposure we would have to pay for it? In sponsorship terms, that might mean less cash from NB in return for that exposure. It might have been discussed and we decided to take the cash rather than the contra.

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  10. 20 hours ago, Good Lord George said:

    For me, the more interesting thing re: kicking is highlighted in the photos above. The good kicks (Salem, May) have their weight forward over the ball. The less reliable kicks (Langdon and Brayshaw) are leaning back on their kicks.

    Gawn is an example of a guy who has changed his kicking style and is now a good kick. Leaning forward.

    Trac is a great field kick, but terrible set shot. In the photo above, he's in play and his weight is... going forward. 

    It's a fairly simple mechanical adjustment. Hopefully it's something that gets picked up on and fixed (like it did with Max).

    Not sure I agree with this. Some of the best kicks in the history of the game "leant backwards". For example, Mark Browning and Jordan Lewis. I also think Salem "leans back" when he kicks. Perhaps it's just a trick of perspective in still photographs. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, old dee said:

    Similar to myself LH.

    My membership just renews automatically and will continue till my end. I go to a number of games each year depending on what else is happening on particular weekends. Beyond that I expect little from the MFC beyond the hope we will play finals. I sincerely don't expect a flag now in the years I have left.

    Old dee, you've officially moved from pessimistic to maudlin. Cheer up...there is a bonus to be found from poor performaces. One can rock up to the G late on gameday and still get a good seat.

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  12. 16 hours ago, daisycutter said:

    i've been claiming my membership as a donation to charity for years. i presumed you all did too.

    I hope for your sake that the offices of Demonland aren't raided by the ATO and your true identity given up. 

  13. 12 minutes ago, Lucifer's Hero said:

    Club Profiles and Rankings


    Not sure the average age per se means a lot but the profile by age group is interesting.

    We have the 2nd highest number of players  in the age group 'sweet-spot' of 22-26yo.  Second only to Bulldogs who have 22. 

    Surprisingly, we have the equal fewest (13) of 18-20 yo so being ranked as the 14th youngest is a bit of a quirk of averages.  If the number of players under 20 is a guide we can no longer say we are a 'young' team. 


    While we have the equal highest number of players (17) in the experience 'sweet-spot' of 51-150 games we are still relatively inexperienced as we have very few (3) with >150 games.  Interesting that the recent consistent finalists have 9-12 players there.

    It is interesting to see the bulldogs also have 17 in the 51-150 group with 10 of those having 101-150 games.  When combined with their players in the age group 'sweet-spot, it wouldn't surprise to see them feature well into the finals. 

    Love your work, Luci, but you've said "We have the 2nd highest number of players  in the age group 'sweet-spot' of 22-26yo.  Second only to Bulldogs who have 22." By my reading of the table, St Kilda is top with 24 and we're second with 22. Or am I reading it wrong? 

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  14. 1 minute ago, Deemania since 56 said:

    Very interesting ... will this be a point of focus?

    Maybe for Day 1. If I were coach I would give Brown pride of place on day 1 to make him feel appreciated. I wouldn't want him to feel like he'd been banished to the sidelines because he's a journeyman/rookie. (I appreciate others might have the alternative view that understanding he's a rookie might make him work that much harder.) 

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  15. 15 hours ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    MFCSS by Joseph Conrad...

    "I raised my head. The offing was barred by a black bank of clouds, and the tranquil waterway leading to the uttermost ends of the earth flowed somber under an overcast sky--seemed to lead into the heart of an immense darkness."

    Heart of Darkness

    My goodness. That's wonderful writing.

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  16. 43 minutes ago, It's Time said:

    There's no restriction anymore. They can play whenever and as often as you want them to. 

    Which raises another question. What's the point of rookies? Why not just add the player to the main list? I suspect the answer might be either (or both) minimum contract length or minimum pay level. 

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