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  1. He wasn't dropped to the reserves. You may believe he should have been (and at times I did, too) but he kept his position in the side.
  2. As a matter of interest, have you changed since you were 18? Are you taller, heavier, more (or less) dedicated to your studies or job? There are lots of reasons why drafted kids develop differently, and that's before taking into consideration the skill each club has in developing players.
  3. Jones had an OK year - not great and not particularly bad. But he didn't spend much of it in the midfield. He spent most of the season on the wing or the half back flank with occasional stints forward. Whether Jones and Viney should be captains is a good question, but their polling in the Brownlow is probably the least worthy metric by which to assess their suitability for the job.
  4. It might be seen as a yawnfest to some, but it is still consistently one of the highest rating TV programs of the year. I note the AFL or Channel 7 (or both) have said they are making some changes to it this year to stop it dragging on so long. It will be interesting to see what they are. (Mind you, I won't be watching as I'll be working. But in interests of full disclosure, if I wasn't working I would be watching. I can't explain why, but I always find it strangely compelling.) My prediction? Patrick Cripps. And most votes for a Melbourne player: Max Gawn
  5. Perhaps we asked to be relieved of the Darwin game? I'm surprised how many people in this thread are finding negatives about the loss of the Darwin game given that there seems to be uniform and unequivocal detestation for it each year when we play there.
  6. Looking at that right forearm, I fully expect to hear he's gone to Hollywood to play Popeye.
  7. Actually, Dec can go one better. He can talk about his first game and talk about his last game (but not mention there were none in between).
  8. About his foot never being 100% again, is that a published fact or your opinion? (Genuine question). He used his right foot more this year than previously, so it woould seem he is conscious of the problem of being a one-sided player, but I agree he certainly needs to improve that part of his game.
  9. I'm not sure I agree with you. Judd was a superstar player but I'm not convinced he was a particularly good leader. That's not intended to be a criticism of Judd as a person. Some people are leaders, and some just aren't. And that's OK.
  10. Is it, though? Are we expected to automatically assume that because a former assistant coach made the statement it must be true? He might be wrong. After all, if that was the problem, and the coaches were aware of it, why wasn't it fixed?
  11. I'm not in favour of a Wild Card weekend. It just allows weaker teams an opportunity to make finals to be beaten up by stronger teams. A team that is 10th on the ladder after 23 rounds is in the bottom half of the ladder and shouldn't be eleigible to play finals under any arrangement. I accept a wild card round might keep some momentum going, but I'd rather go straight to finals instead. (By the way, what happened to 9th?)
  12. Does anyone else think the bye between Round 23 and the first weekend of finals kills off interest, at least for neutral supporters? I've spoken to a few avid AFL supporters whose teams didn't make the finals, and we all agree that interest levels haven't just dropped but have virtually disappeared. For balance, I note that Gil MaClalchlan has said that since the bye was introduced, TV ratings, spectator numbers and (I think) revenues have all increased. It is a small sample (of seasons), and could be distorted by the teams playing, but it's only fair that I point out what he claims to be evidence which supports the bye.
  13. Can you confirm he was "sacked". I have no recllection of his movements, but didn't he join us at about that time, so is it possible he chose to leave to come to us?
  14. I like that a person with a username which includes "Wrecker" manages to alter the name of this site to "demo-land". Freudian, perhaps?
  15. You forgot to look at page 2 of his resume where it says he has zero experience in coaching, list management and football administration.
  16. Oli, I think you should take your own advice. In 2019, Viney played 21 out of 22 games.
  17. Property development is not our core business. I'd rather sell to someone else and let them take the risks associated with that activity.
  18. Do we actually own the land or just the business?
  19. This stuff makes my eyes glaze over. I'm impressed with the level of understanding others have on Demonland about how the points system works. More importantly, though, it seems that our club is one of the leaders in understanding it and have made some smart decisions making extracting value before other clubs caught up. I hope we're still front runners in our understanding of the system.
  20. If you read the gaming regulator's statement and the Herald Sun article you might be forgiven for believing the newspaper didn't understand the story. (Shock! Horror!) The regulator wasn't looking at the Melbourne Football Club. It was looking at whether the AFL has appropriate intergrity controls. That's necessary because the AFL has been approved by the regulator as a Sports Controlling Body. That approval allows the AFL to strike agreements with betting companies. If the regulator is not satisfied, it can remove the AFL's status. So, the story is not actually about the "tanking". It's more about what the AFL did or didn't do once the matter was brought to its attention.
  21. Or, I assume, St Kilda, based on your name.
  22. The idea of dressing up was a deliberate plan to divert players from using Mad Monday purely as an exercise in getting heavily inebriated with all the risks to the club that such behaviour entails. And, largely, it's worked. If I were a footballer, I'd hate the very idea of a Mad Monday. But I'm not a footballer; I haven't had to watch what I eat and drink for the best part of 10 months and I don't have a perenially sore body to go with it. And I see Kane Cornes doesn't like it...so I'm very happy for our players to have a Mad Monday or Wacky Wednesday if that's what they want. Irrespective of the result of the season they've earned the right.
  23. As opposed to Mick Warner's mother...because clearly he's a son of a b*tch.
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