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  1. Teams that don't have a will to win?
  2. I don't discount the possibility that the AFL plans to reduce numbers on the bench in 2021 as a way of managing smaller list sizes as well as a tactic to try to prevent flooding. If that's the case, keeping the bench at four for the remainder of this season could be seen as an "increase" albeit over an unannounced future change. I'm all for reducing the bench. I have felt for sometime that the interchange bench with the current high cap on rotations is the primary cause of the crowded field.
  3. This assumes that there is sufficient money available to pay people. That's what this whole debate is about. Also, I don't agree with your opening statement, unless you mean we cannot rely on volunteers by themselves. I don't have any figures, but I suspect a large proportion of the firefighting effort was undertaken by volunteers without whom the extent of damage would have been far greater.
  4. You are quite right to point out that Cross was more than just the runner and I apologise to him for minimising his importance. At the personal level, it's a terrible time for all the coaching and ancillary staff who are losing their jobs or being required to work reduced hours. However, I wonder whether the AFL might actually be better overall with all the mooted changes which might force clubs to become more grass roots focussed. Clubs might return to relying more on volunteers and members like in the past before full professionalism took over.
  5. It would be interesting to analyse the comments in this thread with those in the various "Would a Premiership Matter in 2020" threads to see who is saying the Premiership doesn't count this year while being profoundly concerned about finishing last.
  6. I wonder if this means that the AFL plan to abolish match day runners altogether? I know many, if not all coaches, think they are essential. However, if I were running the new financially constrained model of the AFL, I think getting rid of runners would be an easier option than many other tougher decisions. I may be biased, though. I've been in favour of abolishing runners well before Covid-19.
  7. Is it just me? I swear I read this the first time as if it had been said by Yoda.
  8. How to start an argument: I accept that this team, plus or minus one or two players, is the best Melbourne side of the last 50 years. Unfortunately, I don't think it would beat any other team's best side of the last 50 years. And that includes GWS, Fremantle and possibly even Gold Coast.
  9. Brian Stynes, Tom Flower and the Cockatoo-Collins twins were all younger brothers. Fair to say none were as good as their older sibling. Four examples (adding in the McDonalds) is hardly enough, though, to form a statistically valid view.
  10. My completely dodgy, non-evidence based theory is that the youngest son should be the best because (1) he has older brothers to play with as he's growing up (whereas the oldest brother has to wait for the younger brothers to be old enough to play with him) and (2) because he's the youngest he needs to be better if he wants to be able to compete. As I said, I have no evidence to back this up. It's just a thought bubble.
  11. Isn't the 'hub' idea about coping with interstate travel restrictions rather than local 'lockdown' (or quarantine) requirements? Once the players are in their 'hub' I just assume they'll be able to get outdoors as often as they need, as long as it's done in a responsible manner for a suitable reason (training) or with appropriate social distancing (social activities, consistent with whatever that State's rules are at the time).
  12. I don't think the current VFL model is particulalry beneficial with it being part-reserves, part-State league, but I'm also not confident that if it is set free from the AFL it will survive as an independent competition. I get what you're asking for, but there's a huge risk that rather than survive, the VFL might implode.
  13. You've been no help. I had successfully eradicated it from my memory, too, until your "helpful" reminder above.
  14. I wonder whether there will also be the "standard" ASADA drug testing regime during this time?
  15. We should take the glass half full approach. By being behind other clubs in developing a modern, world class training facility we won't be left with a huge maintenance bill to maintain a white elephant in the post Covid AFL.
  16. I'm now thinking of white bread covered with butter and sprinkled with coloured, sugary dots.
  17. The word "confirmed" is being used loosely. I think the NRL has "confirmed" that it is still its intention to commence 28 May but the NRL's plans still need to be signed off by relevant Government authorities and probably others, such as broadcasters, players, venues, etc. There is also the small matter of working out how to get the NZ team here. That problem in itself may delay the start of the NRL season to mid-June.
  18. Slightly off topic, but this article in The Age last weekend about the 1970 Grand Final and its impact not only on the game but on some of the players involved is a cracking read. It's a good reminder that while snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is painful for supporters, it can be even more devastating for the players. Admittedly, this game was a Grand Final, so of course we should expect the impact would be greater.
  19. Wasn't there a Freo game recently where Cam McCarthy kicked the winning goal with just a few seconds remaining? Or am I confusing two different games?
  20. And, conversely, didn't I read somewhere that one club's players (was it West Coast?) have got their isolation training regime wrong and a number of players have sustained soft tissue injuries?
  21. Actually, I can. Just think of the delayed finish to 2020 as a replacement for the 2021 pre-season and dump the pre-season competition formally known (for a short while) as JLT. While I fully expect a whole raft of significant changes to the administration of football with perhaps some changes to the way the game is played (such as numbers on the bench or even on the field), one thing that I suspect the AFL will want to retain is the 22 week competition. In my view, it's not just about the needing to satisfy its media rights deal but also about convincing the community the product is the same. And will also stop encroachment of other sports and recrational activities into the AFL's winter window.
  22. Never would have picked this as the reason we haven't won a premiership since 1964. I thought it was because we weren't good enough.
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