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  1. Most derailed thread. Ever.

    Just to get back on topic, it seems training was not "postponed" at all. Rather it was moved indoors. And away from Saty's prying camera, they were prepared to do some competitive work with "shirts on" versus "shirts off". 

    I'm tipping if the club announces a Gosch's paddock training day with half the team with their shirts off, there'll be a larger crowd of spectators in attendance than normal.

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  2. 25 minutes ago, Sir Why You Little said:

    Big Carl not in the side?

    Sorry but that is not on

    I'm curious...would you play White and Ditterich in the same side or not play White? If you play both, would you do so as two ruckmen or have one play in a different position?

    For what it's worth, when they played with us, I think White was the better ruckman but could not play any other position. I can't recall Ditterich playing anywhere with us other than as a ruckman. I would only pick one ruckman, so I would choose White. Peter Moore can provide the back-up.

  3. 5 minutes ago, old dee said:

    Today I received emails from three different business' ( eg the local real estate agent ) informing me of them running appeals and I should give generously.

    Now I acknowledge that these people have their heart in the  right place but I have to wonder how and where the funds will be used. It seems like now every business has to have an appeal so as not to be seen as  uncaring. Yesterday I read that the $50 million people donated to the actress woman's appeal can only be used for the NSW rural fire mob. I am fairly confident that the majority of donors were unaware of this when they donated. 

    IMO there is going to be a lot of money wasted by perhaps good intentioned people who after all are ameteurs in this field. 

    And then there's scum. Please be careful everyone.


  4. 18 minutes ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    it has second and third class as well. Up front on the middle level is the first class seating area. Best river views in the world for a few dollars. Mind you finding out the boat schedule and buying tickets is an artform.

    Self conducted tours of the engine room are a must and the giant paddles are shielded by a bit of chickenwire.

    No alcohol I'm afraid.

    I hope that also applies to the crew.

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  5. I was always confused by Jesse Hogan's set shot kicking action. It always looked to me that he was holding the ball as if to kick it on his left (ie, non-preferred) foot. Nevertheless, it seemed to work (mostly) for him. It just made me more nervous than necessary each time he was running in to kick.

    And a question for those who understand the mechanics of kicking. Why is it that natural left-foot kickers invariably seem worse on their right foot than right-footers are on their left?

  6. 50 minutes ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    This is the famous Rocket steamer that has plied the lower reaches of the rivers of Bangladesh since around 1880.

    First class cabin is around ten dollars for a couple of days. Bangladesh makes India look orderly but it's a great place


    I wonder whether it's safer to train outdoors in Melbourne today or travel on that boat (first class or not)!

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  7. 43 minutes ago, Optimus D said:

    Did not see Crosswell play for the Red and Blue Mazer. Certainly has an impressive resume and assume that he played as a half forward for us. Did he have much of an impact with his time at the Dees?

    I like the concept. I'd like it even more if we dreamt of what might have been if each of the players mentioned played their best football with us. If that were the case, Crosswell would be a certain starter. Conversely, if Crosswell isn't good enough to get a game based on his performance with us, I'm not sure Templeton is either.

  8. I would have thought there is plenty clubs can do as part of their pre-season which doesn't involve outdoor activity. It could be indoor gym or swimming, those lectures (for want of a better term) explaining the game plan that players always seem to complain about or simply some fun activities which help bonding such as playing table tennis. I believe it's an unnecessary risk to pursue outdoor training before the smoke clears.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Baghdad Bob said:

    I got caught in traffic on the way to the ground and thought I'd miss a bit but as It's Time has said it was a later than normal start at around 9.30.

    As usual over to the rehab group and a quick check as to who isn't there.  Jones, Tomlinson, Baker and Spargo the four in rehab with Jones, Tomlinson and Spargo looking to be more advanced.  Jones hasn't changed his training for about 4 or 5 sessions now and watching him it's impossible to tell what's wrong.  Tomlinson was running very strongly as was Spargo so I'm surprised to hear Spargo is 3 to 4 away but that could be to do with agility on his ankle.  There were many runs around the outer side of the ground by these three and they went for a good 2 hours before heading in.  During that time they did a fair bit of kicking and a small bit of  (sort of) circle work without any signs of a problem.

    Baker is a little behind by the look of things but seemed relaxed and raring to go.  About half way through the session Bennell turned up and did his warm ups and then some runs around the outer side of the ground.  No sign of any discomfort but he's only going at half pace.  Again nothing much has changed and it looks like they are playing the long game with him.  Once he had finished his running program he started some casual goal kicking practice.  Around the corner, tight ankle, snaps, set shots you name it he did it and while I was watching he missed two out of about 20.  Unbelievable.

    The no shows were Hannan, KK, Neita, AVB, May and Smith.  Of that lot AVB is a usual "misser" of training and we know about the issues of the others bar May.  Missing Hannan was disappointing but it could just be management.  Wednesday will tell.

    It's Time has done a great job describing training.  There was stoppage work, forward entry work built around match sims as well as specialist crumbing work, high marking practice, handball drills and some gut running.  I liked it in one match sim where Trac decided to tackle Jackson and while on the ground pushed his head into the ground and then wouldn't let him get up. But Jackson got the better of him and had Trac on the ground at the end of the wrestle with lots of smiles and laughs between the two.  Trac really does keep things fun and involves everyone.  Trac provided the highlight for me in one passage where he was surrounded by a pack of players and dodged and weaved his way out of the pack.  The other highlight was Brown who really did well today.  Marked well and kicked very well which stood out on a day where skills were down and mistakes were made.  I suppose it was their first hitout in a month or so but I'm expecting better later.

    Pickett did some really nice things, not so much spectacular but just really neat skills and Jackson continues to impress with his ability to be in general play once his ruck work is done.  Harmes, Oliver and Viney were all busy and Melk and Fritter did well up forward.

    I left at about 11.45 when things looked like they were closing down and the smoke was getting pretty bad.  It was a pretty solid session with another to come on Wednesday.

    I wonder what impact, if any, the smoke has had on the training program? Has the club modified the program? Are players who might be more susceptible to asthma given lighter loads, etc? As a professional organisation I would expect the club to have consulted with its medical team on how to handle these conditions. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, It's Time said:

    I’m here for my annual pre season visit. 
    I can report that reports of everyone turning up an hour early are greatly exaggerated. There’s me hoping around on crutches 2 assistants putting out cones and some birdies flying around. 
    Tony Grieg gound report. My key disappeared into the ground easily. There’s also a lot of water on the outside of the ground suggesting a good watering. Grass is maintained beautifully cut like grass. 
    Players now appearing in the distance. As I write. I’m starting over with rehabbers. Will see if I can get some info. 

    Trying to blend in with the rehab crew?

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  11. 14 hours ago, TeamPlayedFine39 said:

    I think people who have been wanting a return of ‘State of Origin’ will be disappointed.  This will be a fundraising exhibition match and will almost be in bad taste for the players to take it too seriously.

    Hopefully raises a lot of much needed funds, but don’t expect there to be much action on field.

    I think our club has been missing an opportunity for years by not making Melbourne v Sydney a blockbuster game.The nation's two largest cities, already in friendly and sometimes not so friendly competition, is a natural. Involving the Lord Mayors of each city plus everyone from the top end of town down should give an annual game significant traction. It should rotate from the MCG to the SCG each year with the city able to claim bragging rights if its club wins. Appropriately marketed it has the opportunity to get residents of greater Melbourne, whether MFC supporters or not, supporting us and may as a consequence generate a few additional long-term supporters as well.

    If it's successful, it could be extended to Melbourne v Brisbane and Melbourne v Adelaide. If that were to happen, it would replace State of Origin and make Melbourne the de facto team for all Victorians for these particular matches.

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  12. 20 minutes ago, dpositive said:

    Totally agree FIP.

    when I did my degree (Phillip Ins 90s) one of my lecturers was ?Hook who was one of the key personnel at the Hawks.

    He stressed the total structure as you outlined.

    i am hoping we have that same blend now and the ability to recognise and build "our" decade of success.

    Please tell me he didn't say, "There's no 'I' in 'team'". And if he did, I hope someone pointed out that there is 'me'.

  13. 16 hours ago, Lord Nev said:



    The AFL has already made a statement saying they will be looking at ways to support communities long term. They also mentioned they're engaging their corporate partners and engaging with the relevant bodies to determine how else they can help. The SOO game is just one thing they're looking at doing among many. Why do people automatically think this is all that has happened and will happen? It's not cutting cynicism, it's just chest-beating naivety of a kind.

    Many AFL players, clubs, officials and corporate bodies have already donated. Many more wouldn't have been publicly known to.

    The other part of it that has been publicly spoken about, and maybe you guys just missed it in your rush to be edgy, is the acknowledgment of all who have worked so hard through the disasters so far. That would be a key part of this game should it go ahead.

    And as far as injuries go, the proposed date is the same as the second week of the preseason comp, so the very same players would be having the very same competitive hitouts anyway.

    Honestly, the automatic boohoo responses here are embarrassing sometimes.

    You make some very good points. I was initially against the idea, but if the proposed game replaces a pre-season game for the players involved, the injury risk factor - which was my only concern - is neutralised.

  14. On 1/6/2020 at 2:41 PM, Sir Why You Little said:

    But North will always be a small club regardless of Media. 

    We, The MFC were a Powerhouse who completely miss read the new Broadcasting of the 1960’s (as well as some other things)

    We had the Power and gave it up. 
    a Completely different scenario 

    I agree with most of what you say about the MFC's poor management from 1965 onwards and the impact that has had. However, I'm curious about the claim that "MFC were a powerhouse". Clearly we were the best perfroming onfield team for a decade through the late 50s and early 60s, but were we also considered to be an off-field "powerhouse" club at the time? To me, the expression today could apply to Hawthorn, Collingwood, Essendon and Richmond meaning that irrespective of where they finish on the ladder, they still have huge followings and influence over AFL and media decision makers. Is that the sort of club we were pre-1965? (I'm too young to remember). 

  15. 15 hours ago, rjay said:


    Hibbo struggled, can he get back to 2018? or is he on the chopping block. He's training hard which is not a regular habit so at least he's giving it his best shot.


    I like your post overall, but question this particular point. I regularly read what our track watchers post and don't recall previous criticism suggesting Hibberd doesn't train hard. Am I mistaken?

  16. 47 minutes ago, Sir Why You Little said:

    I consider ludicrous doing the same thing over and over, when it hasn’t worked...

    We haven't won a Premiership in 55 years. Which "things" over and over that we've done since 1964 would you want to stop doing because they haven't worked? Changing coaches every few years? Changing the playing personnel? Changing the Board?




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  17. On 12/14/2019 at 12:00 PM, whatwhatsaywhat said:

    i don't understand the denigrating of viney at all

    for me it's either jack solo otherwise it's jack and max as half-skips

    there's a LOT that goes into being captain these days beyond what we see on field


    On 12/14/2019 at 1:17 PM, deebug said:

    A few years ago, i had Sen and Josh mahoney was speaking about Jack, this was before he was captain.

    Mahoney said Jack would sit down with all the first year players, such as Clyaton Oliver, from the previous match.

    Mahoney said it was all Jacks idea, and that he was told to do it from the coaches, Mahoney said he was blown away, by what Jack was doing. He also said at all the clubs he has been to he had never seen such leader ship skills.

    I love big Maxy as well so would be happy with both being captians.

    Every year we see posters assessing captaincy potential by onfield performance. I've always believed captaincy is much, much more than that. The above two posts stand out because they address the broader responsibilities and expectations. And because I don't know everything (or, in fact, anything) that goes on behind the scenes, I have no idea who is best qualified to be captain. I am, however, (and perhaps inconsistently with the rest of this post) a fervent believer in a sole captain.

  18. 51 minutes ago, TheoX said:

    Go to that SC facebook page and click the link from there, you'll get the full article. 2 of the reasons are our 18yo draftees and Bennell, so they're reaching for reasons lol.

    I know it's just a puff piece to generate column inches, but the writer didn't think having Max Gawn as one of the two clearly best-in-a-generation ruckmen wasn't worth including?

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  19. I only opened this thread because I misread the title and thought it said "Top 50 wines of the decade". I was curious - not about the wines themsleves, but why Demonland had diversified. 

    Could have been worse. "Top 50 whines of the decade" would be a thread to behold.

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  20. I think the most important point is that none of the rule changes are to the basis of the game itself. I don't object in principle to rule changes which affect the game, but we've had so many in recent years it's time to let the game evolve within that framework.

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