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  1. We all have differing opinions, but I think you're being generous with Paul Hopgood's ability. I'd go back to Stephen Tingay (and if he doesn't qualify because he played his best football in #2, all the way to Stan Alves).
  2. But why does the AFL need to give permission for that to happen?
  3. Don't worry, Old Dee. With respect to the grammar, I'm just being pedantic and with respect to the hair, it's pure jealousy.
  4. Ahh, the memories. When I was a kid (50 years ago) a "stab pass" was a low, quick, short drop kick. A thing of great beauty and very effective. I'll guess that's not quite what Fristch and Salem were doing today, although, I'm sure what they did still looked good.
  5. Did he really say "how good of a player he can be"? If so, what does he need to fix first? His grammar or his hairstyle?
  6. You were half right. I meant both professional and Olympic sports.
  7. I think the fundamental question is whether a recycled player is better than an untried player who we could select with pick 97 in the draft. If we think a recycled player is better, then it becomes a question of which one. I don't have a view as to which is better, but I can understand the thinking that at pick 97, the talent pool of untried players is likely to be at the extremely shallow end.
  8. Disconcerting. Not sure what visual image I'm meant to contruct from the censored word. Nevertheless, thanks Saty for your continuing coverage of training.
  9. Who else meets that criterion? Carl Ditterich would be one. Did David Schwarz or Greg Parke? Help me out, please.
  10. and not to mention that the USA has a Bill of Rights and I imagine their professional sports players follow a similar regimen.
  11. I'm not sure how a Bill of Rights would help in this situation as the players have provided their consent. If they don't like those conditions, they don't have to be professional sports people.
  12. Has there ever been a definitive explanation as to why "permission to train" is even necessary? One possible reason is insurance for injury and another might be to stop draft tampering (although I don't know how).
  13. Wouldn't surpise me to see Nathan Jones in that role this year.
  14. My interest is not in the fine per se but the mechanics of how the failure happened given I can't imagine any player travelling anywhere in the world without taking their phone with them. It is possible, of course, that they may be in a remote location without phone/data access, which might require additional care by players to ensure their whereabouts are known to whoever needs to know for what I'll loosely call "ASADA purposes".
  15. Not quite sure what privacy has to do with it. Players have impliedly consented to the ASADA requirements which includes the right for ASADA to know where they are at all times. The implied consent derives from the obligation to abide by the ASADA rules if they want to compete in the AFL system.
  16. Hi TGR. I'm still interested in your response to the above question. I, too, would like to know what you meant with the above. And, while you're at it, who's the trash? Or am I just wasting my time expecting you to substantiate your commentary?
  17. Adds about 15 years to his age. I thought he was one of the coaches at first.
  18. Anyone prepared to take a guess at what's in the front of Fritsch's shorts in that photo with Dunkley? Ice?
  19. I'm sure you are correct, but I also expect that the players would have an app on their phone for this very purpose. And if they don't, they should have (ie, ASADA should administer the obligation in this way).
  20. I wonder about the callouses on his hand. Has he been partaking in hard, manual labour during the break?
  21. It would be equally arguable that not making any changes during the year would have been alarming.
  22. I thought Max Rooke had moved on. Am I mistaken?
  23. If I were starting from scratch, I'd keep the VFL to 12 teams, one each for the 10 Victorian based teams and two non-aligned teams who could bid for a licence/franchise. However, I recognise it's not a greenfield opportunity and the various non-aligned teams have varying degrees of merit.
  24. How do these changes, and the administration of the VFL generally, compare with what happens in the other States? At first blush, it seems to me we have too many VFL teams. A smaller competition might allow a higher salary cap per club and improve playing standards.
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