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  1. 6. Oliver 5. Fritsch 4. Salem 3. Harmes 2. May 1. J Wagner
  2. He's a defender; the others aren't. C Wagner on the other hand... I can understand why ANB is playing and why Hannan is not. And in all seriousness, C Wagner for Dunkley isn't much of a change. What interests me, though, is why J Wagner is in when it's two forwards that got the chop. We can but hope it means Salem on the wing or in the midfield.
  3. Where was our zone? And is it correct to say it was "lousy" or was it more that we were incapable of making appropriate use of it?
  4. Can't "like" this enough. Well said.
  5. I used to have confidence in the capability of the AFL Commission to administer the competition. For example, I have agreed with the concept of the expansion strategy (ie, Giants and Suns) and the Commission's willingness to support social causes. But I'm not as confident as I used to be, especially when it comes to their understanding of the product itself.
  6. An excellent, thought-provoking documentary. If people haven't seen it, I strongly recommend they do. While it's clearly football-related, it's the bigger picture about society, privilege and those that have a voice and how they use (or mis-use) it, that's most interesting. And it's probably worth pointing out that while there are some people mainly in the media - who come out of this badly, there are a few who deserve to be recognised for the positive roles they played. I'm not normally his greatest fan, but Mark Robinson was terrific as was Kelly Underwood. And possibly not properly noticed was Luke Darcy trying to stop Eddie McGuire from making a fool of himself.
  7. Thanks Macca, for this and your subsequent posts on the topic, especially those that provide the data which backs up your earlier post. It is interesting that we're having this discussion the same week the drop off in cricket became a big story in the UK. The drop off in support for cricket there (not just at-ground spectators and TV viewers but also numbers of players) has been directly linked there to the transfer of the TV product from free-to-air to pay TV in 2005. Hopefully the AFL will appreciate that having only one-third of the games on free-to-air TV has a significant downside which might have more effect on the future of the competition than the "watchability" of the games. However, I have no confidence in either the Commissioners or the Executive to understand the sensitivity of what they are dealing with.
  8. Do you know where that figure can be found? I'm reasonably sure I heard Gil speaking the other day claiming that TV viewership is the highest its ever been. Not that I trust him.
  9. With our luck, the AFL will grant us permission to engage a nurse.
  10. I was hoping you could. I now have to decide whether you can't help me or won't help me. My point is, that you have an opinion that it's about the PF and the lack of any review. I just happen not to share that opinion. You think there's an obvious correlation; I think it's far more nuanced than that.
  11. I can't see the link between the PF and us playing the way we are now. Perhaps I'm missing something, but is there something specific about the way we play that you can point to which can correct my view?
  12. Sorry, but which program are you saying "makes him sweat"?
  13. I'm still very ambivalent about Petracca. I see occasional glimpses but I don't think he impacts games enough. In other words, I don't see that he's a "gain" this year.
  14. I think some supporters haven't moved on but I'd be very surprised if the players and the coaches haven't. For them, it's ancient history. Equally, every finals win before the PF would also be forgotten. They know they are only as good as the ladder says they are.
  15. And this thread is even better with popcorn.
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