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  1. Greg Parke was so obscure in the late 60s/early 70s that they couldn't even spell his name correctly on the bubblegum card. (Was not really obscure at all. Wonderful contested mark. Less said about the kicking, the better).
  2. Memory plays tricks, but I would have the same top four in the same order. All players have off days, but I seem to recall more disappointing games from Neitz than the other two.
  3. I'm getting a bit sick of this type of comment. (Apologies to Pates - I'm commenting generally, not specifically about your post). We need as a club and as supporters to stop wishing ill on others and instead concentrating our efforts and our support on a philosophy of making the Melbourne Football Club one of those teams that are perennially successful both on and off the field. It's entirely within our own club's control (with "club" in this context meaning all of us). Let's make Melbourne a success and not care about who is down the bottom of the ladder.
  4. The story attributes the plan to a guy called Julian McCrann, described as "a Poll Manager at research company Roy Morgan". What I didn't see is anything that says he prepared it for the AFL or that the AFL has considered it. I reliase Eddie McGuire mentioned it and Eddie is part of the AFL's crisis committee, so it is quite possible the AFL has done so. I'm all in favour of the AFL looking at all options and assessing them. I can see why this one has been prepared and it has some logic in that it recognises the State-based nature of lockdown rules. I'm not convinced, though, that the benefits outweigh other problems. However, if Victoria comes out of lockdown earlier than predicted and can become one of the "hubs", it could work. That's not a pro-Victoria comment for the sake of it, but because with 10 of 18 teams based in Victoria, it is pivotal to any model.
  5. Mea culpa. And an apology to Bucket List. Mind you, if I'm a player, I'm not sure I want to be on something with the name "Bucket List". Would makes me feel a bit too mortal.
  6. The Ritterman twins, Henry and Michael. I remembered the names but had to check with Demonwiki whether they had even played any senior games. Turns out Henry played 23, while Michael didn't play any. This could lead to an even more obscure sub-thread: Jewish MFC footballers. Add Ezra Poyas and...anyone else?
  7. It's obvious that big decisions will need to be made at AFL and club level to save each club. Every dollar is going to count. What are Demonland's ideas for either raising revenue or reducing costs? My suggestion, to get the ball rolling, is to suggest that the club hold on to the 2020 Membership Scarves and use them in 2021. I have no idea how many scarves the club gets and how much they cost, but if they get, say, 50,000 and they cost the club $1 each, that's a saving of $50,000. I'd rather that money be used elsewhere.
  8. Do you mean Jaime Bennell? Otherwise I think I might argue with this choice.
  9. Good question, although I wonder what might happen if we find out that "adult-oriented advertising" has the highest revenue-per-click. "I only click on it for the Demonland revenue" will be the 2020 version of "I only buy Playboy for the articles"
  10. I'm now expecting you to advise which player has had his name mis-spelt the most different ways.
  11. If Andy Maher has heard something from a reliable souce, I'd bet that it is just one of the contingency plans being put in place by the AFL. I would hope that an organisation like the AFL would have plans for all sorts of eventualities including re-starting the season as early as possible (say,mid-June) as well as re-starting it as late as possible. Or not at all, of course.
  12. How's his luck? Holds the record among current players for most games without playing in a final. Gets to that number (196 games) and then has two knee reconstructions preventing him from breaking that record and reaching 200 games. Starts a career as an assistant coach with the Collingwood AFLW team only to find that most, if not all, assistant coaches lose their jobs because of the Covid-19 downturn. I confess to having not been a fan of his when he played with us, but since he left I've grown to appreciate his attitude to life. If anyone in the footy world deserves a break, it's him.
  13. I think Eddie's saying "I wish he'd take the photo already so I can breathe out."
  14. I live a boring life. The ads I'm seeing are for Officeworks and something called a Seniors Posture Corrector.
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