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  1. Probably get howled down for this but why not May for captain if he comes back with the correct skin folds ? he does not take a back ward step, goes hard at it ! And he had some experience .
  2. Yes I will but late, the only way I think the management will get the message that I as a member am not happy !! to say the least!
  3. I am coming around to this conclusion for team captains, team selection, team coaching. Assistants and advisors. As well. We need an assistance coach who is capable of being no 1, a plan A, plan B and even plan C. we need to recruit another backman and a small and tall forward who can play in the best 22. How and who , I have no idea, but I do not think we can wait for a young recruit to grow into those roles. 2019 has been just so bad, no game plan, no forwards, no team spirit, our best 22 injured half the time. We need drastic change or we will be rubbish for the next decade. With luck we might have picked the fitness man for the job. I hope so. But I will not be purchasing the 6 memberships I usually do until February, if I do. No I will rejoin but it’s a small protest!!
  4. Perhaps if we had one of them as an assistant to Badloss then he might get the message and realise the passion of the supporters instead of sitting behind the glass with a stunned look on his face. It might upset him to lose his pay packet as much as losing a game does to the demon supporters. one one more miserable game till mad monday, Do the players and coaching staff deserve a day off, they have been off all year !
  5. Bloodie glad that I had to drive home and only listened to this [censored] obly have to watch for a quarter n half like a moth to a flame demons on TV I watch ! [censored] the flames hot !
  6. My thoughts we played terrible, passing forward lousy, pies are not much chop even early they played poorly. But we were worse ! umpiring was deplorable think both sides would have thought that OMac played better up forward and even in the ruck better than he had down back. He does like to crunch his opponents. Very glad there are only two weeks left. But it I do not think we gave up at any time much better than last week !
  7. Well that’s our goal for the quarter. We can go home now !!
  8. Goodwin before tha game seemed to imply he and the club wanted to get “something” out of the last games for this year, Build a head of steam etc to go into the preseason and look to 2020. well all I can see is a slow coast to the finish, no reason to go too hard. Another preseason where we “train the house down” with no real criticism or questions asked. And then another wasted season! no point in a reset that gets us back the end of 2018. We got walloped and the coaches don’t seem to have asked why ? need some new personnel in charge somewhere and some hard questions asked of the playing group.
  9. After half time all I saw was Melb second to the ball or behind their opponents , coasting to a result that was not dreadful but had no desire to change the result, we had no one to grab the game by the neck and change the direction. Our leaders if they are the best we have, are part of the reason this year has gone this way. we need radical change and very hard decisions!
  10. And got their money for tonight’s game
  11. Gave up after half time they had “done enough “ they need to try harder , richmond better in the wet is no excuse. If you are that close at half time Ability isnot the question, desire is or game plan is, mentally weak and behind the opposition and I am an idiot for caring
  12. If the players don’t give a stuff , the administration don’t care either, the coach talks in epithets with no answer or responsibility and I cannot see any future why the eff should I care. After too many years this is the worst I have felt, over it all. My wife thinks I am an idiot, wanting to watch this crap, she might be right . She usually is !
  13. Not trying anymore. Going with honourable defeat. Puzzles me off no end
  14. Yes So am I I just thought I had plenty of time left for it to happen, not so sure anymore, Another two years I am older than my old man. 1964 was too long ago, 87 and 2000, were disasters, much like 2019 but we did not go on. The players should all get in a line and kick the bloke in front a fair dinkum KUTA. and I think the coach should be in the front of the line. 10 goals down Saturday I think but WTF Go Dees !!!
  15. I agree wholeheartedly. A role as mentor to teach habits and work ethics to win games, finals even, could not hurt and cost stuff all !!
  16. With OMac back at least I can smile at the expected (rightly or wrongly) outrage from posters on land. I have no idea if it’s the correct choice or the wrong but ........hell we might even win Go Dees
  17. Poor kicks poor football we are just not good enough in a crisis situation
  18. One of the better bits of luck this year
  19. I think give him a weeks break to get over it all !!
  20. We are playing woeful bit how are we even in the score. Cannot understand it
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