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  1. Great thread , thanks to all for their differing opinions, extremely good to read Go Dees. Still think 2020 will be good
  2. BB. Thanks for all you wrote. It does make me smile and feel good and a little bit about next year, Just do not want to be disappointed again . Not sure I have enough disappointments left on me come on Dees !!
  3. Wish I was there. Like all of these !!!
  4. Great stuff, what a fine balance in your two reports, I think that's great. Yes I am getting a bit excited about 2020, not only football but private stuff as well. 2019 was a [censored] year in so many ways. We might have been ahead of ourselves in 2018, but 2020 should have severe competetion for senior spots, I am getting positive. We did play well last part of 2018 thgough. So time will tell. But we have read other years training 16,17, 18 and 19 and they suggested so much and we deliverred so little. I prefer to be surprised at how well we do rather than disappointed at how little we did. Anyway thanks for the reports and the balance. I guess its not easy cheers Go Dees!!
  5. Thanks for the reports yes Feel like I was there, But how do you all remember what has happened in the 3 hours All great but please if there are any negatives, give us those as well, I am old enough to decide for myself, or I can ask my darling ! Cheers Go Dees !!
  6. Quite possibly, a bit of High Visibility Vests running around never hurts, they might be a little bit hungry or to succeed at Football might mean just a little more. I have hopes, for such a turn around with Bennell, its all up to him, he sure has the ability, maybe with a family and being 27, he might have the hunger again. Go Dees 2020 seems a good year to me..
  7. But did you excel at football in your school and get drafted, probably not. My apologies if you are offended. Yes they are generalisations and every one has subtle influences or sometimes major ones on character and ability. I hope you are happy being a carpenter and that your a good one. Their music was great. sorry just a joke.
  8. Not sure the players need to review such things, that's up to the football department, but the Coaches and FD definitely need to watch and review. Some players might never play to their ability again if their mistakes are highlighted in full company.
  9. AFL or other senior footy, is not, the natural play ground for those with the softer or more gentle disposition. Rather you need more mongrel than pure breed, hungry more than laid back (for personal success, team success, the ball, to beat your opponent), and a hard at it training regime rather than just purely fitness and running. (though both these help). and other things play apart I am sure. I often think a guy who is a plumbers apprentice would be a better choice rather than a champion public school lad whose father runs a successful company and has 6 cars in the garage. Go Dees !!
  10. and so I think, he should, his big body running around our forward line gives opposition defenders very serious doubts as to whether or not they are about to be crunched by a B double truck or not. It causes indecision which in turn creates opportunity for our guys !!
  11. Yes iPhone, will try and follow your instructions. Thanks my fingers are like thumbs and press the wrong spot occasionally, also when I use a keypad !!
  12. Sometimes I am a bit TBO, and thick to understand simple instructions for a phone or computer. is there some way to download this or get a transcript of what was said etc and just how do I save it to podcasts on this phone. I have one there just do not know how I put it there ! if you can help. Many thanks
  13. If the players cannot kick or handball or mark the ball, then they need to practice. Otherwise why bother doing any training at all. If using such a ball helps, fantastic, they might achieve 5% improvement, as long as it does not send them backward in skills, its good. The more you practice the luckier you get, (and better you get) in golf, football, relationships, any sport or endeavour you like Should they be proficient in these skill areas is another question. Like kicking for goal from a set shot. No AFL player should miss but they do, and its all clubs. Should foot and hand skills be an item that helps a player to be recruited probably but no point in having these skills if you are where the ball aint ! I did like old Jack ! talked to all the young cheer squad kids, did not matter your club or who your dad was. A bastard as a player perhaps but that was 35 years before. Go hard or go home, Merry Christmas, 2020 I might see a few more wins this year, like the number. Go Dees !!
  14. Too true, I can do the dishes properly now, 3 times out of 5 and my vacumings not bad either !!
  15. Thanks for all the reports, too much sugar and you get over hyped and the detox is terrible, much better to have a bit of home truths about bad kicking and how fit someone is or isn't. See the negative and enjoy the positive. I think the changes off field and the new recruits are bold, good to see some results from the [censored] of 2019. July 2019 would have been better to change something (like the results of games). not sure how though. I like 2020 much better as a number and a year and we are not there yet. Might even buy my membership again but not until late Jan. Go Dees !!
  16. If you are going to have a highlight package these are pretty good Goals tackles bumps. Chasing, pressure hope he can make the step up ! No reason why not !! go Dees Almost looking forward to 2020 if ony Harley was fit and could run Ike he was 17 and not 27 and injured, fingers crossed Go Dees!!!
  17. Loved watching all those guys, good luck mate !!
  18. I think they might need their own room !! a bit too close but hard at it good too see Go Dees go hard or go home !
  19. I played on Cambell Brown once .....I complained to the coach at the time Glenhuntly Reservers Federat league probably Pat Sheedy and he said bob, you will never play on a better player in your life ! follow him and enjoy it, and he was right never forgot that I played on a VFL quality player. I think it was only for 3 quarters, the memoery dims....but I have not forgotten that game thanks Pat..
  20. I have no idea head spinning from other prolems st hope and pray(?) he recruiters know what they are doing. The club seems too havedkne well in other areas go dees !!!
  21. Pick 10 cross out 2 for picks 8 and 9 Still a couple of rated players I think.
  22. Nice man old Jack, I just know there are three types of people in this world, those that can count and those that cannot !!
  23. OK so it does seem clear that Freo will not take whoever we are hoping is still there at 8, if we are targetting X, so we obviously do not want Freo's choice for 8, but who will Carlscum take at 9, and if we do not want that player, then absolutely no loss to go from 8 to 10. Just a win for us. So I must imagine that the recruiters know who Freo will choose and most likely who Carlscum will choose. So our only possible loss is the player picked at 9 and did we want him. So is their a current phantom draft with these swaps in place and who did they have going to the blueduds at 9 ? Any one got any ideas. Go Dees
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