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  1. Poor kicks poor football we are just not good enough in a crisis situation
  2. One of the better bits of luck this year
  3. I think give him a weeks break to get over it all !!
  4. We are playing woeful bit how are we even in the score. Cannot understand it
  5. The good news is we will not be called tankers this year. They do not want to win. Just woefull
  6. So is the Braydon Preuss selection window dressing or just so far left field its not possible, no one thinks its possible at least a different forward make up ... couple of goals each game he has played. Go Dees !!
  7. This is something that needs to be flexible be prepared to put them up for grabs depending on what we get in return But also depending on how we go for the rest of the year, an open mind and hopefully open chequebook for the correct player, and someone who can kick as well as Ben Brown......... interesting second half of the year. Was pizzed off with football before Saturday but with that second half feel more relaxed. Go Dees
  8. Seriously I cannot pick my nose ! that's what you get supporting Demons for any length of time. Perspective disappears. Well done, indeed 'Aint the feeling great, I can smile easily for the next few days Go Dees !!! I will read all this later
  9. Thanks. First time I have smiled since last weekend ! if we get him I might quietly curl up on the floor and start rocking !
  10. Now that OUR Grand Final is over, and we lost, we can look forward to our more usual threads like who the best draft pick will be, What choice numbers will we use, Who are we going to take, and make mediocre. And How we are later on training the house down, and we will thump the opposition in 2020, what a great bunch of champions. Build up our hopes and then discard them like old socks. Peeved yes I am !!
  11. Not sure I remember very well, was 23 and the memory is hazy. Was this the game where he came into the Redlegs bar with his father. cos he was only 17 and too young to come in by himself ? Such a young boy, very light frame, funny name, but what a player, Champion ! My memory also suggests we had another recruit playing at that time but I cannot remember who it was. Good Luck today to those watching , DEMONS make your own Luck !!
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