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  1. If you know these two either could have played and only they would have known who was there, identical. I was once snubbed by Henry by not speaking to me at the cricket, except of course it was Michael and I had not met Michael. I think I kept that "grudge" for 6 months, Will not forget that time, cos i knew they were twins. long time ago now.
  2. How about Henry Ritterman, late 60’s or early 70’s Rover also with Ajax but still follows Melbourne, and Dave Kelly. His name I think. Ruckman played about only small number of games about 1973.
  3. I will not be after a refund, too many years nil return anyway, what I would like returned is my respect of the players, once they win some games. and give value to us supporters that become members for years in a row. and some recognition from the club ( not personal) to the members for their support. What that might be I have nfi. this virus has shot 2020 down in flames, at least no one will forget this year, I am becoming jaded and bored ! still I can look down and see my feet, stay well
  4. Anyone who kicks the winning goal in a GF is a hero and legend. Strawbs Tulip and The Ox and Hassa was not his real name
  5. Come on you cannot blame Goodwin, he didn't kick it to their backmen in our forward line, In fact he Goodwin didn't get a kick. He had no influence.....and no idea......but then neither do eye. was looking forward to this game now i need a break, or a mexican beer! how do I cancel the automatic renewal !
  6. Think you are wrong about Omac, but he is a one paced player and when the better players are having their pants pulled down he gets the blame.
  7. Yes from the last game of 2018, we have learnt nothing about kicking to one of our players inside our forward 50
  8. Another couple and they will think respectable last quarter, hand out for the pay cheque its a good life playing AFL
  9. How many times do we bomb it into the F50 or pass it to one of theirs. Its a fundamental problem. Game plan or no effin forwards, Glad I am not a coach
  10. Dont worry we are fitter than them I am sure we will run over them in the last
  11. FFS it goes up there end 2 of them in a raffle and we are nowhere when its up ours
  12. Your right I will turn it off as well !
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