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  1. Good on you Jordan. You can impart plenty we need your experience Go Dees !!
  2. Agree with above. They did better than many aspiring players, on an AFL list for some years. Difficult time for them, another door will open, another stage in life, AFL or otherwise. Good luck to both. and Good Luck to MFC in the search for two new players.
  3. Overseas in Italy, after a poor football year and other problems that answer 4-6 It made me smile and actually feel better Thanks DJ my wife asked what I was smiling about and that felt good as well. I might even contemplate membership again, no next year to show how upset 2019 made me feel Come on 2020 It’s got to be better . Picks 3 and 8 lets choose wisely go Dees
  4. My opinion, With Langdon and Tomlinson in the best 22 (I hope) we should be a better side, Frosty out makes not much difference but I wont have too much heart burn watching him run out of defense, easier to go to the football, but we still have Omac ! I thought he had improved 2018 not sure now. Do we get any one else ???
  5. How come I read on Demonology that Jones has stepped down and nothing on land ??
  6. My take, only my opinion. he had a better year this year and I think he can get better, not worth high money unless he improves but.. he does not walk on water so is not the saviour of the club. And when he stuffed up it was bad for our defenders and when he grabbed it I had my heart on my mouth. if he goes good! If he stays good! if Melbourne went out of the way to trade him in I think I would be appalled as I think most hawk supporters should be. time will tell Good luck frosty which ever way it goes I will certainly watch what you do , at 26. I don’t think things get better again time will tell we need better players than we have on 2019 that’s for sure go dees 2020
  7. Gday did any one else listen to ABC football today interview with his brother. It was suggested that Ed would move to Melbourne FC next year the reply was that he did not think it was set in stone yet. Cheers Did I hear it correctly getting old and a bit deaf !!
  8. That rings true for almost any standard of football. You don't need to win by 100 points each match just kick more than your opponents like averaging 4 goals a quarter or the first to 100 points you do not lose many. \ And yes we give away starts too often, how many 1st quarters did we win this year and did we win that match ?? go dees very lower case at the moment
  9. Didn't like the coin toss much I was too uptight, But not losing during the Bye was better than what went before and the Final Siren was a huge relief Cheers
  10. Well written and I read it with interest. Good to read something discussing our club without any bickering about what another poster did or did not say. i do think 2020 is a seriously important year if we fail again then I really think we will stay clogged in the poo at the bottom of the ladder for the next 15 or even 20 years. A generation of support gone again. At least when ND was in charge we won one lost one, but did not kill off the supporters hopes or brands that attached to our jumper. I have been s member for 35 years our of the last 50. Have friends who it’s 50 out of 50. We deserve better. But we had the 50’s and 60’s a great base. But the current younger supporters have no base. change is needed, badly needed. It’s got to be up to those with energy and brains about football to decide how deep the cuts should be. I hope we do not just wave our hand and say it will be all right, i did like most of your post cheers
  11. I don't know whether we need MW or not but I think we need a coach who can get as angry as the supporters get, But one with skills in interpreting football games far better than myself........
  12. Well said! Good luck to you both. !! wish I had been able to play football on the Gee, played kick to kick years ago that was the closest Cheers Good Luck in the future
  13. Now this is the sort of thread we should be used too. 2018 was an abnormality, its good to be back to reality, where is my drink !
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