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  1. I can see another zero goals then we will kick 5 in the last and think it’s all getting better
  2. Q.D. thanks for this I do find it interesting what the other clubs supporters are saying about us. But I never know the names of the other clubs websites, So Thank you Go Dees got everything crossed,,
  3. Watching the game tonight. Ratten at least looks like he is a coach and gets involved emotionally teauge on the other hand just sits there like goody, I prefer someone who is engaged emotionally with the game and the supporters, both when we do something great and something stupid!!
  4. Well I don't think I can argue against these points, but "work for better levels and expectations," needs to be applied across the whole club. Not just the players but admin, the management side, supporters, Selectors and Coaching. I actually think Goodwin needs help, perhaps he should be overall Director of coaching but have someone help him on the Game Day. Hells Bells, if I can see a problem with the way we play on any particular day. Then Goodwin should have been able to see it coming days before and made plans to mitigate the problem, then something else to turn to. Not just rely on game plan A. "while also talking seriously." not sure this is a site where one can talk too seriously , mostly one eyed rot, but some supporters are much more attuned to footy than i am or was. All I could do on the footy field was run, all day though. Not sure I thought much about why I was running to any spot, at the time. Not much has changed now I watch from the stands or TV for the last 30 years. Good Luck to us on the Weekend, 14 against us in the Age and only one for us. We are a chance on those odds. And I hope Harley plays and kicks 5 goals
  5. just a question Are you taking the pee out of this thread ?
  6. At the moment we are not playing well, that's clear , The first quarter against Carlton proves we can control a game and win the ball. The mindset of the players went to mush half way through the second, The job of the coaching and Football Departments is to get this bit above the shoulders as right as their fitness. The buck stops at the top, always has always will, Donald in the US believes that. and so do I. I can or will support the Dees whatever but its easier emotionally and financially, when the WIN games and not play ****ely and win by one point. Don't expect to win but looking forward anyway, I would like to see Harley running around. Thursday Selections most important again the senior coach's responsibility. Go Dees.......
  7. Things need to get better this year. Full stop. changes maybe not this year, but if nothing gets better by then it will not be the end of next year to make changes! i think good win needs help on game day to tweak positioning and tactics. Other coaches seem to outplay him in this aspect on the day. we seem to go with what was decided on Tuesday at training or at selection And make no alterations during the game. i might be wrong but the impassive face in the coaches box does not do it for me. I would prefer some one who bangs the wall or desk every now and then, win or lose. Might make no difference apart from what I feel. but we are no better now than most of 2019. Like witches hats at training some of the time. just my opinion, will not have any impact against Richmond,
  8. Watched the game, We lost it Geelong only had the higher score, Same as our Carlton game, we had the higher score. I do not think we have improved at all from 2019, perhaps a slower entry or more controlled entry into the F50. What a waste of an afternoon.....
  9. Another goal less quarter coming up not good enough to win
  10. Hell I just wish Goodwin would shoe some emotion !!
  11. Another quarter no blimey goals , if they only kick one not much problem but that was too easy
  12. Looking at some results this week and last, by less than a goal either way and probably a draw Go Dees
  13. I am positive he did not get a kick or a serious touch.....
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