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  1. though Salem goes OK better each time I see him play,
  2. One quarter each weak, then two goals for 3 quarters wonderful, I need a beer !!
  3. Some of Demonlands posters are quite funny, I have had a laugh feel better already and the game has not started but I think I will turn the telly off at 3/4 time, as well GO DEES !!!
  4. Had to reply, this is so close to the mark ! Don't really want to watch and TLOML thinks I am stupid for doing so, but you have to ! but I will go to church with my Mother in Law, a big ask, but she and my wife will like it and my feet will not be on the ground. GO DEES !!!!!
  5. Another great day at the footy. Go Dees nhave we looked at the preliminary final yet ?? FMD
  6. Only saw parts of the game, but I thought we turned that corner, a bit at least against the bummers. In terms of endeavour persistence and just plain head down hard at it. I grant you we were poor delivering into the forwards which allowed them to clear it and apply too much pressure on Frost and OMac So I did get some encouragement from that game but did not expect such a better result. If we can pressure the saints and stop the ball coming back so quick , another step back to 2018 form. Need Petracca Viney Melky and Hibberd to step up one more notch Go Dees
  7. Joeboy.. a bit hash on some enjoy the night !!!!
  8. good to get a win, now start then SPANK the sainters next week then same as last year GO DEESme
  9. Doesn’t the season look better now !!!
  10. And we win with Spargo smallest slowest most unwanted by some. Go Dees Go Spargo !!!!
  11. Many reasons we won but kick more than the opposition or want it more You will win
  12. Well done tracca. Good first quarter start the season again !! Go Dees
  13. Now start the season !!! But 3 games behind
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