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  1. Yes this the old Bears ground but it was not right on Dover street but a hundred metres or so to the north Used to have a very old stand and the "cave" for drinks after, as I remember !!
  2. Watts happened to Spargo. did he play vfl. Or is he injured? havent seen his name mentioned anywhere. Go dees. Bloody hard this week !
  3. A win by a point, even after a terrible game is so much better than a loss by a point after a fantastic game. The celebratory drinks far out point, the despondent " if only " drinks sorry the pun was intended GO DEES !!
  4. Thought his last quarter was as good as he has played this year, Well deserved win and a great day
  5. I am stoked as well two wins in a row Enjoy tonight couple of glasses of red tomorrow next week will look after itself Another bad injury I do think we are cooked but lets just see Go Dees well done
  6. I just hope we play Viney in the forward half, same as Geelong do Ablett. Imagine some poor defender having to stop Viney. The mids have done OK without him this year and last, so why not. He would have to be watched or tagged by a very good defender, which might help our other forwards. Time will tell. Good Chance to win again this week I think. !!! Go Dees !!!!!
  7. I certainly hope HE comes back makes opposition defenders less sure, if we can change that by 20% it will give us much more scoring chances. isn’t it good to win !!
  8. Would absolutely love us to win, by any margin, but with 13 players out injured, we do not have the quality to beat Hawthorn. Unless they lay down thinking its a given. I hope the injury reports are accurate because in 4 weeks we will have some more senior players returning, all at once or a couple in for Casey. In any case a much better second half of the season awaits. 2019 has gone west, lets look towards next year. at least we should have a better draw and bigger odds. Come on Dees smash the dawks Go Dees !! hawks by 6 goals in a canter!
  9. Love to see history repeat itself but the exception proves the rule was an old saying Go Dees
  10. Two goals five points in 3 quarters, turn that around to 5 goals 2 There is half your defensive problems fixed. Easy to say I know. And still not all the solution but scoring pressure eases supporter concerns. You don’t need 20 goals or more a match. 4 a quarter hell even 3 a quarter will keep the opposition honest these days. Not many big scores. Only against us ! i am starting to think we might beat Hawthorn we have a good break they have a short one. Come on demons. Make it happen . Hope Carlton become brick walls and the hawks have a hard game, Go Dees!!
  11. though Salem goes OK better each time I see him play,
  12. One quarter each weak, then two goals for 3 quarters wonderful, I need a beer !!
  13. Some of Demonlands posters are quite funny, I have had a laugh feel better already and the game has not started but I think I will turn the telly off at 3/4 time, as well GO DEES !!!
  14. Had to reply, this is so close to the mark ! Don't really want to watch and TLOML thinks I am stupid for doing so, but you have to ! but I will go to church with my Mother in Law, a big ask, but she and my wife will like it and my feet will not be on the ground. GO DEES !!!!!
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