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  1. Kysaiah Pickett Harrison Petty James Jordon Tom Sparrow Charlie Spargo
  2. We have a current crop of players who we will proclaim champions after winning the next bunch of premiership flags. first one this year! I will either wake up after game one or just keep dreamin !!
  3. After such a unfortunate run with injuries, If Vanders does play most of the year he definitely is the most unexpected player. Well unexpected by supporters of other clubs. I am discounting the last two years recruits, apart from this man, unexpected, would be if Bennell manages to get his legs right and play towards the latter part of the year. He will cost us absolutely nothing, last placed rookie, is never expected to do a thing, regular player at Casey perhaps. But if this man has his head correct and gets his body back to half of what he could have been. We just might have stolen a match winner if we get into September action.
  4. Great read. Really looking forward to the whole 2020 Go Dees. Do not disappoint !
  5. Just to repeat what others have said about the reports from the track watchers and the photographers. Love the photos but I love the varying comments and opinions from the watchers, non one it seems is putting out Club propaganda, rather their own opinion. Not sure how I will feel if we lose the first four games but I am thinking that the problems from 2019 have gone. and we will improve somewhat on 2019 win the first 3 and then lose to the saints Go Dees
  6. If it is worrying you Do something about it, And if anyone is so well connected they hear things Do something about it. Like the Police ads If you see something, Do something Don't sit on your arze whistling dixie. It doesn't help you or the rest of the keyboard souls on Demonland. Most of us here want Melbourne to do well, even those others like me who have been through a number of Dark Ages. 2020 Go Dees !!
  7. Great Vision, who is wearing #44 the arm definition looks impressive Thanks for the photos really great
  8. There is a determined look on the face of AVB just love it stay fit young man !!
  9. This is only half a side, 18 players , Reserves and emergencies please,
  10. Truthfully... All of the above, Except Rangers
  11. Could not put it better. If........? ......last year with a mostly [censored] side, if he was playing up forward, influencing or kicking perhaps 2 goals a match, Self belief and confidence. It does not need to be AVB just some one to play with his intensity and strength at the ball or the player with the ball ! If AVB can get on the ground for 2020, anything is within reach. Go Dees !! 2020
  12. 5 years ago, I managed to get a Nephew and Niece to follow the Dees. Their mum follows North but did not mind. I know it was child abuse, but.....they still say Demons when asked who they support. A bit to do with being different at school when most other kids are Geelong. They hardly get to wear the scarves so Mum put this together, I can give them plenty to wear to school. This will give them sweet dreams for years ! Go Dees from far west Victoria !!
  13. Even after a poor season, I am always optimistic going into the pre season. I was last year until the practice match against the Pies then I started to question how we were travelling. It became how deep, not what are we standing in ! Learnt stuff all in 50 years. Partly to blame last year was the reporting from the watchers that all was good or would be good. And after the 2018 heroics I was a sucker for the making. But a lot of people thought that way. This year the watchers have been more diligent in saying what they observed, both good and not so good, and the reporting from them this year has been nothing short of excellent, Good and bad highlighted, but the numbers training and questioning of why some players are not training means those that are there will have had a full preseason. And I think May will be to the back line what AVB could be to the forwards. I dont usually waste coin having a bet on Melb but I think I will this year. So all is good, until the first preseason games, Who do we play first ?? can hardly wait !! Go Dees good luck to all
  14. For me, The first 5 games will define the season I think, and we need to start like a runaway train in the first quarter against Eagles, Two games at the Gee, we need to win one at least. Likewise two away win one at least, Given 2019 was fitness, training, and endurance stuffed we should be much better than that in 2020., 2018 might have been one step more than we deserved but being in the mix to finish 6-12 is barely a pass. The higher the better, I think the top 4 is a step too far, but depending on how well some players go and if other teams are poor. Perhaps Eagles, Richmond, Giants, Brisbane for the top 4. I think Collingwood will fall ( or hope they will) Suns and Blues at the base then Essendon and the Pies then everyone else so even that it might be a dogs breakfast and Footescray and ourselves might climb above the rest. I just hope we turn up to play for the first quarter of each game, far too much catch up last year. Go Dees
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