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  1. I asked the membership tent on the family day what was the 2020 total to date. They said the total before the family day it was 33000 approx.
  2. If we are going to do this proposed new venue lets do this big and right. We are fixated with training near the G, so how about this. Involve many stakeholders, spread the money spread the load. The club had a good idea concerning covering Jolimont rail line, but alas the toffs didnt like it. So right idea wrong location. With assistance and money from the following, MCC, state gov, Melb city council tennis Australia and the federal gov. cover in the rail lines from Richmond station to the Russel street extension. Metro can redevelop Richmond station with walks at station height alongside Brutton Av to the over rail line crossover near the AFL members gate. The covering can start as close to the station as possible. Office spaces and gyms etc can be built in this area. MFC can build a new shop at the junction of the station walkway and the tennis crossover near the AFL entrance prime location. The other interested parties can be lobbied for funds for a number of reasons, our womens team would play on the new oval, thats good for many millions from everybody, covering in the tracks has been mentioned for ever. Good project, state and fed. Houses and shops can be built along the nth. side near Spring St. The oval can be built East-West as close to the G as possible, full size.
  3. Why are we staring at a massive loss this year? Everybody on here says so I guess it must be correct. On what basis are you making that statement? We will have made a MASSIVE increase in inwards money owing to in excess of 6000 new members[ record]. As the break even figure at the G is 20000 people, over that figure approx. $10 to us a person. Each and every game we had over 20000 people, so we received a cheque for each and every home game at the G. Whilst we proberbly budgeted for more we still didn't lose money. MY source for the figures was on a walk to the G a couple of years ago I asked Cameron Schwab, he told me the rule of thumb way of working out how you make money was as above. The figures for Waverly was 14000 and Dockland 30000. I am only basing my statement on what I can see at games and not what I cant in relation to internal club accountancy. Also how much more merchandise do you think they sold this year and also membership upgrades how many people paid for guaranteed grand finals tickets. Two in this house.
  4. Did anyone notice the scoring and time keeping shambles at half time on Saturday? Well at half time the two goal umpires as per every game, went to the center of the ground and consultered each other. They checked their little books and agreed the score was correct. They waved their flags toward the scorers and walked off of the ground. The score on the scoreboard was Brisbane 9.6 to Melbourne 9.4 2 points difference, this score was in the Sunday papers. Sometime in the next 15 minutes a goal was awarded to Brisbane giving them 10.6 a difference of 8 points. This was even after the goal umpires declared scores correct at the end of the second quarter. To help Brisbane even more at the start of the third quarter the umpire bounced the ball and play resumed, the ball was in play for approx. 1 minute when Brisbane scored a goal. But guess what? The time keepers hadn't started the clock and with Brisbane kicking with a fair wind they had another goal on the board with no time off the clock . The ball went back to the center and was bounced down, and the clock started from 0.00. So between the score correct end of second qtr 9.6 and time restarting in the third qtr Brisbane were awarded 2 goals. Maybe that's why they call it a practice match!
  5. People saying supporters living in the SE[ Pakenham, Cranbourne] are correct saying we can get off public transport at Richmond station, FOR NOW. With darling Dan the hard hat mans new underground, NO train from the SE suburbs will go through Richmond or South Yarra. If you want to go to the MCG you either change trains at Caufield or travel to the new station beneath Swanston st.
  6. If you can look at the video of the Hawkins push. Two funny points are in the video, forget Hawkins and first look at the GWS player on the ground. Nobody is paying him ANY attention not even his team mates. One even steps over him to get at Hawkins. Second look at the Geelong player running behind the umpire, he stretches his right arm across his body and pushes the umpire. A very funny action. All the attention on Hawkins and forget everybody else.
  7. What national competition? Oh you mean the MFL Mainland Football League. Tassie is part and a state of Australia, so until it has a team the AFL is the MFL. Most club sponserships are from overseas companies, including owe own. So local money isn't the be all and end all.
  8. Just back from the family day at the G. The day was held in the car park just south of Jolimont station. I looked at the empty field it was being held in and imagined a training ground running NW to SE, its about the size of a little bit smaller footy field eg carltons ground. No trees to remove only level the ground and install goal posts and paint the lines. As cricket Victoria is now at our old training ground, its only fair we take their old training ground. Could we move our training gym and the rest to the now no longer used rooms of cricket Victoria? Also use the new levelled oval used today for the family day. Arnt we the football arm of the MCC? So train at the MCC.
  9. Ahh Waverly. Great ground, no harder to get out of than the MCG, if you are allowed to park there now. You have to remember, to most people the town stops at Punt rd, how dare peasants live east of the G 60klms away. As to all the trains stoping at Richmond, once the new underground is finished all the SE trains wont go through Richmond any more. All the people out east will have to change at Caufield both ways. Can you imagine the crowding after a big game on the frankson platform.
  10. The craziest I have done and continue to do is when overseas on holiday, get my photo taken in my Melbourne jumper in front of famous landmarks. At the colosseum whilst in my mfc jumper a shout came from a group of tourists GO DEES. It was unreal in that spot. Once I get home I have the photos printed on an A4 page and signed by No 13. Clarry signed my last one yesterday at the Casey training day. He was good about it after a bit of a laugh. Until my next holiday, Hawaii next February.
  11. Great list but my best would be rd7 2008 vs fremantle. 51 pts down in the 3rd qtr and we got up and won by 7 pts. Millars best game, strong all day , just pushed over dockers all day. Aussie Wonaeamirri terrific last qtr, Robbo marked everything and kicked well also in the last qtr. And you just had to love Daveys run and long gaol in the third. Its a pity only 19400 people bothered to go, we lost $6000 but got the 4pts. When the Dees go bad and I need a pickup this is the game I put on.
  12. I don't know who will get what, but I do know the Lewis one was STUPID. As a result of a contest to see who can [censored] up a wall higher, and the wrestling continued, the umpire threw up the ball in the center of the ground, and we only had THREE to contest the ball up. And guess who did the ruck work? Yes our premier ruckman number 13, Oliver. How professional was that? STUPID. By the way they easiely won the center clearance.
  13. Wasn't it Riewoldt involved in the dislocating of Smiths shoulder on the boundry line? I seem to remember it was also Riewoldt involved in TMac shoulder in the opposite pocket on the boundry line a couple of years ago. Isnt karma a [censored].[a female dog]
  14. I cant help but think the making of Jim into the elite footballer he became was that day at Waverly. He ran across the mark and for the rest of his career he overcame that event. He would have become a great player without that event, but he didn't let it get the better of him. I believe the MFC got the better of the day for the rest of his footy and admin career.
  15. Can somebody answer me this. During the second qtr Thomas took a mark on the behind line, theirs, [ I thought it was thru before he marked it] He then walked over the line and played on over the out of bounds line. I thought if you went over the behind line you had to come back into play between the posts NOT around the point post. The gaol was allowed. Am I reading this rule right?
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