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  1. Just saw where I’m sitting. Aisle 135. Deep in enemy territory, near the Eagles cheers squad. This will be fun 🤣
  2. 1 more Demon will be going. I just booked my flight!! C'MON!
  3. Want to... but flight $$ are out of control!
  4. That's some Real Talk Rookie Demon. We're miles off and desperately need an injection of talent. Recruiting the top two kids in the country, Jack Viney (possibly worthy of a top 5) and the best available at pick 13 is really going to help turn our club around. IMO, it's likely the Dees will only win 2 games this season - our home games against GWS and GC. GC should win at least two of their home games - I'd pencil in wins over GWS and Port. Their stronger percentage should mean we finish below them. GWS, who are on 1 win, have two winnable home games against Port and....... the Dees in Rd 21. Mark the GWS/Dees clash down as the Stringer & Whitfield Cup.
  5. Well said Ted Fidge. Combined with the "explosive pace" that will return after a few pre-seasons (reference Barry P), he'll be firing on all cylinders in 2013-14.
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