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  1. Quintessential internet moment.
  2. Hearing some of the reports, it sounds like playing Jackson as a deep forward given his height, agility and speed (lead up) and ground ball skills when the ball hits the deck, could be the plan..? He’d make a challenging Match up for oppositions, and would free TMac and Wied to lead up wings etc...
  3. On the Bennell hunched back thing, it reminds me of this bloke...
  4. Brutal Josh... another Prelim loss oh dear!... I was at Waverley the day Jimmy... not another loss.
  5. A for Awesome. Trade and draft, the highlights for 2019. Anyone who thinks otherwise should turn up their romance and optimism Dial, and think again. The MFC football department, and now trade and draft team, should be applauded for the way they’ve handled and evolved through this shitty year. Absolute professionals working hard. 👏👏👏👏👏 Makes me proud to support this club. All class. Go Demons. p.s. I wish I knew “shitty” got through the censor earlier in the year... 🤨
  6. Totally agree, our 2019 trade and draft season has been to opposite to our 2019 season, an outstanding success. - 2-3 x mature Top 22 campaigners in Tomlinson and Langdon (and possibly Bennell) - 1 x top quality tall forward/ruck/mid in Jackson - 1 x top quality livewire small Forward in Pickett - 1 x outside rebound defender in Rivers - 3 x x-factor and game breakers in Bennell, Pickett and Jackson. If we are blessed by the injury gods, we’ve now go the ingredients to win a flag or two, starting 2020. Go Demons
  7. Yes I did realise that. Hence the “swings and round-abouta” comment.
  8. The thing about a player with Kozzie speed skill and agility, is that as he builds his engine, he’ll be able to impact in congestion, forward initially, but into the midfield at times to add some x-factor in there... in the way Melky and Jeffy can (could) at times.
  9. Oooooh mama! This kid can mark and kick goals too... who'd a thought?
  10. Are there options for us to trade up the order overnight?
  11. Why dwell on the possibility of him returning..? We just recruited three players all from interstate in Langdon, Tomlinson and Bennell... swings and round about's If we're a good club playing good footy he'll stay for the glory and good time that come with success. If he leaves, there will be a couple of awesome Victorian boys keen to come home... Welcome to the mighty Demons Luke Jackson! May the force be with you.
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