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  1. Still astounded that Harley’s coming to us! He maybe 50:50 chance of regaining his form and his body holding up, but if it does... it’s equivalent to a proven top 3 draft pick, with years of development done, hardened and hungry for success. And would be THE pick of this years draft season. Like wow!
  2. GWS may have to accept that, for the first time in their existence, they’re going to pay a fair price for the players they draft, like every other club (except GCS)...
  3. Pretty sure I heard him mentioned as back last week as he’s a 1-4 yr player...
  4. So, highly paid professional coaching outfits roll out a question, that you feel as bogus, and it’s contingent on us to disprove your random claims..? #lifestooshort
  5. You’ve offered no facts to support your feelings..!? chirp
  6. Mitch, having come to the AFL later than many (via VFL) is often seen as more experienced (thus having higher expectations) than should be required of him. As a 3rd year player, coming into his fourth, he’s exactly where you’d want him (despite the injury riddled 2019), committed, proven form and building his ability to consistently play And contribute at top level. His sealer in the final vs Geelong, ability to accelerate into contested situations and skill around goal are all big assets if developed property. Expecting a good 2020 From Mr Hannan.
  7. I think the AFL are more interested in making the draft night entertaining for TV than making it fairer for the clubs. So making it a strategic version of “Bingo” makes sense, keeps the punters interested and ratings higher. its all about the $$$$
  8. This is ideal, only area where he’s average is endurance which can be developed under a good fitness program (I.e. “bingo”). that disposal, contested and agility are all elite marks him as serious talent.
  9. It’s also looking at the decisions of 2018 (I.e. not putting players to surgery during season so we can make finals) in the context of what happened in 2017, where we missed finals by the smallest margin in the history of the game... Only the MFC can dish this stuff up. But our time is coming! Go Demons
  10. It’s a great test, pressure, no obvious solution, do they freeze or shoot..? Could/would be critical in the heat of a game...
  11. I think the possibility and push to play our first final in a loooong while would adequately explain this. We rolled the dice and lost, twice... once in Perth and then throughout 2019. Good lessons for a maturing group.
  12. Now that we no longer have the pleasure of yelling “Frosty” as he steams wildly down the ground (before kicking to...?), being able to yell “McAssssssey!” Seems fair compensation. 😊
  13. So we’re now at Bennell, Langdon, Tomlinson, pick 3 & pick 8. with Murray being groomed and Martin a long shot... Good haul so far, bring on season 2020!!!
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