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  1. Maybe, I’m not familiar with NRL. part of the issue is with high definition, slow motion replay, ump errors have become very clear and when they result in a score they are unfair. By using that tech to rectify this without stopping the flow of play, would lower the pressure in umpires and the upset when they clearly get it wrong.
  2. I think the game would benefit from a real time panel of third umpires with the power to nullify the benefit and reverse poor umpiring decisions. I.e. team scores a goal after a clear throw is missed has that score reduced based on real time decision of the third umpires (who have tv slow motion, etc) to adjudicate and decide as best they can. That way play can go on, with fairness somewhat addressed..?
  3. General question - whys Carey called the “Duck”? And what’s with the black eye???
  4. Love that some on here are trying to set up the story that if we lose its because Preuss wasn’t selected... so they can somehow feel vindicated when we lose. Really! We’ve been decimated with injuries and the coaching panel have developed and are deploying their best strategy to enable us to win... and it don’t include Pruess, and they (our coaches) know a lot more than any on here. and we’ll still probably lose, but have given it our best crack. some respect go Demons.
  5. Let’s see how it goes tonight... in Goody we trust.
  6. One swallow does not make a spring. Preuss would get killed by McGovern and co intercept marking, and offer little in terms of defensive pressure to limit the WC rebound.
  7. Perfect setup for a boil over. if our mids start connecting forward of centre and our backline doesn’t fall apart, we’ll be closer to the Weagles than most think. Go Demons!
  8. Noticed in the teams that they’ve moved Hunt back. Should be interesting
  9. Money is irrelevant if you help deliver a cup. best wishes to him.
  10. Presumably there is a “logic” to the long bomb approach, i.e top of goal square and our forwards can prepare (mark crumb etc) accordingly..? While our back lines been decimated but functioned, our forward line has been woeful.
  11. Are Hibbard and Lewis both now out injured..?
  12. Ideal spot is over the train lines to the west of the MCG..?
  13. He’s from Tassie, so probably not... 😐 at least not directly.
  14. Pouring ones beer over another persons head, is actually a form of “physical violence”.
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