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  1. It’s a social experiment launched in late 1960s, unfortunately the MFC drew the shot straw of “perennial losers”, sad, I know, but on the bright side, the experiment is indicating we’re also highly resilient, passionate and humorous folk as a result... could be worse. 🥴
  2. Since coming into this season seemingly underbaked, we’ve improved each week. Our forwards started to gell last week, and our ability to connect across the ground took another step toward the levels we hit late last year. Continue on this improvement trajectory and we should have the saints covered.
  3. With KK, Lockhart, Wagner x2, all relatively new to team, it took the first to gel. Was much better in second. Pieces starting to click, end to end.
  4. It’s good. Us against the forkers of the world. Has ignited a bit of venom in me about tonight. Go Demons!
  5. The corkheads will be out in force should we lose this Friday... be so nice to fork the bummers up big time...
  6. Puts a hole in the tigers tilt and opens the door a little wider. hate to see players injured etc etc... so sad. 🥺
  7. Given the Dockers are playing North, if we win we’re into top two spot and finals... unless they win big.
  8. May needs to save it up for the GF, and then go off (Dons 2000 style)...
  9. Noticed in The Age article on Carlisle that Lever and May are both elite (Top 2 Lever, top 10-15 May) for intercept marks and intercept possessions. Given Mays new and Lever has been injured for the second half of last year, it’s a major injection of additional talent into our back 6 when both fit, in form and coordinating.
  10. Freo “opening it up” so to speak should be interesting. They don’t bat deep in the midfield and will get exposed on the rebound. Losing ??? (Forget his name) To get Hogan only exacerbates their midfield issues.
  11. Is there a stat that measures a forwards ability to defend, chase and hold the game in the forward 50..? Be curious to see that stat.
  12. I think you’ve nailed the critical piece of data, with our midfielders now mature and at best practice levels of fitness, our need to rotate them through the bench decreases, allowing us to employ the bench more strategically. The days when young mids were managed at 75% game time are done, with Tracca the last to be needing this support. This means the Preuss addition will be for many games and to good effect.
  13. As the number 1 clearance team in the Comp with arguably the best ruck and midfield, these rules should deliver a very dominant season for us. Any team with ruck or midfield issues will be hurt, more than in the past.
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