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  1. My understanding is he will be out for an extended period of time...
  2. I managed to pop in at training this morning. It was a perfect morning to train. I will give a quick run down on all players present. • Bail - Did the entire session, was in 1st running group with Jones, looked very fit. • Bartram - Did the entire session, running with Bennell, was burning him off in the last few. • Bate - Did entire session, running with Watts, even for first 4, last 4 he was beating him by 5-10m, looks fit and determined. • Bennell - Did entire session, running with Bartram, looks quite good. • Blease - Did entire session, running with Gys and Davis, was pushing really hard, has the pace just not endurance yet. All 3 of them were noticably slowing down towards the end. • Clark - Ran slow laps on his own, has very thin legs. • Cook - Ran medium paced laps on his own, was getting lots of encouragement from the players and some technique training from one of the fitness guys. • Davey - Ran medium paced laps with Jurrah at the start, but left him behind. Not that Flash was moving too quick himself. Did some kicking later on in the session but not with the main group. • Davis - Did entire session, ran with Blease and Gys, all 3 were really trying, just not the base of the other guys yet. • Dunn - Seemed to drift in and out as he pleased, bit like in a game! Did not do any of the 150m sprints, but some shorter stuff on the Collingwood side of the oval, once ball work started he was keen as mustard. • Fitzpatrick - Did not see him. • Frawley - Run some laps with Green, Trengove and Moloney. Joined in main session ball work. Looked happy to be back. • Garland - Did entire session, ran with Rivers, was beating him in all the sprints, seemed to be moving very well. • Gawn - Did entire session, ran with Jamar, beat him comfortably over the last 4, really pushes himself and seems to have improved his running style. • Grimes - Ran laps on his own, but at a really good pace. Did quite a bit of short kicking with Petterd. Must only be the fitness guys holding him back. • Gysberts - Same as Blease. • Howe - Did entire session, ran with Martin, they were prefectly matched and pushed each other the whole way. So far more advanced than last year. Looks like he just loves being part of it all. • Jamar - Did entire session, Ran with Gawn. As I said, was drifting behind toward the end, but is moving freely. • Jetta - Did not see him. • Jones - Did entire session, ran with Bail, just loves the hard stuff, its a real credit to him because he does not have the natural body shape or technique that most of the others do but just pushes the hardest! The young guys must look up to him. • Jurrah - Did some slowish laps, never seems to push himself, spent alot of time talking to one of the female training staff, left the track early. (not injured). • Macdonald - Did entire session, Ran with Nicho and these boys both really pushed each other. Like Jones they love the hard stuff. • Martin - Did entire session, ran hard with Howe, looks really good for a big fella. • McDonald - Did entire session, ran in the 2nd group with Morton, they both move well with little effort. A credit to himself how he has presented for pre-season. • McKenzie - Was on the same program as Grimes. Looks very fit. Running his laps hard. • Moloney - Bit like Dunn, drifted in and out, did not do the 150m sprints, joined in the with IR rules guys for a while, then did all skills session. • Morton - Did entire session, ran with McDonald, just needs to keep pushing himself to places he doesn't know exist! • Petterd - Was on the same program as Grimes and McKenzie, running freely and kicking easily. So no concerns. • Rivers - Did entire session, ran with Garland, was falling behind but not through lack of effort. • Spencer - The big guy ran alot of laps! Was kicking with McKenzie at the end, did not join in main skills session. • Strauss/Sylvia/Tapscott - Only out brifly doing stationary handballing drills. Strauss did stay out a little longer to have a kick with one of the fitness guys, was only allowed 10 kicks on each leg though. Seems to be moving really freely considering what happened. • Trengove - Same as Chip and Green. • Watts - Did entire session, ran with Bate, pushed himself, but dropped back a little, no shame as I thought Bate was flying. He looks alot better without the mop of hair he had in the 2nd half of the year. Watched him closely with the forwards, he is turning into a real leader in that group. Punished himself if he missed a target and was always asking Leigh Brown questions. He wants success. • Green - Same as Chip and Trenners. • Evans - The boy ran alot of laps! Did some one on one kicking but did not join in the main skills session. • Lawence - Did not see him. • Nicholson - Ran with JMac, this kid moves well on the track. Like with Howe just loves being out there. Overall I was quite impressed with where the group was at, with only a few guys not doing any meaningful running or kicking.
  3. No action taken against Davey or MacDonald, both incidents were reviewed.
  4. First time poster. Was at the practise game the other day. Have read through all of the reports and tend to agree that the skills were a touch down and hence people have been critical of some players. Although Maric, Watts, Scully and Grimes missed some targets they were actually trying to create by foot when disposing of the ball. Most times they were trying to bring the ball back into the corridor to open up the 'fat' side of the groud, thus allowing their teamates to hit our forwards on their second lead in more space. Bailey was on the groud the entire time and he never once showed disappointment at any of these players trying to execute his game plan. On the contrary, he was very encouraging. I would much rather these boys continuing to back their skills and take risks than watching Moloney kicking long bombs on the forwards heads! Trapper was my favourite player during his playing days as he would take risks and when they came off cut the game to pieces. Maric impressed me no end with his endevour and second efforts, he would have possibly been the leading possession winner. Should be in our starting 18 on Friday night, how his season unfolds is then up to him. But he has definately given himself a great opportunity to cement a spot in our best 22.
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