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  1. The problem is we are great in hind sight so we just develop the player we got, to the best of his ability and move on.
  2. I was part of the reform group and also a trainer at the MFC he was a dope who was on the board before convincing the board to appoint him as coach. He believed that fitness was playing football from day one of training so the players just did not run hard because they had no fitness base to backup the football program. He did not work on their skills but did circuit training like in the 50's. A pathetic coach and poor tactician at the end of the season he still believed he was the best coach in the VFL
  3. He's a protected species by the tribunal where anyone else would have got 1 week, the AFL made the head knocks unacceptable no matter how hard the elbow to the region behind the ear the scull is much thinner and the player could have suffered a lot of damage.
  4. Jack Martin from Gold Coast Suns
  5. I think Cox of Collingwood is the poster boy for B Rookies but Smith is very handy and still learning his craft as a forward or back.
  6. Peter Hudson was a much better version of West Coast Eagle's Kennedy and was one of the greatest FF in any era. He was a long kick and was very accurate I had a friend who played with him in Tasmania and he said his kicking technique was developed to be able to kick goals when the wind was blowing a gale.
  7. He was more than a decoy because in 1963 he kicked 48 goals which by today's standards is dam good for a small forward.
  8. Provided he performs to an acceptable level this year he will play in the one's otherwise he will be playing at Casey. I have followed the MFC since 1952 and I have seen great sides but the potential of these players exceeds the 1954-1964 teams although teams don't always play on potential. The 1953 team was a young team which had great potential and turned into the greatest era of the MFC hopefully this team will play with the more fire and passion and convert the potential to the ultimate success in the 2019 season and beyond.
  9. Supporters of opposition clubs always use some way to justify their club allowing players to go. Bomber supporters said the same about Melksham to feel good about their team letting a player go.
  10. For those who were not around when the great Norm Smith was coach he believed the best small defenders were midfielders who had run their course in midfield. When MFC recruited Stuart Spencer as a back pocket player he stated to Stuart he was too young to play there and he made him a rover who became on of the AFL's great rovers.
  11. My Grandson who is 7 ran a 2K in cross country in 8 minutes 54 seconds so it must have been the time of the day.
  12. I hope you all realize Bradtke is very young and has not played football for at least 3 years otherwise he could not be selected a Rookie B. He will be developed by some of the best development coaches. He played a non contact sport so he will take time to adjust. So right now we cannot judge players like Bradtke until he has played at least 3 seasons of football, James Harmes was judged by many on this site to be taking up space on the list not so long ago. We all should just enjoy the journey to a possible Premiership and not heap praise or barbs along the way. I hope we can win one for all the MFC players and coaches both past and present to enjoy the moment of pure joy.
  13. Maybe like buildings where the 13th floor is called 14th floor
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