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  1. Petracca and get the former MFC player Allen Jackovich to coach him on how to position yourself one-on-one
  2. You realise both Gawn and Lever have had 2 knee reconstructions and seem to have recovered ok but he was selected in the same draft as Jack Watts as selection 15 by Geelong so he had potential at that stage. He was trained by Thompson and Scott at Geelong and Thompson and Worsfold at Essendon. He maybe only here for 1 year but if creates competition for spots on the forward line and back line then we have gained from his recruitment. Sometimes when a player is delisted and is given a 3rd chance he trains harder and compete's harder to prove his worth to the team?
  3. Stewart Loewe was coached by Peter Hudson
  4. Champion Data is a load of rubbish it is only a guide they never count the 1%ers which players do and when a team slides down the ladder due to injuries they are never taken into account. The player demographics is a better guide we have a young and inexperienced team who's team dynamics was disrupted by having injuries to key players.
  5. Most professional sportsmen use training to make there skills better no matter what their level of skill they have, Lionel Messi and other stars of soccer practice for hours to hone and improve their ball control and kicking. Why should AFL be any different when coaches spend time on improving their kicking and handball under pressure the player will only improve these skills. If the player has no idea what they are doing wrong then they cannot fix it, the ball will give them an idea of what to fix.
  6. All the what ifs will not changed the fact we now have Jackson, Pickett and Rivers and as supporters we hope they turn out the best 3 in the draft of 2019.
  7. Ask Blake Acres who was from WA but was shipped out because the Saints wanted Brad Hill and Burton from the Hawks when they wanted Chad Wingard. The players traded did not ask to go home.
  8. I have supported the MFC for 67 years I seen good and bad over the period but my support has never waivered, I have seen coaches come and go but I am a realist that we were always lacking something that clubs need to win premiership. I was lucky to see 6 premierships in my time but I also watched coaches who thought there way was the only way to play football and fail for one reason or another. In 1988 we made the grand final for the first time in 24 years and Steve O'Dwyer's suspension did not help the cause, coach sat there in the preliminary final when he should have removed Steve from the ground because he was a hot head who would retaliate and the grand final was done. As supporters we must never lose sight the coach does his best but sometimes has a blindspot during the heat of battle because they human, I realise that great coaches must experience failure before experiencing and appreciating success eg. Norm Smith, Clarkson, Thompson, Williams and Hardwick. The test of a good coach is one who learns from adversity and embraces it to create success.
  9. I believe that the recruiting of these players we have some potential A grade players and if these players reach their potential then the MFC will in 2 to 4 years think JT recruited well. JT put is nuts on the line with Jackson and Pickett but thats what he is paid for, if it does not workout he wont be a recruiter for much longer.
  10. Being a senior coach is a tough job for anyone, Damien Hardwick sends his regards to all who think several bad seasons says it all, give Goodwin 2020-2021 to show his metal. There is no science in coaching when your team has an injury riddled season, Ron Barassi took over in 1981-1985 his teams were plagued with injuries but he made no excuses, John Northey took over and with a lot of Barassi's blooded players along with a few interstate boys the got to the grand final in 1988. John had no system but faith in his players to do the job and it worked but ultimate prize was not attained and he started to blame the players for his failure, lack of a game plan.
  11. I agree with your view but I think this boy is going to be better than both Young or Enright, he has a more aggressive approach and had a limited pre-season along with glandular fever to disrupt his season but he still put in a great season
  12. He has similar traits to Young so maybe we got our Young in Rivers
  13. You realise that Ben Simmons is a point guard traditionally around 6 foot to 6 foot 3 inches, his athleticism is the reason he is able to play the position so maybe Goodwin is convinced Luke can play as a midfielder, is he breaking the mold like Norm Smith? When Norm Smith played Ron Barassi as a ruckrover he changed the traditional ruck combinations where there was 2 ruckmen and 1 rover.
  14. You realise if this was done the AFL (draft tampering) would eventually find out because loose lips sink ships (someone will boast about it) and the clubs which did this would be fined and may also loose draft picks in the future.
  15. When a recruiter has picks 3 and 10 he has to pick the best players not any positional best selections that is why players like Moylan and Cook got selected because the recruiter was asked for the best players in a particular position and we ended up Molan who had injuries which crueled his development but there was no excuse for Cook who was just tall and playing against midgets made him look good.
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