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  1. If i was the new fitness man I would assess the players who ended the season early by putting them in the rehab group so I could monitor their progress from the injuries, until I was satisfied they are upto the increased workload of the full training. Our new fitness man is being conservative so these players get in a full preseason and the best shot at playing the full season.
  2. I looked at Aaron Noetschke picture and his body has change remarkably from when he was recuited the muscle definition is that of a seasoned player
  3. Does anybody know why he's in a group to undergo medical testing?
  4. Fact is good players are better in best teams because the better quality players in the team are opposed to the best players , so they will get a lesser quality player to oppose them in the opponents team
  5. MFC did not give him a 5 year contract but extended the current contract ending 2020 for 4 years. By the way how may premierships teams did Cornes coach or did he ever work in list management? He's a firemen but maybe he likes to light fires under supporters for his amusement.
  6. At least in Melbourne he will be 1 player in roughly 440+ other players to analyse and disect their games in the papers/boards like this, but when you are at an intersate club there are only 87+ other players, so the spotlight is more likely to fall on players like him because of his potential, injury query and lack of consistant results.
  7. He also said Scully and Trengrove were the best 2 in the year we ignored Martin
  8. Lets face it JT was not giving anything away and why make the other recuiters job easy by ruling out a player maybe his stratergy is to make other recuiters take Jackson so Kemp is there at 8.
  9. If Kemp is there at 8 I would pick him, most of the experts who watched him before the knee went considered him as pick 1/2 and he is cross between Dangerfield and Cripps. If Kemp has gone the Jackson may be the best with a huge upside.
  10. You realise that if the MFC/Swan bids on Tom Green at 3/4 and is matched by GWS then we remove the GWS between 3 and 8 thus giving the MFC a better chance of selecting Kemp/Stephens etc
  11. Remember in 2009 pick 1 and 2 came to melbourne but the best player in that draft was Martin (3) so there is never a certainty when drafting there is no science only a recruiters gut feel. See Clayton Oliver and Darcy Parish we selected the player we felt was best. In 2013 we selected Salem my gut told me we should pick Patrick Cripps but I was not on the selection panel. My gut feeling is Young/Kemp are the best 2 players in this draft in the long term.
  12. I agree with picking Green/Young at 3 but pick 8/9/10 will depend on who is left out of the following they are not in any selection order Kemp/Stephens/Serong/Ash/Flanders/Robertson/McAstey etc, but if Kemp is there they should take him.
  13. He is 19 years old and 204cm ruckmen(ex basketballers) mature at a different rate to smaller midfielders because they have get used to the clash of bodies which does not happen in basketball as much, I would not write him off as yet. If he shows no progess by the time he reaches 21/22 then maybe he is a good basketballer who never made it in the AFL. His father was a very good Australian basketballer who never made it to the NBA and his mother was a very good tennis player which is not a contact sport and she never won a major title although we made it to a semi-final.
  14. The draft period was ok with 2 good players in and one out, good picks in the draft but we must stick them. Remember from the last match we had the following players missing May, KK, Aaron VDB, Tom Mc, Weid's, Joel Smith, Hannan, Jetta. The players KK, Aaron VDB, Nietschle and Joel Smith virtually did not play so they like new recuits. When Joel got injured against Richmond in the pre-season he was playing as a foward and kicked 4 goals on 1 leg. My picks are Young, Kemp and maybe Martin. If we get these players back from injury and picks are good then the draft was great
  15. Lockhart was very good considering he was recuited on the eve of the season's start and no pre-season with the MFC
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