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  1. Well if we have a similar year to last year then they might aswell
  2. Club should pack up and head north a bit earlier
  3. How’s the cheese platter at the end lol
  4. Bombers are having a pre season like ours last year, can’t see them making it, Collingwood are starting to get a pretty old list so could also drop out, and Brisbane is interesting they had barely any injuries, plus a tougher draw can they stay up there, with our list if it stays injury free will be a massive fail if we miss the 8
  5. cornes not falling for it again, sounds like us last year and he still had us finishing 1st, it’s funny all the media saying we can’t use it as an excuse yet bombers are already getting a free pass for there injuries, so if they fail it will be yea they had lots of injuries in pre season blah blah https://www.sen.com.au/news/2019/12/12/theres-an-injury-crisis-there-kane-cornes-picks-the-club-set-to-fall-the/
  6. Agreed we had a good side in the 90s if not for injury to some key players could have pinched a flag, the old what if Schwartz never did his ACL 3 times and Jakovich and his back
  7. North Melbourne have a better list than us, champion data lists are rediculous, don’t take enough variables into account
  8. Every report so far has trac killing it, I sense a break out year coming up although he was good this year
  9. Geez should have released those highlights a week ago, might have stopped the wrist slashing by some
  10. A lot of recruiters have been asked who they would take if they had pick 3 and most say Jackson so we are not alone in rating him, if we don’t take him GWS Will with pick 4
  11. Sydney have said they probably won’t bid on green either
  12. Sorry mate your holidays are cancelled we need you
  13. What pick do you think he is worth, hawks bulldogs and port are also keen on him at there 1st pick, do they have it wrong also?
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