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  1. I once got told I barrack too loudly at the footy, wasn’t from security it was from a fellow Melbourne supporter, I think I interrupted there golf clap after each goal
  2. Wow the stomp is way worse, should get weeks for sure and clearly not captain material
  3. Yep finished unfortunately, not worth it, hope he gets better stuff football
  4. He stuffed up last year recruiting all the b grade plodders thinking it would improve the list, they can’t land a big fish, only got Polec as they paid way overs, I think it’s time they duck off to tassie and start again
  5. 6-6-6 is rubbish, footy in general this year is rubbish to the point I have stopped watching it, I liked that we could be innovative at a centre bounce having players coming off the back of the square last year, the rule changes are crap, the umpiring is diabolical the AFL Has stuffed the game completely, what more can I say the game is completely [censored]
  6. Heppell must have had some $$$ on Sydney to win under a goal
  7. Better than what? I said in my original post that I don’t condone violence and the hawks fan has been known to get lippy, both should be banned for the rest of the year
  8. This is why both people should be banned he clearly can’t control his emotions, got pretty fired up at the saints supporters
  9. Apparently the hawks fan has form with this sort of stuff, not condoning what the dees fan did but if you can’t handle your emotions and decide to knock beers out of people’s hands then stay at home and watch, I would ban both of them
  10. Well the way our year is going I’m surprised he didn’t drown Christian Petracca helped from swimming pool after struggling to resurface http://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-05-03/distressed-demon-rescued-in-pool-training-incident
  11. Geez the bombers fans went nuts, I think it was more frustration about the umpiring, just on that the umpiring this year has made our great game unwatchable, I have gone from watching most games to watching none as it just frustrates me
  12. Won’t really matter unfortunately, Richmond will win by 10 goals plus
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