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  1. Should be a close game, I’m tipping us by 2 points I wonder if Sportsbet will take my bet
  2. Well I guess footy being cancelled is a good thing
  3. Will fail massively if we just bomb it in, need to be smart, that’s what worries me
  4. I’m not with the shortened game speed will be king, plus they should provide us with plenty of forward pressure
  5. Both Bedford and picket have already been announced as debutants
  6. Don’t forget we are playing in 30 degrees Sunday so 16 minute quarters could be a good thing on a hot day
  7. It’s 16.5 plus time on isn’t it so what would that mean 20 minutes give or take, I’m glad crowds cant go as I wouldn’t bother travelling 2 hours to watch a game that takes a bit over an hour
  8. Once we hit 100 posts will need to shut this down
  9. Looking likely schools will be closed from tomorrow they are making a decision today
  10. Mass gathering ban is now in place wowsers
  11. What a balls up the Grand Prix is apparently most of the drivers have already left the country yet they are allowing people to line up at the gate, government has dropped the ball bigtime on this
  12. Surely demonland has a doctor or 2 On here that can share there thoughts
  13. Stay home and split the points with the eagles, I would take that
  14. So an infected person went to the MCG Sunday for the cricket grand final, there seems to be updates every 10 minutes on this so with footy still a week away I will be very surprised if crowds are allowed to go
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