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  1. Full preseason and 22 games from McDonald and weideman will see us rocket up the list
  2. Carlton will get a bad reputation to deal with in the future, at least clubs know if a player nominates us we have the reputation of getting deals done, players might be reluctant to nominate Carlton in the future because of it, Carlton didn’t want to give up pick 9 yet the the contract they are giving him would suggest he is worth every bit of pick 9
  3. Will be interesting to see who does come back early, I know they don’t need to but it does make a bit of a statement if they do
  4. Looks like vanders in 1 of those drills holding the bag, geez I hope he gets a good run at it
  5. He would need to nominate for the draft for that to happen
  6. Seeing as he has decided to train with us we get 1st crack at picking him, no one else can take him unless we say we don’t want him, so technically he is a Melbourne player just waiting to see if we give him a contract or not
  7. Maxy is a beast great he is there 1st day of training, should be captain
  8. Exactly it was a silly comment by the poster, I hope we can pull it off and get him on the park we will look like geniuses
  9. How do you know he lacks the passion to play footy?
  10. I’m sick of loosing so if that means having a team full of [censored] then so be it, we have absolutely nothing to lose getting Bennell
  11. Reported on SEN he is on his way back to Perth and we might know within the hour what’s happening
  12. Geez I hope so is a gun when fit, and as for his past history of playing up he now has a baby girl and it’s amazing how quickly people grow up when they hold there kid for the 1st time
  13. Season over too soon?
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