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  1. Your not alone in thinking this way, the game is unwatchable now I just check the scores these days and have a quick look at the stats, same old story each week can’t be bothered with it
  2. Once again we get screwed over, we would have beat Sydney on a smaller ground, tigers will beat us easy, this season can end already ffs
  3. 2018 was a FLUKE, right now we are still a bottom 4 side, would love to see what a decent coach could do with this list but won’t happen
  4. Green looks the goods
  5. Tomlinson is quite capable in the ruck and the cats don’t really have 1, so I would like to see maxy push forward every chance he gets as the cats have no one that can go with him, and if McDonald needs to get into the game he can also tuck
  6. It’s just becoming more of a joke each day
  7. Wasn’t our player so 4 points thanks
  8. Yep great inclusions hardness and speed
  9. The old fence sitter has jump on our side who would have thought
  10. How on earth did he only get a fine unbelievable
  11. Let’s be honest if there was 100,000 people at the game last night it would have been great to watch, the atmosphere is what makes the game, without it is boring
  12. Geez we could do with Sidebottom, Collingwoods skills have been brilliant tigers have no answer
  13. Love the side lots of outside run, I hope it works
  14. Video on club website is good shows how much it means to him
  15. Take it you didn’t see the highlights during the week of him competing in match sim
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