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  1. I'll throw something out there. Luke Reynolds has just played in the winning Grand Final for Glenelg in the SANFL. (It's been a long, long wait!). He kicked 53.19 for the season and was second to Liam McBean in the SANFL goal kicking. He's a strong mark and doesn't miss too often, particularly in comparison to our woeful kicking this year. (And last year as well. I was rewatching last year's final with the Cats the other day, and even though we won, we kicked something like 10 behinds on the trot! You wouldn't normally get away with that too often.) He was rookied by Carlton in 2014, and I have no idea why they let him go, but maybe he was immature then. He's 24 now, so he's not a spring chicken, but he's not too old to bother with. I reckon he might be worth another go in the big time. This time he might be mature enough to appreciate what he missed out on last time, and grab the opportunity with both hands. Lots of ifs and buts, but it's just a thought.
  2. My grandson has a membership via Auskick. He can't go, so my daughter has sent me his barcode number. Am I able to use that to buy two adult tickets, or will Ticketek recognise the barcode as a junior member and not allow me to buy two adult tickets? Can anyone advise?
  3. Bugg - will get life Hyperbole alert!
  4. Could it be that the shape is supposed to represent a heart? If so, that would make sense in several ways. Although, as an anatomist who has handled more than a few hearts, I can tell you that it's a very symbolic approximation of a heart!
  5. Any chance we could tackle somewhere other than their freaking necks?
  6. Karma might be a [censored], but she's also a hell of a tease!
  7. The default position in all of these sorts of cases ought to be: No records = automatically guilty until proven otherwise. I'm staggered that it's not already, since it's a blindingly obvious tack to take to cover your tracks. As we've just seen to the max!
  8. How about the possibility that Jimmy knew the whole story a long time ago, as did Vlad, and that the favourable compensation picks were sorted out at the time, under the condition that Jimmy didn't open his gob? And that if he did, Vlad would make sure that the compensation would be worse than agreed at the time.
  9. Lived at East Sale many years ago. Was dux of Sale State in grade 6. All of my family come from around Sale, family farm, now long gone, at Letts Beach.
  10. Theoretically, yes, but he hasn't shown a lot of practical evidence of it. And as Goethe said, roughly translated, the theory is all grey, my friend. I haven't got a clue what he meant, but by golly, he was Goethe, so it must have meant something important!
  11. Obviously I hope I'm terribly wrong about this, but does the name Nick 426 Smith ring any bells? Big unit, sounded good, promised much, delivered little. And I'm not referring to his 426 injury problems. Or maybe Ben Holland in his later years with us? James has been playing in the SANFL on and off, for Glenelg, and although I haven't seen much of him, what I have seen suggests someone who should be smashing the opposition, but isn't. I could't even tell you what position he plays, because he seems to play everywhere and nowhere (baby!). He doesn't throw his weight around, and doesn't seem to use his height to advantage, and he's not a big goal scorer in a competition where he might be expected to dominate. He doesn't seem to play with any confidence, and maybe that's his major problem. Craig and Todd obviously know a lot more about him than all of us, and must think that they can get him up to speed. I guess we just have to trust that they know what they're doing. I suppose that on balance we don't have much to lose, and potentially a lot to gain, so maybe there's a silver lining (see the subtle connection there, for all you/us old guys!).
  12. Have a look at the photo in the Age showing the family at the draft day in 2009. Have you ever seen a more excited group of people?? http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/scully-seniors-wage-counts-to-gws-salary-cap-20111027-1mkqb.html
  13. Bigdeeal

    Neil Craig

    Fantastic appointment! Whatever else you might say about the Crows, they're a very professional outfit, and I've always wished that we could be half as professional as they've been. So Craig knows very well what professional looks like, and he expects it, and I doubt that he'd tolerate too much unprofessionalism. So if nothing else, that's a big plus.
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