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  1. Still nothing from the Dees? We'll be the last club to act as per usual. We'll probably even be the nice guy club and keep on all our staff. Probably pay the players double too.
  2. Ex-Captains kick from Viney. Too soon?
  3. The interim step is usually traveling to the US to do some short course in business or sports management.
  4. Those who have decided not to renew their membership this year are not going to renew it because of some club sponsored propaganda.
  5. Clayton Oliver Tom McDonald Bayley Fritsch Christian Salem
  6. Brayshaw Petracca Lever McDonald Jetta
  7. Ed Langdon Joel Smith Marty Hore Adam Tomlinson Luke Jackson
  8. Tomlinson, Bedford, Baker, May, Langdon
  9. Excellent result for the Dees. I wonder who makes this decision? Is is up to the Dees? Do we request a replacement to the AFL? Do the AFL assign us a game? I'm any event I'm pleased it's this game. Hopefully it puts more bums on seats and if we're playing well makes us look attractive on the big stage.
  10. I think he might have just cleaned the lens.
  11. Looking forward to your Best 22 Preseason Training 2020 Edition. In all seriousness though it's impossible to tell at this stage as some players are on modified programs and others haven't even hit the track yet. Patience.
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