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  1. Looking forward to your Best 22 Preseason Training 2020 Edition. In all seriousness though it's impossible to tell at this stage as some players are on modified programs and others haven't even hit the track yet. Patience.
  2. Who are some of the past 10 or so pick 6s?
  3. In all honesty we'd be better off pulling a random name out of the draft pool. Same with Stretch.
  4. We don't play hardball though. If we're told to stay away we stay away. Geelong, Fremantle or Essendon would just pick him. Come to think of it they'd want to go to Geelong or Essendon.
  5. We usually do that by bringing in only one injury prone player.
  6. If this was even a remote possibility, which it’s not, I’d go help Angus pack.
  7. Daniher and Hill will be all the rage tomorrow. Don't expect anything to happen until the deadline for maximum clicks and views. Today I was just praying that some trade would happen so I wouldn't have to hear about how Eddie Bett's return will have Carlton's soul.
  8. Can't kick straight and can't get on the park. Will fit in nicely at the Dees.
  9. Just playing devil's advocate here but what if we finish bottom next year?
  10. Mahoney will probably wash Bell's car for free too.
  11. Blind Freddy could have told you that.
  12. Not Top 10 in a year where GWS were riddled with injuries and where he only missed 1 game? Oh boy do I have faith in Josh Mahoney and our recruiting team. FMD.
  13. Take it one step further. Which coach would you prefer to play under? I’m not sure whether he toured our “world class” facilities and if the tour was guided by the charismatic catatonic Goodwin but I’ll bet my right nut that he was more impressed with Fagan and the direction Brisbane are headed. Spot on to those suggesting that we can only land players with superior dollars or no other suitors. Take a look at the “big” names we’ve landed and how many others were in the race. Especially after our inflated offers were put out there.
  14. Tom Browne is probably talking out of his [censored] but bullet dodged.
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