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  1. Only this [censored] club could bank 3 [censored] injuries during the bye.
  2. Probably would have played every game this year had he been offloaded to Sydney. FMD.
  3. With the exception of 2000 did Neita think we could have snagged a flag during any of the years he was at the Dees?
  4. Those questions might be better suited to the team that we trade an injury prone "star" for that pick.
  5. You can molest a Melbourne player going for a mark but you can't breathe on a Saints player.
  6. Now it's Bruce's time to have his annual best game of the year against the Dees.
  7. Membrey must love fixture release day to see how many times he gets to play the Dees
  8. The umpires didn't miss that one.
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