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  1. So the MFC hierarchy rate Josh Wagner over pick 60 something in the draft. He's never been terrible when he comes in. I can live with that.
  2. Irish influx to continue with more hopefuls set for AFL, AFLW trials "Melbourne, where Irish trailblazers Sean Wight and Jim Stynes played, has also shown some interest in 173cm Mogan." Potentially our first Irish player since Jimmy's brother?
  3. I would say another factor in the 'don't trade to West Coast' argument would be that we really don't want to be further strengthening one of our main rivals in what is hopefully our premiership window
  4. Not thrilled with the out (gutted for Bailey), but i'm very happy we selected Smith for this matchup. Was putting together a pretty nice string of games before he got injured. Go SOS!
  5. Would be great timing if it was to announce Andrew Gaff has signed for us as a free agent
  6. Knowing Viney, the risk won't be him not being able to play out the match. It will be that he'll aggrevate it further, run out the game at full capacity as though nothing is wrong, and then miss subsequent matches. I think it's a risk worth taking.
  7. IWAP

    Sam Weideman

    Max mentioned on Triple M post-game that he was presenting so well as a forward, they didn't want to waste him in the ruck. So they put TMac there instead. Fairly tongue and cheek, but not far off IMO
  8. He played out the game so it can't be that serious. The cynical part of me thinks that that we are coming up with an excuse for resting him without appearing to be complacent against a weak side.
  9. Bailey Fritsch is the most versatile player i can remember. Reads the ball so well down back, dynamic on the wing, and so dangerous up forward. What a shame he doesn't have two triplet brothers.
  10. I reckon Nibbler is a player you've got to see live to appreciate his full value. His running and pressue is absolutely first rate
  11. Maybe its to get first dibs on his son Austin - who is supposedly a promising footballer, and Category B rookie list eligible
  12. Barely a free kick. Umpire will be embarassed when he sees the replay
  13. Ben Guthrie‏Verified account @BenGuthrie_ 5m5 minutes ago Plenty of talk about Watts leaving track early. 'Flush run' day for players who played for Casey on Sun. Different program to main group.
  14. We have 3 picks according to afl.com.au I guess we might pass if we are sticking to two players for whatever reason.
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