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  1. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/05/08/harley-bennell-likely-to-be-available-for-round-2/
  2. Played (and probably our best when he was on the field)
  3. How good was the raw emotion from HB!
  4. Poor guy! Luckless Dee's concussion nightmare "The Tasmanian played only two games last year because of his ongoing concussion problems and suffered yet another worrying knock in training before Christmas. Kolodjashnij, 24, collided with teammates in an aerial contest, and has been unable to rejoin main training since."
  5. Was going to be picked up at the start of the 2nd round until Robertson sliding threw a spanner into the works. Reckon this one will end up as one of the steals of the draft. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-12-05/inside-the-drafts-first-round-twists-turns-bluffs-and-the-big-calls
  6. I heard this while driving and almost drove off the road. He said it was a lock. Would be happy to get him, but not with pick 10 given the calibre of players likely to be available.
  7. I reckon he's an upgrade on the Tim Smith/Cam Pederson role
  8. Rate him and happy he has re-signed, but in general I'm not sure i like 5 year contracts (unless that's what it takes to keep someone/poach them)
  9. His manager (Colin Young) was on 3AW Sportsday tonight talking about Harley. Didn't really give too much away about most likely club, just that he'd already done a few medicals (at other clubs), but this was the first time the media got wind of it. Would be playing for base money, has had discussions with other clubs to train with them in December (for a post draft rooke spot), would likely be playing VFL next year if he doesn't get on an AFL list.
  10. So the MFC hierarchy rate Josh Wagner over pick 60 something in the draft. He's never been terrible when he comes in. I can live with that.
  11. Irish influx to continue with more hopefuls set for AFL, AFLW trials "Melbourne, where Irish trailblazers Sean Wight and Jim Stynes played, has also shown some interest in 173cm Mogan." Potentially our first Irish player since Jimmy's brother?
  12. I would say another factor in the 'don't trade to West Coast' argument would be that we really don't want to be further strengthening one of our main rivals in what is hopefully our premiership window
  13. Not thrilled with the out (gutted for Bailey), but i'm very happy we selected Smith for this matchup. Was putting together a pretty nice string of games before he got injured. Go SOS!
  14. Would be great timing if it was to announce Andrew Gaff has signed for us as a free agent
  15. Knowing Viney, the risk won't be him not being able to play out the match. It will be that he'll aggrevate it further, run out the game at full capacity as though nothing is wrong, and then miss subsequent matches. I think it's a risk worth taking.
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