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  1. 6/10 The ladder question got me, forgot about Roosy (unbelievable), no idea about Dawes and I wasn’t sure on timing of handover from Jnr to Greeny...oh well
  2. What about Aliesha Newman, a speedy goalsneak, worth a punt?
  3. Just heading home after a thoroughly un entertaining game. Tigers now with 12 premierships, equal with us. The best team over the last 12 weeks won this day, deservedly so. Regardless it was dullsville at the G and not representative of a great season. A pity for us neutrals. Hopefully the Storm can roll the Cronksters tonight...
  4. Well ‘our boy’ is named on the bench. D’landers can voice their opinions ad nauseam of his performance post the GF. Whether GWS win or lose, his experience will be valuable to his next employer.
  5. If it’s true we only have 2 x A Graders (Max and Clarry) then it begs the question have we overpaid our B Graders and others based on potential? We have quite a few who are only VFL standard and would hopefully not be on big coin.
  6. So goodwindees who are these ten Tiger A-graders? Dusty, Jack R, Rance, Cotchin, Edwards and (Deledio) used to be their recognised big 6. So 5 more. Definitely would include Lynch, Houli and Grimes (now AA). Last 2 are a toss up, maybe Prestia and Vlaustuin. Tiges also have a strong seconds team. I guess you are including Max and Clarry for us and then a huge gap to our Bs and Cs etc. So who are our B-graders getting all the money 💰?? Lever, May...
  7. My feeling is that GWS will be blown away by the crowd, umpires and Pies team. Greene is so important to them and with no Coniglio, Ward and now Whitfield, a win is unlikely. Imagine us missing Clarry, Harmes, Viney and Gus. The other game will be closer. Geelong aren’t being given enough respect by the media. The week one winners have only played one game in nearly four weeks so Tiges no certainties. But we’ll see...!
  8. SWYL I vividly remember Chris C telling a crowded room of Demon faithful moments ahead of the draft night in November 2009 that Melbourne was not drafting Luke Ball and the collective applause was palpable. He then talked us through the draft picks ‘live’ and explained how delighted the recruiting team would be as they successfully jagged each of their targeted players. None us really knew at the time whether we’d chosen well but we walked away upbeat and hopeful. As we know only Big Max worked out well...back on topic, we probably have no chance jagging Whitfield but gee he would be an absolute gem at the Dees.
  9. Plus they have the lifestyle attractions which appeals to many...Cats supporters I know believe they will never bottom out. They only negative they agree on is that Chris Scott is not a great coach.
  10. Yes v handy but Whitfield would be the ultimate...
  11. Watching last night I reckon the Bombers could use him better than us
  12. I think it was Redleg who commented on the Garlett Carlton highlights at the time he was recruited and he posted how impressive they were. I then watched the them too and totally agreed. Jeffy when ‘on’ was electric and every time there was the fast break you knew he’d end up out-sprinting their backman. Ha brilliant. Loved his sneaky tackles out of nowhere, he won that game up in Brisbane for us single handedly and we got him for such a low pick, a treasured gift from Uncle Mick...Jeffy you entertained us, we loved you. Enjoy your next adventure, bonne chance 👍🏻
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