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  1. GWS lots of run, uncontested possessions. We are missing Goldy and McEvoy. Six players with no disposals at quarter time.
  2. Gee some easy misses that quarter, Newman, Cunningham and Hore and O’Dea’s bounced 180 degrees...it will be a miracle if we get up.
  3. Yes Carlton next week at Traeger Park and the following week at Fremantle Oval are Conference B 8-pointers. Yesterday it was still tight up to half-time but that 3rd quarter showed we have enough class and run and carry game-style to win most games. Paxman was absolutely everywhere, Goldy is as mad as a cut snake but very effective (Frostball?) and that steal then handover to McEvoy (who kicked it Gaelic-style and who played her best AFLW game) was magic. Lots of solid contributors in the win such as O'Dea, Birch, Hore, Hanks and Scotty. Agree with others that Zanker has star quality. Nice to see Lily back too. After their slow start to the season, I thought Cunningham seems to be finding more of the footy and, in the second half, Newman too looked like she was rediscovering her old self. And wasn't Tex Perkins a beauty, she adds to the class of the team (i.e. can kick and handpass...). Not sure how Perkins, Cunningham and Parry can all play in the same forward line together but I'll leave that to Mick. And nice percentage, 214.3%, go Demon girls
  4. Yes it was terrible viewing this evening. I always love watching our girls but we have so few that can both handball and kick under any sort of pressure. There were big wraps on Birch in round 1 but all I have noticed so far is her inability to kick when pressured and with no pressure she has little penetration. A first round draft pick is looking expensive! Also we dropped so many easy marks tonight. Speaking of dropped, let’s give Cunningham and Aliesha a week off, both ineffective last 3 weeks. Goldrick has concussion and Guerrin a knee injury so expect it will be hard to find good replacements. McEvoy looked lost out there too. Lampard is fast but again mucked up her disposal. I prefer the ball in the hands of Paxman, Pearce, Gay, Emonson, Hore or O’Dea. Gee we could have pinched this game. Saints were really physical and tackled brilliantly all night. They bullied us and we were not good enough. Out couched too. Oh well...there is always next week. Go Dee Girls. DIO I look forward to your thoughts..
  5. Yep I noticed that too lol. Probably too early to call but like last year we might have been placed in the tougher conference. We just have to keep winning. Big game this week against Dogs. Daisy will be better for the run, not unsurprisingly looked a bit rusty.
  6. The Commentator kept reminding us she kicked 1:7 last year...
  7. Yep Nth Melb looks v strong. Emma King will dominate ruck (with Saad?) so our midfield needs to plan for that. Ash Riddell is underrated by the media and with Kearney and Garner it will be tough in there. Hopefully all our girls returning from injury are right to go. Looking forward to seeing Gabby Colvin, Irish girl Goldrick and Captain Daisy get out there and show us their best. You never know. Go Dees.
  8. Yes, MFC website says “Perkins is a known-goal kicker who has 17 games of AFLW experience with the Crows, including a premiership in 2017.”
  9. It's weird that Kansas City is actually in Missouri...but anyway carry on my wayward sons...
  10. This could impact his chances of being appointed captain if injury long term
  11. 6/10 The ladder question got me, forgot about Roosy (unbelievable), no idea about Dawes and I wasn’t sure on timing of handover from Jnr to Greeny...oh well
  12. What about Aliesha Newman, a speedy goalsneak, worth a punt?
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