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  1. Yes of course you meant Jordann Hickey. I’ve only seen her the one time playing as a key forward in the practice match against North. Didn’t impress enough to warrant selection during the season. Better options elsewhere.
  2. Agree, our better players have been locked in which is great news. I assume Daisy will too. Of the Yet to sign group Jakobbsen, Downie and Phillips are good foot soldiers but the rest have not (or are yet) to prove themselves. Of course Hickey is at Geelong.
  3. Never heard of Finlayson (GWS) but gee he is impressive today...we could certainly use someone like him
  4. Excellent thought provoking post D_I_O – some of Meggs thoughts since you asked: • Best new player - Gay, agree . Maddie looked better and better as the season went on. Hanks looks such a natural and I thought Emonson was a worthy addition • Most improved player – Cordner, yes she was great. Lauren Pearce took her game to a whole new level in 2019 and really influenced games • Most underrated player - Downie was always there providing support. Kat Smith is another one who plays her role. Needs to be able to run off not just run with her direct opponent. • Player we missed the most from the 2018 list (aside from Daisy!) - Cranston 100% concur • 3 players we can least afford to lose to expansion - L.Pearce, Paxman, Hore. Young guns Mithen, Zanker and Hanks. Agree that we need to keep most of our senior players to help support the youngsters • 3 players you wouldn’t mind having a chance at another club - Ones we could cover and that have been in and out of the team - Guest, Patterson. Phillips, who's a good player but I think we could upgrade a similar type. A bit controversial but Shelley Scott would be one, Claudia Whitfort and agree with Guest and Patterson. Also I was surprised how far off 2019 recruit Jordann Hickey looked in the practice match, not surprised she didn’t play a game • Best win - A lot of our wins felt like not enough, but I guess Brisbane was most comprehensive. Agree with both points • Worst loss (apart from Round 7!) - Freo. Could have won, should have won. Would have shaped the season. 100% agree. The backline didn’t work, not enough midfield support plus losing Shae Sloane to a season ending knee injury • Best goal/other highlight - Zanker v. the Bulldogs. Can't go past it, not even Newman on the run v. North. Love Zanker, that goal was truly impressive • Keep the coach Y/N? - Y. Continuity between seasons overrides any misgivings at this stage. NFI but probably Y if the Club thinks so. He was able to play a fairly settled team throughout the season apart from losing Sloane early • Player with most potential in 2020 and beyond - Hanks. Great one-touch skills and movement, will find more consistency with experience. Yes indeed, a beauty. Zanker and Mithen worthy of mention • Most important area for improvement in 2020 (besides goal kicking accuracy!) - Better handball-kicking balance. Need to know what to do when the handball game is shut down. V good observation • Type of player most needed in the draft/trade - We definitely seemed to lack strength around the ball in comparison to the Crows. Unfortunately, this type of player will be in hot demand from expansion teams. Yes contested ball winners and girls that have better natural kicking and handballing technique • Off-season wish list – what needs to happen for success in 2020? - As many players as possible to play VFLW, preferably together at Casey. Alignment between the levels is becoming stronger and teams that can have that continuity in the second best comp. will be advantaged. Concur • How should the season be structured with 14 teams in 2020? No conferences! Ideally, a 13 game H&A season. Realistically, a straight ladder with most teams playing each other. And an easier draw for North and Melb to make up for this year Scrap the US style conferences and have one ladder with each team playing each other once
  5. and we also lost the practice match at Casey Fields to North...
  6. We are likely we finish 3rd or 4th (only a momentous win will see us higher) however if the reigning premiers beat the Blues say 48-15 on Sunday afternoon then the final ladder will be in perfect harmony...and demonstrate how Head Office completely stuffed the 2019 finals fixture.
  7. Yes that was me. Maddie’s best game for us. She is becoming important as another mid who can go forward. Hore did well again and Cunningham and Newman kept providing great leading options up the ground. And Lauren Pearce continues her fine season. And yes we have even list which will unfortunately be diluted to support Dill’s rapid expansion. Anyway for us to make finals in 2019 we must win the last 2 games...go girls!
  8. It was very hot out there. Tough conditions for players (and spectators). We worked so hard all day but they have assembled a v good list so it was a ripper contest. Dees had lots of contributors. It was the best all round game I’ve seen from Kate Hore and Paxman, Mithen and Phillips were good all day. L Pearce no coaches votes today but gave her all. The King in the back ‘free’ and the other last qtr one in front ends up being the difference between the two most skillful AFLW sides, which was heartbreaking. It’s going to be really hard for us to make finals from here. Blacktown 2.05pm next Sunday 3 March so Meggs and son will be watching on TV. Incidentally it will also be AVB’s birthday...
  9. Great win on the road for the girls. L Pearce should earn coaches votes 3 weeks in a row. Loved Hanks and Newman's work. As others have commented, Paxman and Cordner (who clearly stopped Sabrina) were dominant. One mention of Katherine Smith who I thought played her best game on Sunday including a nice snap. She has been slowly building and is another promising youngster to complement Mithen, Kemp, Hanks, Zanker, Lampard, Brancatisano and others.
  10. The AFLW home and away for us concludes on 16 March at Casey Fields v Adelaide. Ergo the idea of relocating just the AFLW match day thread to the main board is really only for a short duration. From my position there are plenty of other threads on here that are of little interest which I ignore or go bananas. With the Dees in the stronger Conference A who knows whether we will make the finals. I really hope we do. The bloody Pies (Conference B) might make the finals by default like their 2018 brethren. Horrible thought.
  11. 1. Neville Jetta vs 3. Clayton Oliver
  12. Thanks for the report DIO. Yes agree Jakkobsen looks better in defence and I thought O’Dea played above her ‘usual level’. Where do you see midfielder Maddie Gay? Never noticed her at Carlton but read she sought tackling advice from Daisy coming from a netball background. I am hoping the win builds confidence for a successful trip to Brisbane this week. Go Dees.
  13. 1. Neville Jetta vs 6. Tom McDonald 3. Clayton Oliver v s 2. Max Gawn
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