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  1. Agreed. As Preuss builds a tank and lasts more than half a game, he will get more game time. He's only 23.
  2. Nah, he leaves that up to anonymous nobodies on Demonland. Along with potting Roos, Goodwin, Taylor and anyone at MFC. We know better....
  3. Actually, Paul Roos was full of praise as well for Weid's repeat efforts and spoils despite the less than acceptable delivery inside 50. But what would he know....
  4. I think of it more like sitting at the sushi train, only every dish has Japanese rabbit terrine on it
  5. Preuss for 7 times is one of the lowest from all teams
  6. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Preuss is 23, blows up by half time, even though he's 2nd ruck, in the forward line or on the bench. Tmac is a senior player with runs on the board over a number of years. Lets remember he kicked 53 goals last year. Coming good from (alleged) injuries and form slump was inevitable. Player selection is based upon form, player and team development, opposition match ups/balence and individual player load. Claiming a player is played because they are the "coach's favourite" or that they are "gifted games" shows how simplistic some supporters are.
  7. The point being that being a "coach's favourite" and "gifting games" are bull [censored] slogans and not the same as developing a young kp player over an older player approaching retirement (Lewis, Pedo) or a player who struggled with us when we were by far the worst team in the comp (Magner). Watts first game and James Magner were not Goodwin's or even Roos' calls to make. Not apples with apples. We had limited options for key backs last year, even up until a few weeks ago. Omac had a servicable year in 2018. I thought he and Frost were part of a good backline that helped propel us to a PF. Got showed up by Hawkins and a couple of others, but took quite a few scalps as well. He's been out of form this year and the club are addressing it with good player development strategies. FMD... talk about damned if they do, damned if they don't. Preuss has no tank at the moment and lasts 2 quarter at VFL level and Tmac is back in form, so I'm not sure what the problem or what your point is.
  8. Oh didn't you know LN? Apparently he had a poor game, was just "filling out a jumper" and "isn't earning his place"
  9. On a par with spreading fake news, such as Omac was only selected in the draft because he is tall and "his brother is good"
  10. Oh, well that's that. Close thread because picket knows what. FMD....
  11. Why not coach to of the next decade? I vote for Hinkley as coach of the decade. FMD.....
  12. Both a cop-out and narsascistic at the same time. Well done!
  13. The ball was with Freo in our goal square
  14. After the free Jones gave away, the TV commentator (Roos) said "and 50!", to which Gerard Healey mumbled something about it coming from the goal square. I thought he meant that something else happened in the square just after Jones' free. Not sure though. Healey is such a dull commentator, he's hard to understand. Edit. Now I think Healey meant that it's an automatic 50 when it's a point kick in and there's a indiscretion off the ball inside the forward 50. That's my reading.
  15. Salem on Cameron? More damaging by foot than Frost
  16. Good post. Excellent perspective
  17. Another example of reading stats only one way. Despite our terrible bombs inside 50, I saw Weid make the contest and spill an easy Freo mark at least 5 or 6 times. Twice that I remember resulting in goals to us, including one to Lockard (double effort) and the Tmac sealer. Both Goody in his presser and Roos on TV made a point of emphasising his work rate. Did you and Range Rover miss this? I think Weid is tracking very well and could become the key forward to build a team around. The more games we get into him now, the quicker his development. Its boring seeing posters still bag him as a means of pushing their 'trade the farm for a kpf' agenda (not you).
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