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  1. Ha! Clearly you dont read what you post Biff. I bet you Jayden Stevenson's winnings you can't supply any real facts to back up these claims. And I thought only lefties made up fake news and alternative truths!
  2. I'll summarise the unsubstantiated assumsions thus far: - all 7/11 and service station workers are paid illegally, according to some unnamed inquiry - all dark skinned security at the footy are "recent migrants" who have little knowledge of the game - all footy security are poorly trained and don't have the skills the job demands -young Indians dominate the security industry Hmmmmm.......
  3. None of which Kennett knew when he assumed dark skinned people must be "new arrivals" who know nothing about Australian rules football
  4. Should we start dribbling the ball along the ground towards goal?!!
  5. Won a Brownlow playing ruck and another as a midfielder. Go figure!
  6. I'll send you the trauma counsellor's bill then.
  7. I might be younger than you think Mr Old! It's just that I appear very mature online...🥴
  8. Hogan has been very, very average this year. Apart from this last week, of course. Just in time for his game against us... 🤔
  9. I'm not the one berating people for having personal pot shots. Just pointing out you can't have it both ways. Another thread gone to [censored]. Well done Range Rover.
  10. I had to explain to my 10 year old what the C bomb was after a game sitting next to @Bitter but optimistic. Most unpleasant, though he claims his presence is "educational"...
  11. I don't necessarily disagree with your assessment AW, we do need genuine forwards. But good teams also have goal kicking mids. Did you see the goal he kicked in the 1st quarter vs Carlton? Gets into good position. Who are our goal kicking mids currently? And where is this midfield depth in 2020? We have Oliver, Gus, Harmes, and the perennially injured Viney. Possibly it could be said Trac and Salem could run through the midfield, though Trac doesn't set the world on fire wherever he plays and Salem's best footy has been down back. Apart from that, it's a bunch of others who either are too young to know (2018 draftees, Spargo, Baker, Maynard), too old/injured to keep (Jones, AVB) or would struggle to get on a list elsewhere (Stretch, JKH, ANB). Our midfield depth is a myth imo. Dunkley would be in our best 5 mids.
  12. So let's have it for the draft this year from all you hindsight wise arses. Please provide your player draft order 1-25 for this year's draft so that we can judge you in 12 mths time. Player and number taken please. And don't spew out the "I'm not a highly paid employee who does this for a living" rubbish. If you are good enough to confidently judge Jason Taylor's performance (as if he solely makes the call on picks!!!), you should be good enough to supply your ranking of players in the upcoming draft. Any fool can be wise in hindsight, as evidenced in this thread.
  13. Ah yes, another one to cross off in political bullsht bingo
  14. Can I have some of the stuff you are on jumbo!!?
  15. Of course I did. Don't be so condescending. And I watched his impressive 2016 finals. Stats are incredibly useful, clubs put a lot of time into gathering them. Do you not take any notice of numbers? Josh Dunkley is only 22. Had a ripper of a finals series in his first year at 19. He's a tackling, goal kicking mid that is still learning and from what I understand is very teachable. He averages nearly 6 tackles in his short career, ffs! He certainly wouldn't be our best mid, but offers more than many of our mids/small forwards, perhaps except Clarry, Gus, Harmes, Melk and Trac. Based on this year's form, it could easily be argued that he has more to offer than Viney. Of course he's different than Viney, not apples with apples. Dunkley would get a game in 2019 above Jones, Spargo, Jeffy, ANB, Stretch, JKH and Hannan. If he had more time in the f50 he would kick goals, something our mids and small forwards are not doing. His brother being at the club is of little relevance, other than a drawcard should we sound him out
  16. Straight from the writers of Borat's 'Cultural Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan'
  17. Really? Really?... 41 disposals, 10 tackles, 10 score involvements. ie. gets the ball, creates pressure and gives the ball off for scores I'd say he offers more than about half of our list. Josh Dunkley is a good footballer. We'd be lucky to get him.
  18. If Carlton wins we would have pick #1 🤪
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