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  1. Yes, agree. Over the last month I've gone through about 4 or 5 players who I was certain would be picked at 3. Not an easy job
  2. Great report as usual @kev martin. Much appreciated
  3. Could be interesting if GCS bid on Green with 1 or 2. Would the Giants match?
  4. Disagree. Viney was a strong leader in the two finals at the G last year. I think what we lack are the playing coach type of leaders on the field. The best example I can think of currently is Luke Hodge. Directs the play, encourages players, teaches the young guys on the field.
  5. Why are you telling us what we can discuss?
  6. Or as the AFL have recently declared, Freo could simply trade out 7 and/or 10 if he was bid on at 3 and use later points to get him. It's arguably a cheating method, but permitted
  7. What a pr!ck of a rule. Completely against the spirit of the bid/bid match principle and borderline draft tampering
  8. So can you or anyone confirm that this year clubs can use the 5 mins after academy bids to swap picks? Someone got a recent link to this? I thought I read the AFL sent out a memo to clubs saying this would not longer be permitted. Can no longer find where. That was my original enquiry.
  9. I thought the AFL changed that so that it could no longer happen????
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