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  1. Generally agree with this. Might encourage people to upgrade their club membership to premium levels. Some tweaking around country members or members with disabilities might be worth exploring. Certainly the emphasis should be on members, rather than corporate box packages.
  2. I thought Clarry had the better of the battle with Cripps until Cripps moved off him to the forward line.
  3. Lewis would've dropped that chest mark with 1:50 to go and then fumbled it into a Carl turn over goal. So in that respect, Lever won us the game!
  4. Agree, except I'd keep Jacko in
  5. Sorry, I forgot... the Land way is to sack everyone 2 mins after the game ends
  6. Not sure I'd be ridding us of Lever or Tmac just yet. 2020 premature expectation, I'd say.
  7. 3 go up for mark, no one down to mind their small forward. The more things change...
  8. It's ok, we'll be kicking with the wind next quarter...
  9. Beginning to think this season might've been better cancelled completely. Hard to get excited over this rubbish
  10. Apologies if this has been covered, but can the players hear the canned crowd noise on the ground? TIA
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