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  1. Make the prior opportunity rule include team prior opportunity. If a teammate handballs to you it removes the notion of prior opportunity, regardless of how quickly you are tackled. Means that every handpass received by teammate is holding the ball if tackled
  2. Yes, but how many games did we win playing clubs with an animal mascot by 6 goals or less on a Sunday??? FMD....
  3. I'll call your post the "Negative Nancy" post. What a pathetic, negative comment, Picket, regardless of Kobe's destination.
  4. Was in the video clip attached to the article. Last 30 secs of clip
  5. Draft for talent. Trade for need. Whether you agree with picks or not, every club does this. Get with the program, it's not hard
  6. Yep, a classy exit. However, I thought his whinge about umpires on the weekend showed he knew the end was near.
  7. I was wrong. He's better than any of our mids except Oliver. BOG today by a mile. Some posters in this thread should be embarrassed Shame he re-signed.
  8. Stick him in the midfield. His set shots will be less of an issue there.
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