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  1. In breaking news: children have been ordered to stay at least 1.5m away from George Pell
  2. Especially if they trade out future 1st rounders for injury prone 'stars' like they have with Wingard and Omeara
  3. That is one very passionate supporter. Good on him! We'll done Andy, too.
  4. They could play with masks, gowns and gloves. You know it makes sense.
  5. Cost saver: MFC players make a stand and take a pay cut of up to 80% (sliding scale) until October. Those earning the most cut the most. The benefit to players could be possible contract extensions, backending a limited % of contract, or increased PR/media opportunities next season, etc
  6. If you have the time (hahaha!) this is interesting listening from a doctor on the front line in one of NYC's best hospitals
  7. 2020 branded merch will become collectors items, albeit of little financial value
  8. No love for Crackers Keenan? He both started with us and was picked up again by us. And Big Carl Ditterich, who was picked up by us twice!
  9. I noticed in R1 (fwiw) that our forwards regularly led up, only for the kick coming in to go over their head and into the arms of an Eagles defended. Even the TV commentators were onto it. Surely it can't be rocket surgery to practice leading patterns at training over and over and over and over with kicks coming in that hit them flush? Footy is a pretty simple game, when it's all boiled down. We overcomplicate it and then panic when going i50, have been for the last few years
  10. Yes, but the 50% pay cut so far is only for a few months, so his $1mill becomes about $850k. Poor guy... thoughts and prayers
  11. Just saw a very sweet slice of quarantine life. Two young lovers in jogging gear in Royal Park, clearly pretending to be doing their exercise for the day so they could steal a moment together. Not ashamed to say I had a slight catch in my throat as I called the police.
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