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  1. 2 wins (As opposed to games) and a mere matter of 31%
  2. I think Gawn and (hopefully) Preuss competely dominating the ruck against Mummy and kicking 3 or 4 between them would be better. But hey, that's just me...
  3. Like the winning goal kicked by Hore vs Suns? But I get your point, oldy.
  4. Promoting violence on an opposition player? Real classy.
  5. I guess that's why he was appointed captain at the Suns... Like their entire list, he was permitted to be (so-called) lazy at Gold Coast. He'll turn it around. Looking forward to seeing May and Lever playing together in the 2nd half of the season May, Lever, Frost, Jetta, Hibberd and Hore. That's a good back 6.
  6. And he's very good with the dish off to a running past teammate, eg Hore vs Suns and Tracc vs Eagles For the love of god, let's leave Hunt in the forward line and not return him to the back 6! On that matter too, I'd like to see Jones as a forward as much as possible this year. Knows how to kick a goal, can get into good position. Unfortunately, probably due to lack of manpower, he's been used in the midfield
  7. Agreed. My knock on Hunt as a defender was his poor decision making and long bombs, which come less into play as a forward. He has straight line speed, good hands and is generally a solid set shot on goal: all required traits to have as a forward. Hunt's been a revelation and our best forward by far this year. We need good thinkers with elite foot delivery down back. May, Lever, Hibb, Jetta, Frost, Petty, Omac and Hore/Salem are our future back options.
  8. 2019 = 1987??? Who is this year's Tulip?
  9. Thats a slow back 6, Luce. Hibberd is the quickest, and that's not a compliment
  10. For the love of god, please give him a good run of games in a row. Can't stand players getting 1 or 2 games and then being dropped
  11. Tracc will always be a middle-of-the-road player until he fixes his kicking action. He ruins good passages of play with terrible execution. Fix up his kicking and he could be anything. At the moment he lacks much polish
  12. Petracca's ball drop looks like he is slam dunking a basket ball
  13. How many chances can we possibly let slip? Tracc struggles to kick a simple goal, take a sitter mark or kick to advantage. His 2 goals shouldve been 5 or 6. Very wasteful player with the worst ball drop since Curly Austen
  14. Seriously, Melbourne must send a please explain to the AFL about poor umpiring
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