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  1. Tickled calf muscles??? So that's what HB has!
  2. A win by 1pt. Revenge for merger match Kick these smug [censored] on the guts
  3. Thanks Doc. Can you have a look at my lower back?
  4. Oh, I forgot... Saty would be... well, Saty, and at every training session with camera poised, in one hand
  5. Biffen would be 1st ruck. Smash out the opponent R1 and get 8 weeks WJ would be the coach we'd all ignore. Red, captain, show pony, every team has one dc forward pocket, hiding spot for a player topping up their super . SWYL would be the annoying water boy you'd be screaming at to bring out a stubbie at half time, to no avail Gnasher would be statistician and web site guru, useless position BBO would be the FF in the mould (sic) of Mark Jackson, always looking good but ultimately with little to show for it Earl would be team manager, spending the profits down the local TAB, if there were any. or transferring into bitcoin Old Dee would be chairman of the board, when he's awake and not slurping pureed food on a plastic tray Dieter.... well, he'd be the guy with linament on his hands at the ready that no player agrees upon to be worked over Hemmingway the media scribe, a man's got to make a living some how Picket fence the deranged fan with the orange complexion and comb over you avoid at all costs Demonland would be B&F for sure, only because I have a bazillion warning points. Have I missed anyone?
  6. FMD, what a ridiculous thread I've heard of off season but this is just down right dumb What's next? Who needs their teeth whitened?
  7. Post hoc ergo proptor hoc Because we have Max or Collingwood has Grundy does not mean we are less likely to win a flag, IMO
  8. Interesting to hear Grundy just signed a 7 year/$7mill deal with Pies. I can see Jacko having many duels with him on the years to come
  9. On your Great Escape Triumph TR6R motorbike, Steve?
  10. Better kicking to advantage inside F50
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