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  1. Play him for the rest of the season in the forward pocket.
  2. I forgot to mention Baker. Sparrow as well.
  3. I will be keeping a close eye on Kielty, Petty, Spargo, Maynard, Chandler and Jordan.
  4. I have had such high hopes for the weed but he has been very disapointing this year. We do have to try and hang on to him as he is young and has shown he can play.
  5. I simply cannot explain the logistics of the MFC. They have become a nightmare to watch. The fumbling tonite was alien.
  6. Putting ANB in is a joke. Slowness and fumbles. Why is Smith in ahead of Kielty ? Should have rested TMAC and given petty a game. Why is lewis playing ?
  7. No point in staking Goodwin at this stage. He needs some fresh blood around him.
  8. So last year we were in a prelim final and by round 6 the following year the best I can hope for is effort.
  9. You are right about Tallarook. There is something wrong at the club. It isn't raining anymore it is starting to pour. Lets see if they now give the kids a chance or go on in denial.
  10. So let us see for wednesday night. Can the selectors drop him ?????? I don't think so.🙉
  11. I would rather live on planet googoo than put a completly out of form Omac back in the side. Put Tmac on revolt and bring Kielty into the forward line, If not what about Petty. Anything but Omac.
  12. You are right but to me there seems to be a discord between the players and coaches.
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