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  1. I wouldn't write Baker off just yet. He has ability and may become one of our better players. Time will tell.
  2. I'd rather hear it from the horses mouth first instead of a player.
  3. Ssshh. Quiet Biffen you might make too much common sense.
  4. Win one of the first 2 and that could be a positive change. Is North and us now the round 23 feature game ?
  5. 5 years for a really solid midfielder is a good result.
  6. The only time I remember playing them there in round 1 we only kicked 3 goals and got trashed but the next week we won by over 100 points I think. Against fitzroy ??. Not looking forward to it.
  7. Rd 1. Freo in Perth. Rd 2. Melb vs Stkilda at marvel. ( our darwin game becomes a marvel home game) Rd 3. Geelong at Geelong Need I go on ?
  8. I can think of 5 players but don't want to name them as I will put the moz on them.
  9. B. Good recruits but still too many bottom enders on our list. 3 + 8 is decent.
  10. You will never get anyone to convince me it is Richmond, Hawthorn and the filths home ground. It has always been ours and should always be so. The rest of them can get stuffed.
  11. Great result. Home game should be at the MCG.
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