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  1. I agree with what he says about Tomlinson on the wing. Could he be a CHB option ? Salem might be a bit slow but his disposals are certainly near the best at melbourne.
  2. Agree. Hope there isn't anything wrong.
  3. I think Sparrow is next in line at depth.
  4. I don't have a high opinion of him at all. Inconsistant is putting it mildly. He is only good as a leading forward and given our kicking skills that doesn't hold out much hope. Just hope the weid can pull his finger out.
  5. The weid winning the Coleman and the filth winning the spoon.
  6. Pickett a long term option but maybe this is a last year hurrah for Jones.
  7. This is true. I thaught "jackie boy" was deluded to be honest.
  8. Northey era for mine. Daniher had more talented sides but they were inconsistant. Northey was able to get more out of his.1990 was our best year for a flag but we could not play waverly well at all which I believe cost us.
  9. Tilbrook and Bennet were the 2 longest at Melbourne I have seen.When it comes to being completly inconsistent then Andrew Obst would win the pill. All over the joint.
  10. I couldn't believe Johnstone was not playing vfl especially in 78. I knew of the carlton bit and was devastated it happened but the question is would he have been as good a player at Melbourne as at carlton. I know it sounds dreadful but one has to ask the question.
  11. Appleton does ring a bell but I am sure it was Thornton. You are right about the vfa being great. Used to watch the second division finals at toorak park as you were sure to see a decent punch on.
  12. I think the fitzroy player was Ross Thornton.
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