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  1. Don't worry it will be Lewis that plays. I think we will get smashed. Cannot score enough and the extension club badly need a win at the MCG. We don't play it well.
  2. Very flat from time on in 3rd quarter. Swallow was okay. Got hands on it a bit but not much done with it. Wagner got heaps of ball and was bought down nearly every time. Port are quite quick. Maynard battled hard. Jordan. Hardly saw him Chandler. As above. Pruess. Good early then fazed into some frosty moments. Umpires did not vote for him today. Lever. Quiet but can see he reads the play better than most. Was a General down back. I think he played close to 3/4 of game. Would leave him at Casey until after the bye.
  3. Shot ourselves in the foot with the aid of poor umpiring.
  4. Think I will go to this one. Good to see Lever but an eye on Swallow and Jordan.
  5. Too many injuries but wet coke are not in form. We will get done.
  6. Our injury list is so bad it resembles the krap that comes from a politicians mouth. At the moment we are getting a double dose of both.
  7. Win or lose today I don't think will mean much. Wet coke, GWS, Adelaide and the filth. Given our form we would be lucky to win one of them.
  8. Close game but hard to watch at SCG. Mceveney is a pain in the cakehole when commentating swans games.
  9. Swans will be pummelled by drugs. Strangely give the blues a chance or is that my hatred of the filth coming out.
  10. Correct. Front bar is a great laugh.
  11. Gold coast will play a quick game. We will have to be 100 % on to win this.
  12. I wouldn't make any changes. Will be slippery up there so won't suit Pruess.
  13. I was calling for his head at 1/2 time. Has to go. However his last 1/2 of last quarter was very good.
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