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  1. Richardson opened the door just before someone gave him the boot. I have no doubts that they will be concentrating on Ratten and Butters little mate Scott. I like Ratten and it would be sad to see him get involved with the saints. It would be his death knell.
  2. We will beat the bullies. Keep a tab on Naughton and you half have them.
  3. Petracca, Petty, Lockhart and Dunkley for interchange.
  4. To trade either Oliver or Brayshaw would be the height of stupidity. Goddard can go and eat ........
  5. We are not playing well. Our first quarter we should buried them but basic skill errors cost us. The only positives are we scored more than 100 points and won a close one.
  6. Think we may win but if we don't then the carnage may begin.
  7. Yes Bedford was okay. In and out player but can find the goals.
  8. We had 13 more scoring shots and won by thirteen points. What I saw in the 3rd and last quarter was astounding. Just a note on a few players. Lever. Thaught he was our best player. stopped nearly everything that went near him. Chandler. In and out sort of game but was busy around the packs. Jordan. Played a good game. Why didn't they put him in the seniors instead of lewis. Maynard. Really solid game. Hope his shoulder will be okay. Omac. Got a bit of ball on the outside when he was alone. Wagner. Good solid game. Much better at clearances than other players. JKH. Not outstanding but played well and positioned himself fairly well. Jetta. Played but that is all. Will need a couple more vfl games to find his feet. Baker. Ordinary 1st half but much better in the second.
  9. Think I will head down and get completely flummoxed at the sight of Jetta and Lever in the backline.
  10. I only wrote down 3 answers. My first answer was soul destroying. And I meant it.
  11. Just wait. We lose this one the media will be on our backs big time. Gawn and Jones won't play but that shouldn't matter any way as they have good players out as well.
  12. Agree. We should win 2 of them against the saints and the filth.
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