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  1. Ess and the filth not a bad game so far.
  2. You could also add in the 15 meter penalty to 50 meter penalty.
  3. I am finding tonites game a bit hohum.
  4. Yeah and so what. Infact slomow was making excuses for Kim Jong Dan today. They are both guilty but there are no excuses for Andrews and his corrupt admin. You obviously look at thing through one eye.
  5. It was the state govt that decided to use private security employees. Some of them had no experience in the job. It is the Andrews and co who are ultimately responsible for this mess.
  6. Brown, Hunt, Lockhart and Rivers. I think the selectors have gone mad during this covid season. We should play more youngsters. We will get smashed on Sunday.
  7. How long has he been at the club ? Quite a while I think. Look at results. Tending towards the negative.
  8. Well all I can say is our forward line has been shizen since he left. Draw what cinclusions you want.
  9. State premiers are running around behaving like despots. This is a complete farce. AFL teams get tested twice a week. Today the Vic figure is 75 and yesterday 49 in population of 6.6 million. There are 2088 confirmed cases in victoria and 3100 in NSW. It is a joke.
  10. This year is a write off. We have to blood more youngsters.
  11. The tigers backline will be purring and licking themselves all week to be comming up against the Melbourne forward line. Richmond will give us a bath.
  12. I can wear all that from inexperienced players. Also I would not play Bennell on the tight SCG. He won't get the hard ball yet ( which I can understand ) but would throw him in against Freo.
  13. Lockhart was not that bad and was injured. I would rather develop a young player than keep playing one who probably past it. The weed and Sparrow in. avb and Fritch or Melksham ouy.
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