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  1. Good decision. Just down the road from home/
  2. I will watch it to see the classic Watts.
  3. Exactly. Or that it mutates into a different form of virus ( like spanish flu did ) and is much worse.
  4. This talk of merging is totally gross. And especially with Carlton who as far as I am concerned can merge with the filth.
  5. Max has been captain for 1 game and there is this thread. Silly.
  6. Poor decision making. Poor kicking skills. Poor handballing. 2019 all over again. The only thing I will say is that the game meant nothing.
  7. You can add the Chinese govt to that list. They were meant to shut down the wet markets after sars and now tried to keep quiet about the coronavirus so as not to lose face. Well thay have now really lost it.
  8. No it is Freo or GC. I must say I am so proud of the girls who showed guts to come back the way they did.
  9. They look like they have run out of tack. As I said before too many injuries.
  10. Their kicking isn't much better but they snapped that goal after our 3 defenders had trouble making up their minds. Again it was Daisy that kept us going.
  11. Too many injuries. They are trying but lack some run off half back. Cunninham will have to pull her finger out if we are a chance. Daisy our best so far with Birch and Zanker.
  12. What a complete joke. There is still tackling and body contact in this sport ( although no where hard enough for what we have been used to ) but when they kick a goal they elbow tap one another and after the game they lightly tapped one another with fists. Am I seeing things here ? What an absolute f#^%@$g joke. Monty pythom could not have scripted anything like this.
  13. I can understand a pacier side. However Sparrow should be lining up at HFF instead of ANB. This just stuns me. Brown is not good enough but I will take it that weeds ankle is not right and hence TMAC will be second ruck.
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