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  1. Would like to see Max have it on his own time to give away the co captain idea, last year showed that, Jones did the right thing so should Viney.
  2. Is it my eyes or memory but does Petracca look like he has leaner legs as well as body?
  3. Never thought that we one games at training if you go by training as match standard then we are in real trouble.
  4. Would not be in the best 22 at the top six sides from last year and yes I am a Dee supporter I just don't wear rose coloured glasses.
  5. Well the sky was all rosy last year by your reports and we know how that went as for B&F's 1 best and fairest in 7 years, 35 brownlow votes in 7 years, 31 goals in seven years guess that puts him in the top bracket. Max Gawn 60 votes in 5 years. Clayton Oliver 40 votes in 4 years.
  6. Now if only Viney could Mark, Kick, have a football brain and sprint we could have a good footballer on our hands.....
  7. Here is a position that whoever is the coach is on a hiding to nothing, players kick well gee what a great thing to do, players still miss and who appointed that spud as kicking coach good luck on this one.
  8. Be very helpful to boys at Casey next year and may fill in if we have a few injuries during the year.
  9. Oh I do you watch every game......thats my opinion you may disagree and thats ok.
  10. Suggest you watch the north game again then you might have some idea...
  11. Salam is as soft as butter, does not like the hard contest and looks for an easier option even before he gets the ball, Viney is a one trick pony lacks skill and football nouse time to clean out.
  12. Delist ANB, JKH, Stretch, Garlett, Keilty and Jones. Trade Salem, Viney
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