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  1. Be very helpful to boys at Casey next year and may fill in if we have a few injuries during the year.
  2. Oh I do you watch every game......thats my opinion you may disagree and thats ok.
  3. Suggest you watch the north game again then you might have some idea...
  4. Salam is as soft as butter, does not like the hard contest and looks for an easier option even before he gets the ball, Viney is a one trick pony lacks skill and football nouse time to clean out.
  5. Delist ANB, JKH, Stretch, Garlett, Keilty and Jones. Trade Salem, Viney
  6. Keep posting SWYL it's good for the soul to have a good laugh during the day....
  7. Schwarz is a wanna be shock media person lost me over the Bugg hit great player at Melbourne but still a [censored].
  8. Some people have very short memories about Pert and Collingwood the fact was Pert was asked by the board of Collingwood to do that job that is why Buckley is there as coach.
  9. See you later then by by.....
  10. Bit harsh on Dunkley only came to the club half way through the season, agree Jones, JHK and Salem who are a bit soft under pressure the other one is an anchor is Viney.
  11. Yeah I'm Old school, and glad that I am! How would Norm Smith go with coaching now Eh?? About a week!!
  12. And I would take that in a heartbeat....
  13. Now Sam has been ruled out for the rest of the season is the perfect time for him to start a weight program just on his upper body and in turn will give him the tools to continue over the season break, if Sam can build up this area of his body it will in turn help him progress at a better rate playing against bigger body back men guess we will soon find out.
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