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  1. OUT Bambi and One trick pony IN Anyone
  2. Fan of myself just because I have a different view, gee at least I can say they had did alright so don't be a [censored] sunshine!!!!
  3. Whilst i am not a huge fan of Viney or jones football wise and I have even posted this even I must admit both have played well in both matches and as a supporter I hope that continues on in Perth next Saturday. Go dees.
  4. Let me put it this way Viney like Jones is a one trick pony yes he hard at it but lacks football awareness no opposite side of the body yes I am not a fan and I hope he plays well but being out of the game for two months is different to training has been proven in the past. As I said If he plays well I will be the first to say so but I would have taken Wines before him.
  5. Hannan in, no Viney for me taking a big risk if they do.
  6. I hope they don't play him it would be a big mistake playing him would not be conditioned enough for a Final plus you cannot have two players of the same ilk (Jones and Viney).
  7. History is also to be remembered not lived.
  8. Why Viney is the same as Jones only younger.
  9. If Viney was sole skipper we would get the same as Jones but younger TMac for mine with Gawn as Vice and for the sole purpose other than learning Brayshaw and Oliver as D/Vice.
  10. Midfield you can take out Jones and Viney two players hard at it but no football brains just try to barge through or bomb it long to no one we need a Gaff type players around the ball.
  11. So it appears Jones thinks the same way as he plays football panicky as much as it appears a brain fade from Gaff these incidents are pretty rare introducing a red card would be an over reaction in my view just like the AFL with them wanting to change the way the game looks.
  12. His decision making is poor under pressure and his lack of leg speed is starting to show up there is no doubt that he goes in hard for the pill and bleeds for the club but that does not win the the top prize.
  13. Maybe roll the dice Vanders for Jones If Hogan sore Pedo if no May
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