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  1. Maynard isn't AFL standard. He will be delisted.
  2. He needs to learn to kick/handball on his right side. Opponents are well aware of his limitations. Also needs to "take on" opponents less and look for other options. Too predictable.
  3. And their backline will dominate our inferior forward line. McGovern, Hurn, Barass (if he plays) will have a picnic. They will take intercept marks reminiscent of the Filth/Oxley match a few years ago.
  4. Brown and Lyon don't sound any different than usual ...
  5. I agree with your comments about Stretch & OMac. Perhaps reserve judgement on Hore? He's only played about 3-4 matches. An observation. In terms of ladder position/finals prospects, no real difference between a draw and a win yesterday. Our percentage is so bad, MFC will have no chance on getting ahead of teams with equal numbers of wins.
  6. Umpires favoured Essendon. McAvaney needs to be "sectioned". Total loony.
  7. Totally agree. That [censored] Newman did it for years on that ridiculous Street Talk segment. A bully of the highest order.
  8. It was only fitting that Frostie got away with a clear throw with 24 seconds to go !!!
  9. Clarkson ... genuine s#@t bloke. Maxwell ... genuine s#@t bloke.
  10. He's well past his used by date. He was terrible today. And all this year really.
  11. I hate the filth ... so much.
  12. I went to the Port, Essendon, Swans and Saints matches. The "performance" v Saints was the worst of that lot.
  13. Oh ... so you're the eggman ... And we are the eggmen ? The youngies on this site will have no idea what we're on about.
  14. Are you the eggman? Or the walrus?
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