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  1. Not worth #3, probably not #8. Not tall enough as a ruckman and not showing enough as a forward.
  2. He's better than Jones, and will end up a lot better. Better decision maker, doesn't get caught so often and better disposal.
  3. I met him briefly with his parents a few months ago. Charming young man.
  4. David Cloke used to run the Celtic Club in Lonsdale Street. Perhaps he mellowed over the years? In any event, I found him to be an OK bloke.
  5. That's true. However missed shots for goal are deflating for team mates and have a negative impact on the team's performance. Well, that's what I reckon.
  6. Lynch is 199 cm (he's huge), Gunston 193 cm. Fritsch is 188 cm. But agree with you that he plays tall.
  7. B https://www.justhorseracing.com.au/tips/13-10-2019-horse-racing-tips-and-best-bets-cranbourne-cranbourne-cup-day/553176 I have found this site to be pretty good for provincial meetings. (Not so good on metropolitan meetings.) Here are their best bets for Cranbourne today. BEST BET: Race Eight Number 5 William Thomas NEXT BEST: Race Three Number 13 Zorro’s Dream LONG SHOT: Race Two Number 9 Royal Crown
  8. I was at that match. Very moving. The players linked arms before the match and played like they wanted to honour Troy's memory. The team's efforts in milestone matches thereafter has been very poor.
  9. Perhaps this is slightly off topic, but does anyone else hate the word "bespoke" ?
  10. I stand corrected. FWIW, De Goey's injury was far less serious. But my overall point remains the same.
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