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  1. I don't think it's something we need trouble ourselves giving consideration.
  2. "The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there." The Go Between, L.P. Hartley
  3. Steven May will be 29 years before the start of next season. So far the Club has got 9 games out of him. As events have transpired, not a great return on investment.
  4. He was an absolute freak before the knee problems. IMHO the player he was most similar to was Corey McKernan (at his peak). He was a very good player after that, but nothing like his former self. What might have been.
  5. Spargo would be an appropriate captain?
  6. Thanks BBP. I don't remember him at all. I was thinking of Graham Molloy, who was apparently his father.
  7. Didn't Glen Molloy play in the early 70s? Perhaps Glen Lovett?
  8. In case Demonlanders didn't 'get it' the man in the first photo is Philip Lowe, the head of the Reserve Bank who has been in the news a bit lately.
  9. Who is Dirty Dave? Long... what a dog act. I was at that match too. Hated him for that, still do.
  10. I was there ... spoiler alert ... Murray Wrensted could have won the match for WCE, missed a shot for goal almost on the final siren.
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