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  1. I can't believe I didn't put my usual bet on Melbourne's opponent.
  2. I bumped into Marty Hore, his parents and some friends of his parents at The Convent in Abbotsford this arvo. (I was at the tail end of a bike ride.) They obviously called in there for a coffee after the Casey Match at Victoria Park. When I realised who he was I said "hey you should have been playing yesterday" to which all of them (including Marty) replied YES !! (quite indignantly). Clearly not happy that Marty hadn't been selected. A very nice young man.
  3. Roos? Move on chaps. And to the poster who was banging on about missing Kelly, the Club was going to take Billings with the draft pick that was traded.
  4. Why is everyone so worried about AVB? I've heard he's only out for 4 - 6 !!
  5. He was VERY unhappy at GWS when he wasn't getting a regular game and wanted to come home. He's a regular starting 18 player now though, so I'd be surprised if he came home when GWS could snag a flag within the next few years.
  6. I saw him a coupla weeks ago at my local cafe. He was hobbling.
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