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  1. Good question - difficult to answer. You wouldn't pay him more than $500K now and that is not going to happen, unless the Swans paid him $2m in a single season which leaves less in the following years. Not sure if it is within current AFL Player's Association rules to change the contract like that mid-term. We won't end up with him, but he remains effective wherever he plays. Absolute gun.
  2. Sydney have to reap what they have sown. A 10 year contract. No compassion from me there. But I would take a match-winning, 6 feet 5 inches, quick, goal-kicking, freakish super-star any time. Yes, there are times when he is unbelievably selfish and yet there are times when he is ruthlessly selfless. He draws attention to himself and is also able to bring team mates into the game. Is he past his best? Yes. But 85% of Buddy is still about 120% of other footballers. The only question for me would be cost.
  3. In the past few years, the Saints have really troubled us with outside pace - especially over the back if any of our midfielders or defenders are slow in their two way running. Lewis will come back in. Even though he is not the player he was and now he makes some decision errors, he reads the game so well, is often in the right place at the right time, and is a defensive beast which we need. But he does not help the outside pace quandry. Hunt has been improving each game, but I wonder if he needs to play wing/half back to help with the defensive spread, and limit the easy one over the back? His pace will be important. Frost's pace was highlighted against Buddy and will be useful against the Saints. Do we consider Garlett and if OMac misses due to concussion, do any of the Casey defensive talls possess decent pace?
  4. Very happy with the result. Even happier that I could watch a game without a gut-wrenching knot in my stomach due to constant dropped marks and kicking errors. I loved the grunt, the really good pressure, and the team defence. A big shout out to the back six who really stood up. To poor old Frosty who can do so much right and so much wrong in the same game - he is the one defender who Buudy will not take on to run away from. A lot to like but an imperfect game. Around the stoppages, Sydney ran and handballed their way around us far too easily for most of the game. LOVED hearing the team song.
  5. The more I think about the game, the more I feel our main problems are twofold: 1. Poise. We get heaps of the ball, we get repeated inside 50 entries, then fold under little or no pressure. I am not expecting players to play without any errors, but more to have a consistent mindset over the ball that minimizes skill and decision making mistakes. 2. Intensity. We can't play a full quarter at the same intensity, let alone an entire game. And often we have whole quarters where every player looks like they are running through mud or jogging around.
  6. Stop the turnovers (the perennial MFC issue since Daniher left) We are way to easy to score against. It looks like we win ball often, then simply turn it over by poor kick or dropped mark while all our players have sprinted forward of the play , leaving us exposed to pace out the back. Must have happened 20 times tonight. I am not a huge fan of dropping players because of single poor games, but Hibberd, Frost, ANB and Omac looked poor for most of the game. Kolodjashnij seemed to pep up a bit. What has happened to Nathan Jones?
  7. What is it with un-pressured errors? Simple, uncontested marks dropped. Un-pressured kicks going sort-of near a target but never hitting. And we are getting slaughtered at the ball drop, which was our strength. Melksham, Kolodjashnij, Omac, Hibberd having absolute howlers.
  8. Quarter 1. Gut wrenching, inadequate, sub-standard, weak in the contest, slow. Quarter 2. Intense, running in waves, hitting targets by foot, actually marking the ball. Following the Dees is always so Jekyll and Hyde. Wagners x 2 and Lockhart looking really good. Gawn decided "enough is enough" and just started chucking himself at it and gut running two ways. what a difference it makes when his mindset changes. The run-and-carry was back. My man Brayshaw - gold!
  9. This weekend raises some interesting discussions, but for me 3 main things: 1. The general quality of football was very poor across most games, with many quarters almost unwatchable. Some atrocious kicking, dropped marks, handballs to no-one. Most games saved by some amazing end-to-end goals that were great to see, and/or some close scores at times the only point of interest. As a footy fan I found most of it fairly boring. 2. Round 1 is absolutely no indication of how this season will unfold. Dees, Eagles, Crows and Pies are nowhere near as bad as they played and we will see a pattern of gradual increase that we saw from Sydney in the Roos era, where he gave no credence to the pre-season games and started most seasons slowly, building through the home and away rounds towards finals. 3. Freo, Lions and Blues will worry a few this year.
  10. Harmes surprised me last year - didn't have him in my best 25 at the beginning of the year. Weideman showed a bit in the finals series and I hope his improvement continues. If vandenBerg can get his kicking for goal worked out (he misses to the right a lot, missing very gettable goals) then he could be a big improver. I think this is his first season having done a full preseason so I reckon we will see a very sharp rise. The one I would love to see fulfilling his potential is Hunt. If he can add composure to his kicking, and staying in the game for longer periods, the sky is the limit. But there is a LOT of pressure on for positions in the back 6.
  11. 1. Totally ignored rubbish sports like NBA and NBL, NFL, 50 overs cricket, women's soccer, women's cricket, lame level golf (the level I play at!) and enjoyed telling all within earshot how rubbish these sports really are. 2. Watched 1 of the most sublime games of tennis ever played - Djokovic in the Aus Open final was tennis perfection. 3. Tried really hard to stay interested in the MFC and AFL websites during the pre-season, but got bored really quickly with facile, superficial, vacuous spin masquerading as football news. ... for the love of all things sacred, hurry up season 2019...
  12. I cannot believe that any media outlet is giving airplay to Nick Riewoldt on moral/health issues in sport. Under his leadership and later captaincy, the entire St Kilda playing group was a disgrace to sport for every social-issue reason you could think of - performance enhancing drugs, illicit drugs, sexting and nude photos, sex with probably underage girls, group sex with drugged and drunken girls who might not even have been willing, the list goes on. He was an amazing footballer but has no credibility beyond football.
  13. A natural wingman in an era when they have almost been driven out of the game by the term "midfielder". He demonstrates excellence in the four basic skills of footy - mark, kick, handball, evade - and can sustain this excellence often under pressure. And now this pre-season he has demonstrated an ability to work very, very hard on the training track. Put all this together and add emerging similarities the great R Flower; 2019 could be anything.
  14. Spot on. In the 80's we used to drink cordial for thirst quenching! No wonder we spewed so much. I don't know about Manangatang, but I clearly remember near the end of some serious gut running during pre-season playing for Kyneton, where the coach stopped our running, and had the other players jog in a circle around me until I had finished spewing.
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