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  1. Was that the finishing order and if so has OMac previously done that well?
  2. Just been waiting for my coffee in Horsham and fell into conversation with the happy indigenous gent beside me in a MFC tee shirt. He turned out to be the very proud father of Kysaiah having a pit stop on the way back to SA. He wasn’t afraid to talk the boy up. Said he has a fantastic attitude. anyway I left him talking to Frank Giampolo (ex MFC footballer). Really looking forward to seeing this kid play
  3. I thought God went back to Geelong
  4. Cook was 2010 and Gysbets was 2009. You are going to have to let them go as prime examples at some point.
  5. The fact there were so many easy shots at on the night goal suggests that the ball was being used and delivered into the 50 reasonably well. The simple fact is that too many were missed
  6. When Tim Smith went off it feed up McGovern to do what he wanted I thought he did a solid job all night.
  7. Was discussing with a friend how far this team has come in the last 5 years (2013 - 2 wins and percentage of 54.07%). While he is one of a number who have contributed significantly, his important part in this meteoric rise should not ever be underestimated. I just realised that with Pedersen, Kent and Hogan leaving, the only player left who was brought in over the previous draft/trade period to prior to the new management is Jack Viney.
  8. Of course if we had won extra games we may well have finished third, played our first final in Perth, received the same belting and gone out in two. Would those now carping have accepted a season where we won two finals against vastly more experienced teams when setting their expectations in February.
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