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  1. Bennell managed after just one game? You serious?
  2. Bedford to replace Spargo as an emergency, then replace Kozzie in the senior side?
  3. Lever is playing. The man himself confirmed this last night on “AFL Tonight”.
  4. Bingo. Hibberd the only other one that may miss.
  5. I don’t agree that Bedford can’t be considered for selection. I hope he is named. He and Kozzy running around our forward line is a sight I would like to see regularly this season.
  6. How’s the Riv been tracking? Does he look as though he’s a chance for round 1?
  7. Grade 2 medial ligament strain. The sky isn’t falling after all.
  8. People losing their minds without even knowing the severity. Calm down until it’s been confirmed how serious the injury is.
  9. Bennell has a minor calf tear as per HS article today.
  10. North at number 6 gave me a chuckle. Bulldogs at number 2 almost as outrageous.
  11. Interesting that arguably our list has improved on last season yet we have dropped so far in the rankings.
  12. Sounds like he fell through to us due to Robertson (Brisbane) sliding as far as he did and Gold Coast trading away their picks 17 and pick 22. Just shows that he was rated as a late first round/early second round pick not just by draft watchers but by recruiters too.
  13. Rivers is best mates with Jackson. Should reduce any potential go-home factor.
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