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  1. Bennell has a minor calf tear as per HS article today.
  2. North at number 6 gave me a chuckle. Bulldogs at number 2 almost as outrageous.
  3. Interesting that arguably our list has improved on last season yet we have dropped so far in the rankings.
  4. Sounds like he fell through to us due to Robertson (Brisbane) sliding as far as he did and Gold Coast trading away their picks 17 and pick 22. Just shows that he was rated as a late first round/early second round pick not just by draft watchers but by recruiters too.
  5. Rivers is best mates with Jackson. Should reduce any potential go-home factor.
  6. This was where the well known draft watchers had Rivers in their power rankings: Draft Central: 13 Knightmare: 20 Cal Twomey: 23 Looks to be a good get at pick 32.
  7. You would think so. Two spots left for Bennell and/or Brown. Might upgrade a rookie or two?
  8. Behind Gould and Robertson, it was Rivers who I wanted with our pick tonight. Did well to land him at pick 32.
  9. Brisbane have swapped their pick 23 with Port’s pick 22 so now have the first pick of the night. Robertson one would assume?
  10. Hope we take the punt and get Clarry to teach him a thing or two. Both were similarly built at the time of their respective drafts.
  11. That’s what the phantom drafts would lead us to believe but in reality it will look nothing like that.
  12. Keep on sliding, Gould. Would be rapt with him at our next pick.
  13. Absolutely no chance that Young will be available at pick 28. He will be picked in the first round without a doubt.
  14. Yeah I wasn’t aware either but can confirm they are getting along like a house on fire.
  15. Can definitely put that to bed. When not looking at their phones, the two of them have been chatting and laughing the whole game.
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