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  1. Draft Central’s Power Rankings Top 20 published today:- Draft Central Power Rankings: November 2019 – 20-1
  2. Would you happen to have Ash’s stats breakdown as well?
  3. Knightmare has posted his phantom draft today. Has us taking Jackson at 3 and Ash at 8. https://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/id/28095715/updated-afl-phantom-draft-first-three-rounds
  4. Write up on Kemp on the Official AFL website today has linked him to Carlton, Hawthorn and Melbourne.
  5. Stephens has been linked to Adelaide so they may very well pick him in which case Young could still be there at pick 8. Will all of Adelaide, Sydney and Freo pass on Young though? Would think that’s unlikely. Freo could probably land Robertson with pick 10. They would be praying no bids come for Henry until after pick 10 and if that were the case, they would be well placed to pick Young at 7 if both Sydney and Adelaide haven’t already picked him.
  6. He’s a real talent, and it’s very likely that he will be a great AFL ruckman. But, is he what we need and/or is he best available at pick 3? That I’m not sure of.
  7. Knightmare’s educated guess today is that we take Jackson at 3 and either Young at 8 if he’s still there, otherwise Ash.
  8. Green will be a Giant next year regardless of when the bid comes. He, Rowell and Anderson are the clear top 3 players in the draft.
  9. Serong racks up disposals, tackles hard, marks the footy well, is excellent by hand but unfortunately he regularly butchers the ball by foot. I think he will slide a bit due to his poor kicking skills. I hope we don’t pick him at 8.
  10. Totally off topic, but just paid attention to your display pic. You a Richie Hawtin fan, mate?
  11. Obviously there’s no guarantees but Kemp has all the tools to become a Bontempelli/Fyfe type of player and the only reason he won’t be a top 5 pick is due to his knee injury. I’ve watched several of the U18 matches in their entirety and I can see the Bont/Fyfe resemblance. I just feel that if he is there at pick 8, we take the long term view and pick him. Hopefully the club feels the same.
  12. Disagree that Young is the best player outside of the top 2. Green is a better player than Young and may even be on par with Rowell and Anderson. I think the Dees will pick Green and GWS will match our bid.
  13. Poll shows that Young and Kemp are overwhelming favourites for our picks 3 and 8. I voted for both a couple of weeks ago and my view hasn’t changed. Having a read through the draft threads on here, it still sounds like most are still wanting Young at 3 but have cooled on Kemp at 8 and I’m seeing Jackson and Stephens in particular rising in popularity. Are there still plenty in the Young/Kemp camp or have some of you changed your mind and would change your vote now if you could?
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