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  1. With the ‘explosive pace’ and ‘Dangerfield at the same age’ comparison I think Older Demon was referring to our SA recruit Tom Sparrow
  2. Yet no mention in the article of last years co captain and dual All Australian in Elise O’Dea or Shelly Scott. You would think a cursory acknowledgement of their contribution over the 2019 season would have been mandatory.
  3. Warren Dean could be a prodigious kick of the ball Gary Lyon goal against Carlton (?) in a final at VFL Park
  4. It was evident in his first year that Spargo has a very high footy IQ. He puts players into better positions. I have no idea what happened in his second year
  5. And you can add a fully fit Steven May to that ‘never taken a backward step in their life’ group.
  6. I think Max could end up being one of our Clubs all time great captains. He is a natural leader who the team will follow
  7. He ain’t no Brad Green Seriously though watching interviews like this, it is not difficult to see why this bloke is so highly rated.
  8. I can’t remember which staff member said it, but the first time Oliver kicked a footy to a leading Tom McDonald last pre-season was in the 2nd JLT match. Confidence is key and getting the repetitiveness of constant training, so you know instinctively what the other bloke is going to do, is the key to confidence.
  9. I liked your post Brendan but mainly because you have picked Essendon and Collingwood to go backwards next year so I didn’t really have a choice
  10. Hard to believe at 183cm Jakovich is the same height as Christian Salem
  11. I genuinely like nearly all your posts LH but I love this one. Gosh I really hope you are right about Essendon though. I still surprise myself with how much I dislike that Club
  12. Getting Taylor for the podcast is a brilliant score boys particularly right after the draft. Demonland at its best. Thanks
  13. Once you are on the list it doesn’t matter how you got there. Both Jackson and Bradtke will be competing for a long term ruck/forward role. So yes, I reckon Austin’s heart sunk a bit when Luke’s name was read out.
  14. Would love any reports on Bradtke. The pressure has gone up on him a bit with the arrival of Jackson
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