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  1. This may be the ultimate first world problem Steve, but you have no idea how frustrating I find it that I can’t pick that ‘n’ up and put it where it belongs
  2. I wonder if the gentlemen’s handshake agreement of “you give us this pick and we will promise not to bid on X player that you want” happens or if there is too much mistrust? I’d love to be on the inside of the Melbourne tent on draft night just to see what goes on.
  3. Worst full back of the century ever
  4. Ok not relevant to anything but I just wanted to re-live this moment in time
  5. Yes Compared to swimmers, and I imagine cyclists, footballers get off fairly lightly. Even State level swimmers will be doing 9 sessions a week plus weight sessions. The National level ones more. Of course they don’t have to crash into a 90kg blokes running at them from any angle
  6. Still reckon the kid was ripped off. I know nothing about the Sam but I’m guessing he wasn’t trying to gain an advantage. Only difference between him and a multitude of other AFL players is the timing. Fair to say I won’t be holding his 18 month ban against him
  7. Sorry I’m only just catching up. I know foof all about Sam Murray but 18 months for having cocaine in his system? Really? Since when does the AFL actually fair dinkumly give a rats about recreational drug use? Kid has been majorly ripped off
  8. Two questions - one should be easy, the other impossible Of these players inducted into the Northern Territory Hall of Fame pick a). The odd man out and b). The one with the most talent Cyril Rioli Andrew Mcleod Aaron Davey Matthew Whelan Nathan Buckley Michael Long Peter Burgoyne (and Shaun for arguments sake) Michael McLean and Maurice Rioli
  9. And Marty Hore is almost 6’3” in the old language. If, and it is a big if, Braydon could actually learn to mark over his head he could be a proper weapon
  10. Absolutely agree. Unless they think Jackson can become a great key forward or the worlds biggest mid I hope to hell they aren’t spending pick 3 or 8 on him
  11. The blurb below is stolen from the AFL Draft Central A.F. Deven won best player of the U18 champs, picked in the centre of the All Aus team and made captain of it. That’s pretty solid! DEVEN ROBERTSON – WESTERN AUSTRALIA (CAPTAIN) The Western Australia captain finished with a swagger of awards including state MVP, Larke Medal and All Australian jumper and the captaincy to boot. The ball winning midfielder not only had an impressive carnival, but he dominated, picking up the most ever disposals – 120 – which was two more than Sam Walsh last year. He also amassed an average of 4.3 marks, 6.8 tackles, 4.8 clearances, 4.0 inside 50s and 3.5 rebounds in a well-rounded game overall.
  12. Could be anything or nothing but can’t fault his genetics. I briefly met his father in the 90’s and to this day he is the largest human being I’ve ever seen. Austin will be given time by the Club to develop and has the coordination, the height and all the resources necessary to succeed it will probably come down to desire and a bit of luck as to if he does.
  13. Very cryptic Skuit. Have you been to my workplace?
  14. We have six X 6 day breaks and one 5 day break. The problem isn’t the number of breaks but that GWS will come into our Rnd 2 clash with an extra day rest, same for Gold Coast when we play them in Rnd 5 and then again the Tigers get the extra day when we play them Anzac Day. I’m sure there are roundabouts, where we get the upper hand, but to be disadvantaged three times in the first six rounds sucks a bit.
  15. Bit of a package about Jackson here. Perhaps he will end up being a special player but given he is still so very raw, if you are a recruiter you’d want a pretty bloody handy crystal ball and nuts made from titanium to pick him over Young at 3.
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