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  1. You want Hird to come to our Club? I propose a Demonland life ban for you
  2. MCC expecting a crowd of 34,000. Even though it is going to be a bugger to get there from the Eastern suburbs with the lack of trains you’d think it would get to 40,000 I’ll be there with ten other Melbourne supporting family members.
  3. Well he has ticked off that hurdle. If he gets back to his best we will be a far better side. God I hope he is hungry for it
  4. Ah that’s better, can get back on Demonland again
  5. I don’t know about trust but I do have the definitive answer on an age old question. After sticking with this team through decade of darkest of times, from laughing stock -> VFL standard -> middle tier -> contender and then back to a (sad) laughing stock in the course of a few games, and most recently to the side I despise above all (with an unhealthy passion) proves, once an for all, there is no god!
  6. If we lose tonight (to the team I despise over all others) it will just confirm my theory that supporting Melbourne is like having a child who constantly disappoints. Yes there are occasional moments of pride and joy but life with him is generally full of let downs and frustrations. Promises to try harder are followed by excuses and failure. He (sort of) got caught cheating a few years ago and now an older, drunk friend of one of his school mates, who has a big mouth, is bringing it all up again. My kid has never topped his class and although he buckled down and did his best last year, he is back to form this semester. Id like to kick him out but, for some reason, I still love him dearly......
  7. Harmes is 186cm as is Lewis, Hunt is 187cm. Our problem wasn’t we were too small, our problem is we played crap.
  8. Yep that’s my theory too. Our game plan only really works with 95% effort from everyone. Contested footy. It falls apart with the 75% effort brought in the JLT matches. As long as we step up, it may be ugly, but we will win
  9. Sounds fair and reasonable
  10. And you can add Steven May (Melbourne Grammar), Cyril Rioli (Scotch), Chris Judd (Caulfield) and Jack Viney (Prince Alfred College/Carey) to those with a ‘private school mentality’. It’s such a lame stereotype isn’t it
  11. I agree that we are a ruck short but I’m guessing the Club looked at the options out there and decided that there wasn’t a player who could get good enough to play AFL this season if both Gawn and Pruess went down. No point having an emergency ruck on the list if you can’t use him in an emergency.
  12. And the Saints have a back up in Ratten who is possibly a better coach than Richardson. It wouldn’t be a difficult deck chair for them to move. I agree, he is in more strife than the early settlers.
  13. Everyone should get on board for this game. The AFL have made it difficult via the conference allocation, the umpires have made it difficult and by losing two games by four points we have made it difficult for ourselves. If we pull a big win off on the weekend against the premiership favourites it will be epic. Go the red and blue!
  14. Considering how appalling we have been for most of that decade, Port only having a 11-5 win/loss record over us almost makes them our bunnies.
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