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  1. Complete overrreaction. They obviously haven’t watched a Melbourne games over the past 40 years.
  2. So much talent in our team but so little system. Doubts as to if Goodwin can coach must be growing. There is hardly a player in this side that is playing his best football. That’s the coaches job and it’s not happening.
  3. Reckon Rivers, Kozzie and Jackson are our “nailed it at the draft table“ year
  4. Thanks Dees In October but I’m with dl4e and can’t see O’Dea being traded. It has to be bloody difficult gig to have a full time job and also be a semi professional athlete. But she is an original and a Melbourne player through and through and definitely should finish a one Club player
  5. If they can test and get results in a few hours, assuming that no other players are infected, why can’t we play tomorrow?
  6. Rather than gifting games to Jackson maybe he just out trained the Weid over the 3 week block prior to Rnd 2. Perhaps he is given 3-4 games to settle in and find the pace of the game.
  7. I almost agree with that except for those ruck taps that go straight to a running mid who can break away. Gawn -> Petracca is my favourite combination atm. It gives such an advantage and opens up the field. Don’t think it is a complete coincidence when that dominance stop last week our scoring also dried up
  8. 14 full games worth of no scoring in just 8 seasons. I think I’ve identified the source of my MFCSS.
  9. Agree. One goal saving big tackle just outside the square on one of Carltons talls (Casboult?) springs to mind. Love the combination of grunt and polish.
  10. Yes, if you had of told me yesterday morning that Harley was going to win his first game with us AND get through unscathed I would have been stoked
  11. “Ok boys, O Mac isn’t playing today, hands up who wants to be the official supporter whipping boy today”
  12. Don’t think it has been mentioned that it is Nev’s 150th today. I reckon he will put on a vintage Nev display today and we will win https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/704921/jamie-bennell-s-tribute-for-nev-s-150th
  13. I like Jack Viney but it neatly sums our forward woes when the coaches think our most reliable set shot is a dodgy left footer who struggles from 40m+. He has kicked 32.29 from his 120 games
  14. I know what you meant, but I’m guessing that’s the first time the words ‘Vandenberg’ and ‘sneaking under the radar’ have ever appeared in the same sentence
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