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  1. That’s truly excellent. Love the one club mentality and the old ‘bleeds red and blue’ cliche sits well with James Harmes.
  2. I say this without meaning to sound flippant but that goal by Mitch did a lot for my mental health. I have watched it probably 30 times since and I always feel happy. I think that’s why I have always been a passionate supporter. Watching football is such a wonderful distraction from some of the seriousness of life
  3. Lever has played 19 of a possible 45 matches with us. To be generous, perhaps 4 of those games were of a quality that would justify his 2 first round picks, $800k, 5 year contract. Has to do way, way more before there is talk of him succeeding Max
  4. Yes he will and it will be glorious
  5. 5th in total intercepts across two games is ok impressive. Loses all credibility though when a random called Brandon Zerk-Thatcher is #1. Reminds me of when a girl beat all the the boys in a wrestling comp in the Stayes recently
  6. Yes, delisted by Adelaide. From the AFL site. Given her talent you’d think if she fixed her mobility issues she could be anything. She is only 27yo so could still have a lengthy career with us Sarah Perkins (key forward; delisted by Adelaide) A star in the first AFLW season, Perkins (pictured above) struggled to crack a strong Adelaide line-up this year, spending most of the season playing for SANFLW side Woodville West-Torrens. Has genuine footy smarts and good goal sense, but mobility can be an issue at times. https://womens.afl/news/17845/second-chance-beckons-for-delisted-free-agents
  7. It is bit of a relief. We won well and got the % boost that we need. Love Sarah Perkins - can mark and kick and contest. Paxman is a class above and to paraphrase Demonblog, give Eden Zanker a proper full time men’s type training program and I’ll show you the most dominant female player in the game. Need to win at least one of the next two games Go Dees
  8. Although I do not know you Andy, given you are the Demonland revered founder, Captain and Coach, I have great respect for your work. I think though the MFCSS virus has got you hard. That’s about as negative as I’ve heard you. Hope you have stocked up on loo paper Love FND
  9. A wonderfully accurate and humorous summary of Friday’s game. Happy Sundays http://mfcdemonblog.blogspot.com/
  10. Well that’s a fair old sledge Wrecker. I remember watching Grgic and occasionally he would do something to show he had a special talent. Ended up being a poor mans Jack Watts. To continue the analogy, and Sam isn’t there yet, but he is trending towards a David Cordner trajectory. Brilliant genes and family history, can look a million dollars on the odd occasion but overall disappointing.
  11. Lever and May together down back Petracca in the middle and Fritsch forward Langdon and Tomlinson on the wings Jones forward, Lockhart back, a rejuvenated Viney and Melksham and Kozzie lurking in the pocket There is actually a lot of significant differences to last years side.
  12. Love this kid. He has the bounce and grace of a cat and the enthusiasm of a labrador. He just makes you smile He may not be ready for senior action yet but everyone here can see bits of what Luke is going to bring. He is one of those players where the crowd noise level will rise when he is near the ball. He is going to do a whole lot of funky [censored] that hasn’t been done before. Between him and Kozzie Pickett Melbourne is going to be a lot of fun to barrack for.
  13. I was concerned about Patton before the game. The bloke doesn’t have to have many shots on goal to hurt you. What I didn’t realise is how useless he is once the ball hits the ground. Zero defensive pressure. He is a well built statue. Defenders are going to run off him all year and Jon will be directly costing the Hawks goals down the other end. You gotta be happy about that!
  14. Probably the easiest way to understand it Fanatique is imagining how Adelaide supporters felt when Alex Neal-Bullen had 23 possessions, 6 marks, 6 tackles, 3 goals and 3 Brownlow votes against them in 2018.
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