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  1. 6. Max Gawn 5. Angus Brayshaw 4. Jayden Hunt 3. Clayton Oliver 2. James Harmes 1. Jay Lockhart
  2. 6. Christian Salem 5. James Harmes 4. Jake Melksham 3. Michael Hibberd 2. Angus Brayshaw 1. Clayton Oliver
  3. I agree that it’s wrong on environmental grounds to encourage any Tiger fan who wanders here to buy a membership. When those plastic cards go into the microwave after we give them a whopping on Anzac Eve, then we will surely be responsible for releasing all of those smouldering plastic fumes into the atmosphere?
  4. I’m so happy to have located this thread. It encapsulates a decade of Groundhog Day memories all in one place.
  5. I’m keen to hear how all of those in rehab are doing now that the AFLX Draft is done and dusted.
  6. So basically, the news that Bradtke might play at least some of the season in the TAC Cup Under 18s, means that the Casey Demons need to find some ruck strength. This is especially so in light of the fact that it appears likely that Max Gawn and Braydon Preuss are going to be used in tandem in the AFL. I believe that the major deficiency that caused Casey’s downfall in the grand final last year (and in other games they lost) was in the ruck. The argument for picking up another ruckman before the pre-season draft cut off on 15 March must be growing louder now.
  7. Not just the Dees but most of the clubs. It looks as though some of the clubs are going to take advantage of the post draft period stretching into March before finalising their lists.
  8. Unless it was pick 28 in the rookie draft.
  9. Basically, Jesse Hogan is saying that happiness off the field and being close to family are more important than potential finals success, which is why he was keen to leave Melbourne for Fremantle. If he was never going to be focused on the big prize in a team sport, then it was best that both player and club parted. Jesse Hogan’s priorities.
  10. The $8m/8 year story combined with John Ralph’s piece in today’s Herald Sun really make you wonder why we shouldn’t keep Hogan for 2019 with the objective of keeping him at the club for the longer journey. The caption accompanying the Ralph article on p54 of the Herald Sun had Hogan’s stats down as elite for disposals and groundball gets inside 50 and above average for marks, marks inside 50, goals and score involvements. Together with the tale of the high price tag suggests we can work on him if the Dockers aren’t willing to talk turkey at our required price of picks 5, 23 & 30.
  11. Dion Johnstone appealed against his suspension in the Preliminary Final and, as a result of him failing to win on appeal, I think he was given a 2 week suspension. He served one of the two weeks in the grand final but the VFL season next year starts in about Round 3 of the AFL. Does his suspension end after Round 1 of the AFL or Round 1 of the VFL?
  12. There’s absolutely no realistic chance of us getting him.
  13. Is it too early for one of those Phantom Drafts and is there one around that goes as far as the second and third rounds where the MFC choices are going to be?
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