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  1. Kysaiah Pickett Harrison Petty Luke Jackson Tom Sparrow Jay Lockhart
  2. So he’s not exactly training the house down.
  3. Could you please explain what this is and how it would help him recover?
  4. Hence, there are some alternate possibilities - 1 In this scenario, we upgrade Jay Lockhart from the rookie list to enable Harley Bennell to be listed as a rookie in March. No trades or splitting of picks 36. Pick 3 37. Pick 8 38. Pick 97 39. Sam Murray 40. Jay Lockhart (rookie upgrade) Category A Rookies 1. Harley Bennell 2. Kade Chandler 3. Kyle Dunkley 4. Corey Wagner 2 In this scenario, we opt for a primary list of 39 and Bennell becomes the 5th rookie 36. Pick 3 37. Pick 8 38. Pick 97 39. Sam Murray Category A Rookies 1. Harley Bennell 2. Kade Chandler 3. Kyle Dunkley 4. Jay Lockhart 5. Corey Wagner Then there are other scenarios that would involve trading/splitting of picks and even going for a primary list of 38 + 6 rookies.
  5. The question is how do you reconcile bringing the elite of young footballers into the club at the same time as you’re also introducing a player who has been outed from the game for drug use? You would have to be sure that such player is now clean and can send the right message to others at the club.
  6. Seems to be making a comeback of late.
  7. Now available to Gold Coast as part of the AFL’s assistance package rort.
  8. I suspect that the club made a decision on Martin based on his asking price and isn’t pursuing him because of that so yes, we are probably looking elsewhere.
  9. Sorry but he’s had plenty of time and I would be surprised given that he’s out of contract if he wasn’t hawked around for a trade. On that basis, I think either he and/or Billy Stretch will be lucky to be on the list at the end of the month.
  10. Looking back at the Suns’ season in 2019, they started in a blaze of glory and finished with a long losing streak to finish last. I have never heard anyone suggest they should be investigated for tanking like the AFL did to Melbourne but why not? Earlier in the year they were winning games - by the end they were disgraceful. The media hounded us when we performed better.
  11. If Fremantle are in the position where they have to prioritise whether they take him or not, then the reality is that if they decide not to take him, then he’s not much chop. It’s not sounding as if he’s setting the world on fire anyway.
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