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  1. But he didn't keep his mouth shut. He gave very expansive and positive quotes for a long article, something he didn't have to do. Of course he's not going to spill the beans on politics behind the scene, but I think it's a shame you don't see his remarks for what they are - a classy and dignified exit from a bloke who's just lost his job.
  2. Of course they rubber stamp it, but do you really think the Board has a say in choosing captains, or should? What board would ever over-rule the recommendation of a coach or FD? None. There's a difference between being involved in a decision, and ratifying it, which is the language used in the examples provided by Lord Nev. The 2 x Jacks may have been poor choices as captains, but that's hardly an argument to involve Board members in the selection process. Rather, Grimes and Trengove are proof that consulting doesn't automatically produce a good outcome: "The Demons asked the players and staff to assess the playing group on a series of criteria – team-orientation, work ethic and so on. On this basis – of assessing everyone's mettle and ticking the most boxes – the two boys were made joint monarchs."
  3. Your first paragraph suggests he didn’t really get the job on merit, and the second that he only retains it because of his old man. I don't think that's accurate or fair, on any of the people named. And why would the board be consulted on the captaincy?
  4. The staggering thing in all this is that he’s still employed by On The Couch, whose own hosts don’t even seem to trust him. A few weeks after the so-called falling out between Macca and Goody last year, he made similar claims about GWS - that Leon Cameron had also been banished to the bench. When pressed further about how a senior coach could be turfed from his own coaching box, and by whom, Morris had nothing, except a vague reference to the ‘powers-that-be.’ The boys on the couch were less than impressed. Even this year, when he tried to revive the so-called rift between Macca and Goody, Healy had to remind him that he needed to ring Macca and get both sides of the story - something Morris clearly hadn’t done. I’ve worked in journalism and media for 25 years and can spot a fraud at 1000 paces. This guy is at the very top of the tree when it comes to duds.
  5. You were the first one to make the comparison! You compared him to a bunch of players in the AFL Hall of Fame and MFC Team of the Century - 'truly magical forwards' in your own words. You're chasing your own tail like a little puppy and you don't even know it.
  6. Is that the same Nicky Winmar who was lucky to make it out alive from Victoria Park, flanked by security guards? Who was spat on, and called a black c*** ? What do you think prompted him to lift his jumper and point to his skin that day? A polite enquiry from the crowd? When you decide - or think you can decide - which cultural dances Goodes can / can't perform, you're channeling the ghost of the old Coll president Alan McAllister, who said words to the effect of: 'we don't have a problem with Aboriginal people, as long as they conduct themselves the way we want them to.'
  7. Haven’t read hyperbole like this in at least 40 years. You should google the Western Bulldogs - they won a flag recently and then dropped off the face of the earth and were never seen again. If we’re in the same position at the same time next year, sure, cue the melodrama, but calling for a total rebuild now is just plain silly.
  8. As I understand the rules, his spot on the list now has to be taken by someone in the marketing department.
  9. So happy to hear that he’s a new grandfather - what a wonderful blessing that must be for him.
  10. In: Salem, Hibberd, Hannan Out: Lockhart, Petty, C. Wagner Now that the changes are in, it's time to move the discussion to the Pre-Game Thread.
  11. In: Lewis, Spargo, Preuss, Weideman, Wagner Out: Neal-Bullen Now that the teams are in, let's take the discussion over to the pre-game thread so we don't have two separate conversations going. I've moved those posts over to here:
  12. You’re a good man DA. But I’ve decided not to go - I checked the flights and they’re a total rip-off!
  13. Knowing that there are several Liverpool and Spurs supporters in here, I've gone ahead and managed to find us tickets to the final. @Deestroy All, @Dee Zephyr - if you guys could fix me up with the $85,872.48 before the end of the week, that'd be great. Thanks! ^^^ That's a genuine screenshot!
  14. Dave Misson says ‘hold my beer’.
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