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  1. Is that the same Nicky Winmar who was lucky to make it out alive from Victoria Park, flanked by security guards? Who was spat on, and called a black c*** ? What do you think prompted him to lift his jumper and point to his skin that day? A polite enquiry from the crowd? When you decide - or think you can decide - which cultural dances Goodes can / can't perform, you're channeling the ghost of the old Coll president Alan McAllister, who said words to the effect of: 'we don't have a problem with Aboriginal people, as long as they conduct themselves the way we want them to.'
  2. Haven’t read hyperbole like this in at least 40 years. You should google the Western Bulldogs - they won a flag recently and then dropped off the face of the earth and were never seen again. If we’re in the same position at the same time next year, sure, cue the melodrama, but calling for a total rebuild now is just plain silly.
  3. As I understand the rules, his spot on the list now has to be taken by someone in the marketing department.
  4. So happy to hear that he’s a new grandfather - what a wonderful blessing that must be for him.
  5. In: Salem, Hibberd, Hannan Out: Lockhart, Petty, C. Wagner Now that the changes are in, it's time to move the discussion to the Pre-Game Thread.
  6. In: Lewis, Spargo, Preuss, Weideman, Wagner Out: Neal-Bullen Now that the teams are in, let's take the discussion over to the pre-game thread so we don't have two separate conversations going. I've moved those posts over to here:
  7. You’re a good man DA. But I’ve decided not to go - I checked the flights and they’re a total rip-off!
  8. Knowing that there are several Liverpool and Spurs supporters in here, I've gone ahead and managed to find us tickets to the final. @Deestroy All, @Dee Zephyr - if you guys could fix me up with the $85,872.48 before the end of the week, that'd be great. Thanks! ^^^ That's a genuine screenshot!
  9. Dave Misson says ‘hold my beer’.
  10. Understand your frustration, but a dedicated thread to snipe at players is not the answer.
  11. Holy moly, that’s one of the craziest games I’ve ever seen, and will definitely rank among Spurs’ finest victories. It is absolute exquisite agony when you’re holding on for dear life in those final moments and everyone’s out on their feet. #COYS
  12. Thank you, that’s an incredible resource, and more interesting (and perhaps more important) than all the pomp and ceremony associated with ANZAC Day football.
  13. Why would you do that? Surely listening to us crap on endlessly is enough to put anyone to sleep. Also, I'm not sure about the inclusion of @binman. Yes, he helped get the 4 points last weekend, but remember he was also a part of the Preliminary Final thrashing, too. Like Goody, we still haven't reviewed the tape of that podcast and identified where it all went wrong!
  14. This is pretty cool - a composite pic from inside Spurs’ new stadium the other night. You can zoom in on every single face in the crowd (and tag yourself if you’re so inclined). There’s the odd error here and there - missing heads and floating unattached arms - but the clarity is amazing! https://fanpic.co/spurs//index.php?x=111.743 (desktop is a bit clunky but mobile works a treat)
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