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  1. About to hit the road from Mildura for tonight’s blockbuster. The car is packed with 5 dees supporters locked and loaded. Never been to Adelaide Oval for a night match. Very excited. We are in the general admin/standing area which I’m guessing gets pretty feral. Is it worth donning the full dees kit or not worth the trouble from the locals?
  2. He’s a lucky boy Bernie, he bumped and jumped whilst doing it and very surprisingly didn’t make contact with Daisy’s scone. Surprised how quickly Daisy got up, thought he would have squibbed it looking for a free kick which also helps Bernie get off
  3. Apologies about the duplicate message but praise be to Cam
  4. He does it all Pedo, clunks some big grabs, kicks a bag, gets best on winning plenty of the pill while his missus gave a local a clip in the crowd. After all that, takes the lads out for a home made Pad Thai, some Pad Krapow and shouts a couple Singha’s afterwards. The guy should be knighted
  5. Very surprised as most with ANB getting another gig. From what I saw, his “pressure acts” are performed after he fumbles and turns the pill over to his opponent. He really has battled this year and I really thought a spell in the twos would have helped him regain his confidence. He’s looking a shadow of his late last season self. I have faith in him but he really needs a freshen up imo Hunt hasn’t offered much more but at least he’s improved over the last two games and offers a massive point of difference in that he offers pace. Happy they are sticking with the Weed. Just have to keep him playing now
  6. It’s smart for player and club to cool there jets on signing him up. Obviously Angus’ point of view of getting himself better to try maximise his coin makes sense as we discussed already. Im just as happy for the club to hold off as well as I don’t want to sign a kid for 3 or 4 years who’s career could be stopped next week if he gets a bump to the scone again or we have to wrap him in cotton wool for 15 weeks a year. I really rate Gus and happy to pay him the $$ as long as his body holds up
  7. I’m not a massive fan but he was ok today. He’s not going to reach the highs of Jones, Lewis or Vince as a midfielder and Viney, Oliver, Petracca (when playing in the guts) and Brayshaw have all gone past him as a player through the centre. It was his best game for the year was today and the standard of high 20’s touches and a snag should be his minimum. Still needs to improve there with his use however. If we do get Gaff and/or ANB & Stretch come on he will be in danger. But that’s all a big “if” Id still rather him back rotating through the square and groom Hunt on his wing as Tyson looks very slow out there
  8. Yes we didn’t smoke them like most wanted but we still take a 7 goal win with lots of positives. I was happy today seing some good signs from a few guys who have battled this year at times. Harmes was good with his pace and kicking, Tyson played his best game of the year, Lewis had 25 odd without noticing at a high efficiency, Lever continues to grow each game. Vince also put his body on the line a few times defending well. Brayshaw was great and although they were a bit junk timey, I was still happy to see the Weid slot a couple and clunk one or two. He has to keep playing as it continues to release Tom and Hoges up the ground who are killing it. ANB however is still struggling big time at the moment. Hasn’t showed anything much this year so I’m thinking he needs a spell for Salem to return.
  9. 6. Oliver. His quick pick ups and hands were amazing. Some great tackles, a contested grab where he got smoked and kicks a snag. Top notch. Absolute gun who makes red heads cool 5. Gawn. Dominanted with some classy tap work. Goes forward and clunks a few and plenty of pill around the ground. 4. Hogan. High quality possessions around the ground, should have had 4 straight and some amazing contested grabs. In amazing form. 3. Brayshaw. His best game I have seen and so happy to see him dominate. Amazing how players go when the play in there natural position they have always played and dominated. Showed why Roos wanted him at P2 for his “natural ball winning ability” or something similar. 2. Hibberd. His toughness and rebound were again on show today. 1. Lever. Classy player. Repaying the faith why we got him. So aggressive with his contest work and spoils. Did St Kilda even have a forward today?
  10. I’ve been very critical on Harmes lately playing an inside role. He has been ok this game as well. Getting the pill on the spread and some of his effective long kicks (most important stat in the game imo) have been really nice to watch
  11. I still struggle with the Tyson hate. Had two shanks. Pinged holding the ball im the back half (Hunt and Hannan should have been pinged in the first quarter for the same) and the second shank in giving it off to Jones when he was still when both were going to get done. Other than that he’s been really handy with his hands and some nice targets hit across the ground. At least he tries to hit a target rather than bombing it long to no one all the time
  12. He’s definitely pro St Kilda for this game. Didn’t he coach them for a while? Might have a soft spot similar to when Roos commentates us That commentary where he hoped McCartin was ok was fair enough in his concerns but how Jetta didn’t get some love for his courage is beyond me
  13. God I love Jetta. Smacked in the scone, gets up, runs 100m forward with the play moving only to put his body and scone on the line again on the HFF to keep us in possession The guys a hero
  14. His first quarter was fine. Hands were sharp and accurate. Has started the second very poorly. Just trying a bit hard on the last line. Very yuck
  15. I’m seeing Nibbler everywhere and fumbling every time. Has he had a stat yet? Hes really struggling imo
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