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  1. How good was that . Found myself wiping away a tear after Jacka goaled with a banana after the 3/4 time siren . It was bizarre that one of my least fav players , Simon Eishold , played considerably better than champs such as Carey and Lyon .
  2. Wow--eee can't wait..........Jackalenko you beauty !
  3. Lethal was just about best ever but outrageous thuggery was common . Will never forget our Peter Giles (pretty much a harmless hippy type ) being clubbed to the ground from behind as he cleared the ball from defence .
  4. Garry would be my choice as a player not as a clubman . Have not forgiven him for backing the Merger " in support of Tiger " .
  5. ........and to think Ollie was there for the taking .
  6. Quite right . He went through the farce of inspecting the Junction Oval............"not up to standard " . In typical Carlton style he had already stitched up a nice little extra earner as Richard] Pratt's Environmental Spokesman .
  7. Jeez , the guy was a volunteer whose prominent marketing background helped with fund raising/ finding sponsors .
  8. Yes , the Ormond . McKinnon Bentleigh area was our zone and very fruitful in the baby-boomer 1950's .
  9. I remember a game at Arden Street ( but not the year ) where due to injuries Barassi was forced to play as ruckman in the last quarter . In a thriller he took running leaps at his opponents at throw-ins or just bustled negatively . We won by a whisker and the great man was so stuffed he had to be assisted off the ground '
  10. Have to say , i get a bit of perverse satisfaction that the 80% plus non-MFC supporters getting their MCC Email re Russell's appointment will be muttering " There they go again " . The only good thing about being a septagenarian is that i won't be alive when the Pies surpass us.........and it will happen !
  11. Some "empty suit ".............former national CEO of the mighty George Patterson advertising agency .
  12. Then there were the rusted- on Aussie colloquial first names such as Hassa (Harold) Mann . With a single given name initial in The Record of his day i'm sure many kids didn't know his real name .
  13. Horrible recruiting decisions such as selecting Jimmy ( "confidence issues" ) Toumpas over Ollie Wines have nothing to do with Political Correctness .
  14. Since the late 1990's , three AFL players who have each played over one hundred games have identical names ( middle given names excluded ) . Can you name them ? Any other examples of shared names in the VFL/AFL ?
  15. Yes , Don had two stints with us '53-59 & '64-68 with West Perth '60-62 and Sale '63 .
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