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  1. So Munford smacks his opponent in the face with his foreman , deliberate action. Gets off his ban and May who stood his ground and his opponent 'throws' himself backwards gets a week. Our game is in such good hands, we never know what decision is about to occur when the umpire blows his whistle and now we can guess work Christian's interpretations. How is it possible to suggest that Munford's action was of less force than May's ? The game is 'in such good hands!' yeah right!
  2. Today’s game was about Umpires wanting to be the ‘centre’ of attention. look at me ! Look at me! I’m in charge and I ‘m the boss . It’s all about me! The big problem is (even with 4) , they umpire from BEHIND the play, 40 metres at least from the play. They guess and are Never wrong when challenged. Goals kill teams especially when you watch a replay and see such dumb, inconsistent and poor decisions. its the only game in the world where the whistle blows and no ones knows the outcome. solution : Get umpires full time, professionals, maybe 25-30. Pay by performance. Stop umpiring from behind the play, stop guessing. Great umpiring is when you do not notice them. Should we not review decisions that are made which result in shots on goal? The run past 50 metre is an absolute shocker of a rule. Today the Dees were penalised with players chasing their opponents past the kicker at least twice. So frustrated with inconsistency and often the frees not paid are the real killers. Then again we are criticising those who do not accept criticism!
  3. Attended Corey's 'finals' game with Casey v a near AFL side in Richmond. He was simply outstanding. Very strong over the ball and good user. Thought I saw a real AFL player. Predict he will make massive improvement this year, barring injury
  4. The problem is ...now you can apparently lay force on the head region, as long as its 'not forceful'. So a slap or push to the area must be OK? A fine should have been the minimum outcome or are we saying you can bring force to the head region and 'we will decide the force of that blow' As for acting, just watch Rance...now that's acting! Clayton is a tough young man, just hope the Swans have a go at him!
  5. We can beat Hawthorn. Hawks always play out the back. Their backline players drop off usually without a man and then the Hawk players spread quickly. This leaves a number of options and allows them to run forward, hand pass over the top and lead into space. They score! Dees just have to pick up these players who drop out the back and try to stop their run. We look good when we run! Easier said than done I know. We are young, especially this week. I am proud of 8 wins so far ( could have/ should have been a couple more) Hopeful of a very competitive go against a very good team
  6. Retired teacher. Son a High School teacher. Dee's fan for over 50 years
  7. Why not try? 3 to Port Wines to Melbourne Port get to use 3 for Paddy R
  8. It seems to me that if we get a PP, it may be a 'tradeable' pick, so another club gets the benefit of this and we get a player. Works for me and may interest the detractors. Maybe we need to get used to being hated by other clubs.
  9. What Damian fails to address is that the AFL is NOT just made up of other Clubs. Each club has its own passionate band of supporters. Melbourne has nearly 32 000 members and I am sure, If we were at all successful, we could be up about the 50 000 mark. The AFL has gone to amazing lengths to ensure that the Suns and GWS will be successful. Enormous resource, personnel and draft picks has ensured that both of these clubs will eventually be very competitive. Let's go with Damian's thinking about Melbourne, we could ensure that Melbourne finish on the bottom every year. I am confident that the AFL would not want that! Even the AFL have worked out that an equalisation culture is necessary. Extra support does not guarantee success. Dear Damian, draft concessions, etc do not guarantee success! We have been a basket case in recent years and the AFL have intervened to give us some professional support. They want an 18 team very competitive competition. They want the weekly footy tipping to be a tough task. Melbourne supporters are entitled to some success, just like all other club supporters. We do need 'on the ground' support, if we get a draft concession then the AFL have made that judgement, NOT Melbourne! We will take any support on offer. I am offended by Damian's comments...I have been a Dees supporter for over 50 years and I want just 1 Premiership before I help subsidise the flower growing fraternity. You are a' tool' Damian and have absolutely no idea about the passion, true supporters have for their club. I will continue to be a Melbourne Member and hope desperately to taste some success in the near future. Do not tell me that I don't deserve success, Melbourne supporters are vital members of the AFL community. You Tool!
  10. Thankyou Caroline Wilson for ensuring that natural justice has taken a huge whack! If this was a criminal trial, her bias, blokes in the closet, vitriolic and emotional attack on the club could only be seen as interference with justice. It would be impossible now to get any natural justice, her articles have made this a legal minefield. I hope our lawyers use 'her words' to seek a strong case for biased interference in the process and a public attack ,without providing 1 real piece of evidence. Come on Caroline , provide the "Hard evidence you say you have, to the AFL" Not possible? According to her 'gutter'' approach , she has everyone guilty of everything, well before an investigation has been completed. She has made the truth so impossible to get at, having tainted the investigation with a public attack on the club. She has dismissed any attempt to widen the investigation as unnecessary and her personal attacks must open her to slander possibilities. I am hoping that the AFL can see the very injustice of such attacks and acknowledge that she has clouded the truth. Who could find the truth in her 'declining' articles. Regardless of outcome (and I doubt how anyone can come to a conclusion now ,without a stong hint of interference by a single journalist), I would ensure that Caroline Wilson gets 'nothing' from this Club, ever! Now of course we get every 'hater' of Melbourne jumping up and making statements that provide no more facts, just more fiction and hate mail. If you or I persisted with such a vitriolic attack on another person, without providing a shred of 'real' evidence, we would be in court and suffer strong sanctions. I can only be hopeful that natural justice will be afforded to Caroline Wilson, because she has tried to stop Melbourne from having any. Remember , we are guilty because Caroline Wilson says so! There must something underneath the surface to ensure such hatred from a person who calls herself a journalist. There I've done it , used inuendo and a maybe's to enhance my story....sound familiar
  11. What people coming forward? They are anonymous or 'allegedly it was reported....' Any of us can make anything up, put it in print and according to 'the Age' , it must be true!' A Carlton president once had a great saying to some this up 'Pigs Ar..'
  12. In all the media hype and the barrage of this 'allegedly' happened!, one 'version was and another 'version' was etc tetc I have not read or know of a single FACT that has come to light to prove anything. A witch hunt through the media must also have its consequences. Unless there is a proven case of 'anything', people like Caroline Wilson must be prepared to resign her position should she not be vindicated. It is her right to report news, not make it up on the run or offer interpretation to suit her story. We are talking of something that supposedly happened 4 years ago. To be truly open we would need to investigate much further back and to widen the inuendo to even that idiot, Kennett's team. The AFL know that any negative outcome towards Melbourne will bring fierce resistance from the Club , injunctions and a demand for deeper investigations. The AFL should simply admit that they supported a flawed system , a number of clubs may have used the system with interpretation and they are now changing the system so this will never occurr again. Making 1 team or individuals scapegoats for using an existing system will not advance the game. There are many players in this scenario and many possible outcomes. In recent times a lot of Australians have been 'tried' in the media, only to find the actual facts do not support the theories generated out of 'Headline seeking' poor journalism I for 1 will be watching to see whether or not the AFL support the Media circus being played out, whether they are agreeing with the media clowns or they are actually gathering the facts and will make a fair and provide game supportive outcomes.
  13. If found guilty of some ridiculous charge (impossible to prove), the following should occur; 1. Brock Mclean becomes a persona non gratia at Melbourne. When next he plays us we should focus our attention on him like no other player in the VFL's AFL's history (probably should happen either way) 2. Never buy an Age again read an Age article again, talk to an Age reporter, allow any Age reporter access to our club etcetec, and publish the fact that CW has been the sole cause for this 3. The Club needs to sue the 'pants' off the AFL, Take the outcome to the High court, determine that this action will continue until ALL players from ALL clubs are identified and so called called to account 4. If the Club does not do 3. then the members take this up and take out a civil action against the AFL. there are so many holes in this stuff that even a layman can see that the AFL will be walking on eggshells over this. If they think this is over when a club or someone is found guilty they had better be prepared to bunker in. I hope they will come to a rational and intelligent outcome or this has the potential to drag on for years
  14. An investigation into any meeting held by Hawthorn, Collingwood or Carltank in their years of being at the bottom, will have to occur. Who is the person who is actually going to say "yes we agreed to tank". Cannot see that happening. It has to be inuendo or hearsay. If Bailey was to be proven guilty of such a statement. surely he would be sanctioned. I hope Melbourne is ready to take this to the High Court. Brock Mcclean you are a 'wombat' ! you transferred to the Club who must be found guilty of tanking if Melbourne was ever found to have tanked. Certainly no player would deliberately tank.
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