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  1. It’s interesting that Lewis has said all this, for one I think there was a perception that it was the “softer” maybe younger players leading the call for the cancellation. I think there was also the belief that most of the leadership group was on board with it, and at least a 50/50 split in the larger playing group. Seems like those perceptions were wrong, probably the biggest error was that the players didn’t voice their opinions earlier or the coaching staff not hearing their hesitations about it.
  2. Jeez Kennett makes me want to vomit sometimes, might also have something to do with the disgusting colours of his club. Would love nothing more than to see the Hawks bottom out for a good 4 years, and perhaps little side of being caught in some kind of controversy just to really give people a chance to sink the boots in.
  3. If I had to guess where part of this disconnect has come from it might be 6-6-6. In 2018 when we were winning clearances we had players coming from behind the ball so there was an instinct to look at who was behind to take the extra pause and sum up the leads. Now if we win clearances we blaze away and bomb without looking. Now if that what the instruction is then the forwards need to hold their leads to judge where the ball is coming. Having said that we have even more entries that aren’t from centre bounces that end in the same way, Hibberd and Langdon were our worst offenders against WC.
  4. It's going to be really interesting to see how the players come back. I guess they are still allowed the exercise outside, unless the club has requested they stay on lockdown.
  5. Will it help with some of those shocking winds that come through when kicking for goal?
  6. Although I’m not a fan of the games I’ve seen at Casey should this be the case we should definitely petition to have games at Casey as it would be a genuine opportunity at a home ground advantage. Why should Saints, Blues, and Doggies be the only ones that benefit from it. A by the by, wouldn’t Perth stadium be another ground that would be unavailable? Could there be a return of footy to Subiaco?
  7. Wimbledon’s been cancelled. I imagine TDF will be coming soon as well, would be interesting to see if the US Open tennis follows suit soon. New York is in a lot of trouble right now but perhaps they think there’s time for them to get things ok by then.
  8. Honestly I wouldn't be against the AFL just creating a one time style of premiership, don't call it a premiership flag or any of the usual terminology, perhaps call it the AFL Championships (particularly if they're going to go down a US model play off system). By the way anyone that feels it's a selfish idea of the AFL to be trying to create a way to be able to maximise what little they can get out of the year, it's ultimately going to be beneficial to the competition and the clubs (ie us). So if a best of 3 Grand Final is a way to do that, then so be it.
  9. I'm really annoyed with Foxtel, the only game they've made available on demand for the live recall is the Pies vs Tigers. I would really like to be able to watch it now (anything the pass the time right 😆).
  10. For a bit of fun I had a look at Jurrah's highlights on youtube, jeez he really was something special. I can't help but wonder if in a parallel universe there's a version of him who was able to be managed better and given a full AFL career.
  11. Totally agree, I wasn't sure if the people in Ealing would get behind it but I was really pleased to see that they did. All the health care workers must be working to the point of exhaustion so I hope it provided them with good feels to know that people appreciate their efforts. You stay healthy as well mate.
  12. Whereabouts are you in London? I live in Ealing (actually just moved a week before they brought in the tougher measures). I've *touch wood* been able to stay healthy and avoid getting sick but I also know that Ealing is one of the higher rated areas which genuinely makes me worry about going out. That said if you're not far from me and need someone to drop off essentials (beer etc) I'd be happy to help. Like you I thought the AFL would get a couple of rounds out of the way before pausing the season, but it sounds like Australia is making a similar mistake to the UK in that they've got a foot in both camp. Containment, but not restricting movement/non-essential work. Mixed messages stuffed up the UK (London in particular which should have locked down 1-2 weeks ago), I really hope it won't happen in Australia.
  13. It was interesting that one of Kozzie's involvements was a low penetrating kick into the forward line which resulted in a goal. Now the kick wasn't the best in the world but the fact that it had a lower trajectory and more pace on it gave Melksham more chance to do something with it and made it harder on the defenders. I like the look of Langdon and I think he will be a good acquisition for us but he definitely needs to improve his kicks inside 50.
  14. Absolutely it should be a sliding scale. Top earners (Dangermouse, Reiwoldt, Buddy, Dusty etc) should be showing leadership in this regard to help out their fellow players that are earning base salaries. Totally understand they're feeling a pinch as well but jeez there are others out there doing it a whole lot tougher.
  15. I think the club should be holding off on it for now, there’s a lot going on in the world and people are still trying to figure things out. Australia isn’t even in lockdown. When it happens, I’m on board and will gladly dip in, but it could be a PR nightmare is they don’t time it right.
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