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  1. I can’t imagine too many people thinking he’s that bad, at least the players do seem to like a respond positively to him. I just don’t see clear structures or game plans, particularly when we go forward.
  2. This is one of the more bold ideas but I don’t mind it, is it robbing Peter to pay Paul though? I just find it amazing that almost everyone is in agreement that the structure doesn’t seem to be working without two tall forward options but they are persisting with it. I feel that Goodwin and the match committee have made this decision that they will keep going with it for a period regardless of the results, perhaps they are already looking towards 2021. Personally, as a fan and long time member it’s infuriating to see the ball going inside 50 have almost no confidence there is someone in there who can take a contested mark.
  3. Just a quick question (not having a crack) are they the raw numbers that you’ve found or are they based on averages per game? I only ask because I initially was really worried when we had scored less points compared to Adelaide before remembering we’d played one game less.
  4. I would position myself as one of the fans who has shown faith, and even defended Goodwin. I’ll also say there is time to pull our asses out of the fire. What worries me is that there a systemic issues within the way we play that don’t seem to be looking at being addressed, mainly the efficiency when going into the forward line. I am possibly (check that probably) wrong that they aren’t being addressed, I think it’s more that like many other supporters I don’t agree with the way it is being addressed. We look at for instance the recruitment of Brown as another forward option when we have struggled to take marks and kick goals, but we aren’t using him. We also have Weiderman who is getting to that age and point in his career where we have to just give him a go. Both players, for me, would straighten us up and given us a clear target moving forward. Would Salem have felt more comfortable about putting the ball to the top of the square with 30sec to go last week if we had some tall marking players in there? I also look at the way we aren’t playing Bennell and it just confuses me. Have we become so concerned and focused on maintaining a defensive structure that we’re forgetting the whole aim of the game is to kick a winning score?
  5. 100% with you. My personal choice would have been to drop Melks, put Fritta/Hannan is his role and have Brown at FF.
  6. When I saw who they brought into the squad I had a feeling no change was possible. I think they’re trying to settle on a team to give them confidence. But I still am really unconvinced about our structure going forward, especially the way that we play. Are we now playing Petracca forward? Wasn’t a big thing about this year going to be seeing Petracca given more time in the middle? I think our forward line is too small/medium, maybe it needs time to click, but I’m running out of patience.
  7. I think we need to bring in Oscar to replace Smith, or as a bit of a crazy idea keep Smith in and experiment with him up forward. The defensive structure actually looked better last week, but yet again (seriously how many times are we going to say this before the club gets it right) our forward structure and entries are diabolical at the moment. Which really makes you question why Bennell isn't the team. I'm really fed up with it, and only one thing is going to change that. A win. Win, and Goody looks like a genius. Lose, and more questions will come. Especially if we lose with more forward entries than Richmond.
  8. I have to say Terry Wallace (someone I'm usually not a great fan of) has nailed every point there. We have seen these deficiencies for a while now and it seems we have the tools to fix it, but we aren't using them. It just seems like madness.
  9. I don't think that's playing on him, I was a little annoyed at Gawn nominating him though because Max actually needs to take a couple of things more seriously. Honestly I think he did it because people see him as a character and he enjoys doing silly things. Fritta shouldn't be used as a FF, that's the big issue here. Against medium body players he can do well, against the bigger players unless he gets separation he gets beaten most times. When you talk about pressure on a young player @DeeZee I feel like that's the big mistake we've made, making him as our main forward target.
  10. Tigers must be licking their lips at coming up against us. I hate saying stuff like this as I feeling I'm turning into the prototype MFCSS fan but I feel like we've become the confidence building team, we push teams just enough to give them a run but don't get the job done. Anyway, to the point. One thing that successful teams build is consistency with line up, I don't see them doing major changes to the team or structure. Personally, as a fan not as an expert, I think our forward line looks small. I think the plan almost revolved around it looking small but playing tall, this isn't happening so I think we need a taller player to take the oppositions number one defender to provide a foil for Fritta and co. What that means is that one of Hannan, Melksham, or Hunt has to go. Personally I'd be dropping Melksham, and moving Fritta into the HFF role the Melksham has been doing and bringing in one of Brown or Weiderman. I thought Hannan was solid without being outstanding in his first game back, I think he's deserved another crack. Hunt was very quiet but has been solid in the other two games. He also has pace to him which needs to be used more. Down back I am not a fan of Smith, but he was better against the cats and in fact I thought aside from those 3rd quarter brainfarts that cost us the game, the defence held up quite well. OMac was BOG in the scratch match, does that earn him a recall at Smith's expense? Finally the enigma of Bennell. Supremely skilful but how do we fit him in? AvB was quiet but I think he's best 22. Do we drop Lockhart and move Harmes back into defence? Give Brayshaw more time on the ball in Harmes' place. I've said it before, I think the pieces of the puzzle are there for a successful team. I just don't know how they fit together, and I'm not sure the match committee know either.
  11. Because it will cripple the club financially and the AFL doesn't have the funds to bail us out. Simple. He was re-signed to a longer term contract following the success of 2018, that has probably been proven to be a knee jerk reaction, although Adelaide were circling as a club looking to poach him. Like many decisions the club has made around contracts I would say the fault has been the length rather than the decision itself, I thought he was contracted to the end of 2021 but it's 2022. From memory he was to be out of contract end of 2019, I would've thought a 2 year extension would've been a fair reward and show of faith. The disruptive season we had with injury can be looked at as a pass on to our slow start this year, a lot of the players haven't actually played with each other regularly for 18+ months, THAT SAID that is not excusing the results. Despite having pretty much our best available the same problems persist, which is my number one concern with the club and Goodwin himself. The say they are working on fixing the faults, but thus far I haven't seen the proof out on the park.
  12. It was a succession plan put into place from the moment Roos walked in the door. If they had gone for a coach waiting in the wings who already had been a top level, experienced coach then why get Roos at all? That was the plan, that was sold to Roos, it was the plan that was sold to the members and I would say most members were happy with it. It has nothing to do with Paul's ego and to suggest that is, in my view, disrespectful. I remain of the opinion that there is one coach out there right now that I would move heaven and earth for, the rest....meh. That one person is Al Clarkson who has runs on the board, and has shown adaptability to situations and trends in the game. Damien Hardwick as well perhaps. Goodwin may not be the right person for us but he's got another year to run on his contract, and I picture him seeing out most of it. I'd spew if we got Ross Lyon.
  13. I said this to my brother the other day that selection is going to be very difficult because I didn’t think there were a whole lot of players that I’d drop immediately, but there were a number of average performances. Melksham is a tough one to drop because we know what he’s capable of but I also think it’s time we looked at something different. Like a few others here I think we need two talls in the forward line, the way we’re playing doesn’t work with a smaller forward line. If we had players all over the part that could forwards laces out then it would be ok, but we don’t. One of Brown/Weids should come in, tell them their role, back them in to do it. Fritsch should be moved into Melks role, he’s not a FF, stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole! The tough one is Bennell, I think we need him in the team if he can get 60% game time but I just don’t know who gets dropped. Hannan was good enough in his return, Hunt was poor but he’s a different player (and bigger with endurance), AvB wasn’t big but will get better with game time.
  14. Keep giving us silly soft goals, then when it’s our turn we don’t take full advantage of things. Why did Salem wait for every cats player to get back before kicking it?
  15. The forward line is still my main concern, I like someone's earlier suggestion of playing Hunt at FF and move Fritta into a HFF role, keep Tommy Mac as a CHF (please let him clunk some marks this week!). Like so much of course it's dependent on delivery, spot up passes or at least space for players to run into. Hunt has had a good start to the year and looked good in the limited footage from the Intraclub match. Honestly with this year going the way it has I literally don't have a clue what we'll bring to the table this weekend.
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