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  1. Big time of the game here, dogs can take it away from us if we don't dig in.
  2. So the thread seems to be mostly negative but I think there are some positives in there. For one this it's one point the margin and anyone's game, it's been swinging in momentum but both teams are stifling each other, which is a surprise given both teams styles of play. I wonder if our match committee felt to try to match the dogs in outside run this year would be a mistake as we are getting caught out too much with two way running. We are winning at clearances, Gawn and Pruess are giving our players silver service (Gawn moreso obviously), we just need to start taking better advantage of it. If both rucks are on the ground then they need to be more separated, a few times they were right near each other and it eliminates the advantage of having the tall timbre rather down the line. To sum up for me, we aren't playing well but we're not playing great. We are still getting done with sub par forward entries and basic skills. Zero doubt in my mind that we can win from here and stuff up my tipping.
  3. Gold Coast teams don't work, that place is cursed! It's almost like they need to build the team from scratch again.
  4. Hate Essendon, but what a great goal to win it.
  5. I wouldn't necessarily go after him but if ever we needed proof of needing an elite small forward then that is it. Jeffy was that a few years back, form and injury has lost whatever magic he had, we have to search high and low in the draft or in the lower comps for an excitement machine that will create forward pressure and get those mercurial goals. Amazing goal to win the game.
  6. It’s not time for a rebuild but it’s definitely time for a harsh analysis of where certain players are at and where we thought they would be. I keep saying it in different threads but 2019 is still an opportunity to build something for 2020 and that has to start with playing things smart and potentially ruthless. I think the bigger issue lies with our gameplan and less the players executing it. When the plan works it’s breathtaking and exciting but when it fails it backfired on us horrifically. There surely has to be a middle ground in there that allows for patience before pulling the trigger at the right time. I feel like someone like Salem understands and does this more than anyone else. He looks for the lateral movement kick that can free someone up further afield rather than going for the long 1 on 1 to a bad position and to a guy that doesn’t actually have anyone to go to even if he wins it. Too often we get a mark near the center and immediately handball to a runner going past, they immediately get pressured into either a long no look bomb or get caught (which happened a lot v Lions). Before we start a player rebuild, we should be looking at a game style rebuild.
  7. Big stretch to be whacking him straight up to captain after the disgraceful condition he turned up to the club in for pre-season, but he is settling into his role well and I would be looking at him being in the leadership group next year. I also liked him getting angry and giving Frost a bit of an on field roast, we don’t need primary school teaches that will give gold stars for doing the basics correct, we need a general there and he can definitely be that. Amazingly after the awful start our defence had to this year it is starting to feel better down back. Though still got some NQRs with footy brains the size of grain of rice.
  8. To be fair until this year we had improved year on year since Roos took over. This isn’t excusing our season but we are having our dip in the cycle that in my gut I kinda felt was going to come. The biggest error the club can make right now is just continue on our current trajectory with a game plan that clearly isn’t working. This year has worth to it, massive worth that I firmly believe could take us all the way in the future. It sounds ridiculous but I’m actually upbeat because I was worried that we would make a crazy charge for the finals and smash our players into the ground in the process. Finals are now mathematically basically gone, focus on 2020 and what we can get out of this year. I would actually like to see the club and football department undergo a rigorous analysis ASAP of the game plan, how we see it being tweaked or completely changed, who we need to target whether that’s players or coaches, and start the wheels turning now. Geelong before their push into that first premiership run had a bad year (although not as bad as we’ve got going now) but they used it to set things up. We have to do the same.
  9. One thing that really annoys me is that after last week Goodwin and Co were talking up the fact that there was better connection between midfield and forwards. That disconnect still clearly exists, countless times we did look away bombs or kicking it to positions that weren’t in our favour. Our midfield has gone from looking like a 8/10 stunner to a donkey. I don’t know what’s happened to Gus but all the poise and good play he had last year has completely left him. Oliver is still over handballing and when he does kick it it’s generally not great. A typical game from Petracca today, kicks 2 early goals and barely seen after that. And Viney, I just wonder if he is carrying something, looks half a meter off the pace. Give Gawn the week off, Preuss had a good game for Casey and the season is officially done. No point in risking him.
  10. Aaaaaaand that’s me switching off much like Melbourne for the last 5min of the 3rd quarter until now.
  11. I have to say, what a quarter from Hipwood. I mean sometimes forwards have those times that they are just hot to trot and credit to him he was buddy like in that quarter. On us, centre clearances are a disgrace. Not only are we losing them but we’re losing even when we should be winning! Jones, Clarry, Brayshaw, Viney, Harmes are being murdered. On our gamestyle, now i’m only a fan so hardly an expert but it’s not working. The handball and play on constantly is failing, there were so many times we have perfect control of the ball and chose a speculative handball and put ourselves under pressure. We need to put the breaks on this style and prepare for 2020 with something sustainable.
  12. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why would he do such an stupidly dangerous kick????
  13. This is my biggest issue with our team, moving the ball too quickly too often. The best teams know when to put the accelerator on if they see the options but will seach for the link up ball that allows the forwards to get separation on their man. ANB, Jones, Oliver, and Petracca from what I can remember of that quarter were all guilty of just banging it in there and the fact of the matter is that unless they hit the forward laces out it was always going to be rebounded.
  14. There is that same rushed disconnect between the middle and the forwards, at least three times we were breaking and instead of looking for the intelligent link up kick they’d bomb a high one to our forwards. It easy pickings for the lions defence. Hopefully we can start to get on top at the bounces with Max back and their ruckman down, I hope he’s already because it looked very nasty the way he flopped onto the ground. If there is even the slightest thought that Jacks foot has flared up then put him on the bench for the rest of the game. We really are having a wretched run of injuries this year. We’re in front, probably shouldn’t be but how many times have we felt this way! It’s about time we got one to swing back our way!
  15. I think the point that Goodwin (and Roosy on the coverage) was making was that ok stats wise he was very low, but his workrate to get to the contests, bring it to ground, harass the ball carrier once it hit the ground, and create opportunities made his game better than what it looked on the stats sheet. I don't think Simon was saying he played a great game, only pointing out that stats aren't everything. He impacted, therefor he contributed positively in the teams performance.
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