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  1. Surely Melbourne is taking the pi55 by naming Harmes at Casey! No way is he playing VFL this week, those days are behind him. I confess I don’t see what others do with Fritch, I wouldn’t say he’s been outstanding but I also would say he’s one of our better ball users. I’m just not sure we’re using him properly. I’m cautiously optimistic about this week, but not enough to tip us.
  2. The MFC website still says he's 1-2 weeks away, sounds as though physically he's fine it's just getting him confident in his recovery that's what holding him back. Surely Gus and Jetta would be great people for him to be chatting to, both were in a very similar position to him.
  3. It was heartening seeing us return to the footy that made us great to watch last week. I'm not sure where that was for the first few rounds but it gives me hope that it's still there. Scoreboard pressure early is crucial, we were on top for the first 10min last week but failed to make it count, which ended up being the theme for the whole game. If Tom, Trac, and Jeffy can get on the board early, get their confidence up it could be what wins us the game. Just on Jeffy, did anyone else feel like there were more glimpses of his old self last week? Hitting the crumbs hard with pace, and looking to be creative, his finishing still isn't quite right but for the first time in a while he looked like a danger.
  4. Heartbreaking to hear but also inspirational, I really hope he nails his first AFL goal at the G this week. I reckon the boys will get right around him.
  5. It's a bit of a worry seeing those rugby posts in the background, where's Jumping Jeffrey and his family based now?
  6. I like the idea of playing Pruess over Smith personally. Smith didn’t do a whole lot wrong but a massive game from Gawn last week over in the West and with Mumford inevitably going to rough Max up, I like the idea of having Pruess there not only as a tall target to go to up forward (and instruct him that if he’s not marking it must go to ground) and we have someone to chop Max out when needed and he can even go to town on Mumford physically. I’m really glad to hear they aren’t rushing Lever back and in fact will wait for him to put his name forward. In: Pruess, Lewis Out: Smith, Stretch/ANB
  7. I kind of agree with you, if we can find a way of getting a win this week (which being at the G isn't the craziest thing ever) while we then get Adelaide who are very inconsistent right now. Get a few of the troops back and we are a shot, that said though I don't want the club rushing players back if they aren't right just to make finals this year. We did that with Viney in 2017 and it came back to bite us, just get them fit and play them when they're ready.
  8. I'll be absolutely filthy if we do that, we need him but we need him in his right ability. He needs at least one more week at VFL and he should show that he's ready to go.
  9. Reading that I thought you had to be a troll, I've actually had a quick look through your postings and it really doesn't look like it. I've done a knee, and you are so off the mark it's laughable so instead of scalding you how about I break things down for you. Recovery isn't just the injury itself, particularly with structural injuries like knees. A closer mark would be 6-9 months is what it takes for the knee to "heal", but that doesn't take into account the conditioning your body and in particular that leg loses. The rehab isn't a constant upward trend either, you have setbacks (and I'm 99% sure Jake had one around December that required surgery) and when you have setbacks it really slows you down. Then when you do get the all clear to start loading again you can't go all guns blazing because your muscles aren't used to it, you also have to be careful that you're not overloading one leg over the other, it's not uncommon for people to do their other knee following a return. Then you have to get confidence in your body that it isn't going to break down again, whether that's the knees or the muscles surrounding it. Then he has to return to the game, get back his natural skills, and get a feel for the pace of the game. You try doing something and then returning a year later and see if you are able to jump straight in with no problems. All that is putting aside the psychological side that plays on your mind of "will it all be ok?" Bottom line is I'm just stoked for him that he got through the game unscathed and he will go next week with more confidence.
  10. I doubt the coaching staff were hoping for much more than get through the game unscathed and build up through the weeks. It takes time getting confidence back in your body, and picking up the speed of the game (regardless of the level) takes time as well. And for the record he hasn’t had a whole year off to prepare for his return, he has had a year off INJURED.
  11. I remember Robbo was a terrible kick for goal but he spent an off season correcting it and became a very reliable set shot. I don’t accept that with discipline it can’t be corrected.
  12. So there’s been plenty of discussion about the umpires from the West Coast but really we had the game in our hands for most of the match but didn’t make the most of our entries or chances. But only 3 times this year have we kicked more goals than behind with the Essendon game (18.4) being the best. Last week it was so very close to costing us the win and this week there is no doubt in my mind it cost us. We had so many chances that should’ve been nailed and some of them weren’t even close. TMac who’s usually a good set shot even has the yips now, but the worst offenders are clearly Jeffy and Petracca. Now both did very good and important things on the weekend but it’s not good enough to say, “take the good with the bad”. Petracca who is on more money than most of us will see in a lifetime missed from what most people at the local ground would be nailing. While he also had a running shot that didn’t even register a score! I’m sick of it and it’s about bloody time the coaches did something about it. But the question is, is it simply the yips that’s spreading through the club or is it poor technique that needs correcting? And if it’s the latter why hasn’t it been done before?
  13. Brayshaw’s a better kick than what he showed tonight, wouldn’t say I’m worried about him yet but someone should try to get ahead of any bad habits he might be starting to get in his game. Hard to know who comes in yet but at this stage you’d think Smith, ANB, and Salem all have clouds over them from concussion. Lockhart and Stretch would be two performance wise I’d put in the firing line. As for INS well until Casey play we can’t really say but Preuss would surely be looked at, will we take things slow with Lever or get him back in should he physically get the all clear from one week at Casey? Lewis will probably come straight back in despite his unpopularity amongst the demons fathiful. We really are the walking wounded, but at least we played more like our 2018 selves this week than I’ve seen all year.
  14. Still us. We control what we can control, we kick 15.9 (which isn’t ridiculous give the misses) and we win comfortably. The umps helped with the momentum and should be questioned on some big calls at the end but we were our own worst enemies. Here’s my big call for the year: right now Petracca is Tom Bugg 2.0
  15. Yeah I wondered the same thing, but I was actually most confused by the fact we didn’t get the ball after the kick in didn’t touch anyone else. Or has that rule changed as well? The umps were better than I’ve seen at times in Perth, still one sided with the 50/50 calls but they did let a few go with the eagles players trying to force high contact. The big one that cost us was the throw that wasn’t paid, very difficult for them to see but costly.
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