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  1. That first quarter West Coast played some unbelievable footy, it felt like I was at Optus prelim final day again. Richmond might be good enough to get back in this but if the Eagles get two home finals hard to see them not winning it again.
  2. Umpires wearing yellow with two teams with yellow in there jumpers.
  3. Essendon guaranteed finals, Carlton winning and Melbourne getting flogged the weekend couldn’t get any worse.
  4. In all honesty is Goodwin safe for next year? Yes there will be a big payout but the club is burning money with this rubbish. Pert was bemoaning there was still 12000 MCC members who hadn’t signed up as MFC members this year, wait till next year and you can bet Jag will be running away at the speed of light too.
  5. Agree with everything in your post Lord Travis. Whitfield is exactly what we need unfortunately don’t think they would let him go. Coniglio is also a gun and I also can’t believe we aren’t having a crack at him. I think unfortunately we have got our list build and structure slightly wrong. I mean Richmond have Dusty on about 1.2 to 1.3m a year and yet are able to juggle new contracts to there key big name players so they are able to bring in a gun free agent in Lynch. Meanwhile we have played finals once in thirteen years, shedding you would think reasonable salary cap space with Lewis gone Jones on a much lower contract and still not linked to the best available free agent.
  6. Yes true, but just reporting what our CEO said and that was over $200,000 last week and around $200,000 this week.
  7. True, boy I wish we had Dylan Grimes on our list.
  8. I am certainly not sold on Lever yet happy to give him next year to prove himself and prove me and others wrong. But right now I certainly don’t think he will ever be worth his reported hefty contract. And I think the club has got its list management out of whack paying two back men around 1.5 to 1.6m a year and it certainly doesn’t help they both seem injury prone.
  9. Just checked the score in the Dogs Essendon game, a shame it’s not on ch7 always cheers me up watching Essendon get flogged.
  10. Pert on 3AW before the game said if we had been in finals contention ( like Richmond and Collingwood ) you could have expected about 80,000 last week and this week. Costing us about $400,000 over the two weeks, pressure will mount on Goodwin internally very quickly if this crap continues.
  11. Given the weather forecast, Collingwood’s form and our form the clubs bottom line is going to take a massive hit tomorrow hard to see more than 35,000 there. As we seemed to have learned nothing this year and wet weather footy on the cards I am predicting another easy loss coming up.
  12. The media are a funny lot, having a go at us ( fair enough we suck ) but bringing up about how Richmond at the end of 2016 had the potential for two board challengers and no one cares at Melbourne. What a crock, if where in the same place next year I bet there will be challengers lining up the board and then you watch Caro come out with its so destabilising it’s going to cost the club so much money it’s not what the club needs it’s so Melbourne. I feel it’s fair to say we have been rubbish for so long had one ok year and back down the bottom of the ladder again that other clubs, media and other supporters just feel that’s where we belong. Welcome back Saturday and Sunday early and twilight games with little talk about us. Until we have a minimum five years in a row playing finals and challenging I can’t see people outside of Demons fans ever changing their thoughts about us really. This year has been an unmitigated disaster of the biggest proportions, thank goodness it’s nearly over bring on 2020 it simply can’t be this bad again.
  13. Sorry made that assumption based on thinking he was still playing mostly as a back man and not a winger and we have also been mentioned looking at Keath from Adelaide and Frost is yet to have a contract.
  14. Looks like the club isn’t so keen on Frostball in 2020. Interesting times ahead.
  15. Heard the Ox, Robbo and Matt Granland this afternoon on radio it was quite interesting. Granland was making the point that in most big sports around the world Goodwin would have been sacked with the year we have had. Lucky for Goodwin he signed a new deal at the start of the year and to pay him out would go in the salary cap. Ox said his head would be on the chopping block next year if things don’t improve. Hard to argue with that really.
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