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  1. Just curious if people are actually looking forward to the footy coming back this year? Right at the moment I really couldn’t give a stuff about this year and the thought of watching Collingwood, Essendon and Richmond every week for the next five years is also sickening.
  2. I hope like hell we don’t play them round 2, unfortunately the exact type of game we lose.
  3. Agree totally, as if the world isn’t depressing enough at the moment you have people suggesting this.
  4. He can run all day apparently.
  5. trout

    16 minutes

    How do we know our fitness is any better than the rest of the comp, yeah sure it will be better than last year but most clubs would be saying the same thing. On another note I hate the 16 min quarters feels to far removed for me a bit like twenty twenty cricket.
  6. Sorry dazzle I was being a bit tongue in cheek. But if the season does get called off, I would think clubs will have to make some cost cutting decisions.
  7. Goodwin could be made redundant if there is no footy played.
  8. Yes to a massive training base in Dingley, something like 20ha they have there future well and truly set up. It’s costing them a fortune but it will be worth it.
  9. Seems to me the club is hell bent on finding a location that ten years after we move in we will be looking for another location as it’s too small. How about following in Hawthorn’s foot steps and find a spot that in 50 years time will still big enough for both the AFLW and AFL teams.
  10. Dominating but only two goals up, hopefully wasted opportunities don’t hurt us.
  11. There are certainly a lot more optimistic people than me around here. While I think if we have some luck and a good run with injuries we could finish as high as 5th or 6th. I just think we have two many question marks on to many players and will finish outside the finals. But in saying that the club clearly rate where are list is at, so I will be judging the season on the clubs expectations. So winning a final is a pass for me. I also think both Goodwin and Mahoney will be gone if we only win 8 games for the season.
  12. Brayshaw Petracca Sparrow McDonald Jetta
  13. From what I have been told Max is a lock, just a matter if they decide to keep Viney as Co Captain.
  14. Bradtke Bedford Baker Chandler Rivers
  15. Jeepers and people around here are talking up our depth. Even if you add Hannan and ANB that’s a very poor list for 2020.
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