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  1. I agree totally with you regarding the game in Geelong, please AFL just give us one year off going to that dump. But I bet even though we finished second last we still cop the two hardest road trips in the AFL, Eagles and Geelong away.
  2. If Jackson has the potential to be a gun key forward then I am open to the idea of drafting him, if he however is a potential gun ruckman that can play forward a bit no way. Not one starting All Australian ruckman has won the premiership in at least the last 19 years. I personally think ruckman are overrated, Richmond have nailed it above average ruckman who cost them very little in the salary cap. Load up on key forwards, gun midfielders and a lesser extent backs. Dead set where in big trouble if a first year key position player would have more impact than Weideman next year. I am calling BS by that other clubs recruiting officer.
  3. Yeah fair enough, I didn’t follow what Carlton were offering to closely. But it just seemed like a trade that should have been done easily enough and if GC didn’t have those extra picks they wouldn’t have been as fussy.
  4. Does anyone else think if the GC Suns hadn’t been gifted so many priority picks they would have actually traded Martin? Not many clubs let talented players leave without any compensation.
  5. Just like to back up Yokozuna, I was told a couple of things late yesterday. One I have a friend who has a mate who works at the club and two we are definitely trying to bring in a forward. No mention of names but we are definitely trying for one.
  6. Given that Pert said at some point this year a key forward is one of our areas we need to bolster it will be interesting to see what happens this trade period.
  7. I would prefer to be keeping Frost but not going to lose sleep over him going. As soon as the club got linked to Keath about 3/4qtrs of the way through the season and Frost didn’t have a contract I thought he might be moved on at seasons end. I think if the club wanted to keep Frost that both parties could easily find middle ground to get it done. But I think it’s pretty clear the club don’t want him.
  8. The club is keeping plenty of room in the soft cap so they can sack Goodwin half way through next year. In all seriousness though it is a worry why we haven’t appointed any other assistants.
  9. Liam Pickering the manager of Rawlings confirmed on SEN this morning that Rawlings just missed out on the Freo job, also praised Freo for the way they ran the process and lack of leaks.
  10. From what I have been told the club doctor and physiotherapist have been given the boot. So hopefully the club have identified the issues with player injuries and rehab and they get the right people in place for next year.
  11. Just at the Sydney airport waiting to fly back to Melbourne, I think a lot of people have seriously underestimated the level of support the Giants have. I have seen four people in Giant Jumpers.
  12. The way Melbourne are going at the moment we will probably give Goodwin another two years on top of his existing three years, just to fend off any suggestions about Adelaide.
  13. Lucky for the pre finals bye week, would hate to think how bad these matches would have been otherwise.
  14. Same person who told me Weideman needs / needed hip surgery half way through the year. Don’t get me wrong up until today’s news about Petracca’s management speaking to to the club I thought it was a joke and it still might be. It could also be the club wants to trade Petracca.
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