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  1. Sorry a bit shy on info other than the club want to hold off on the surgery and see if the injury improves with rest but at some point he will need surgery. Given the way the year is going it will be soon and probably out for a long time.
  2. I was told by someone who had spoken to a member of Sams family today that Sam needs surgery on his hips.
  3. Have you checked out there Dingley project?
  4. Well Trade Radio on a week before any actual trades can be done has brought about some of the worst radio ever. Like others I was on the verge of calling in but then I thought that's exactly what Hutchy wants to happen to fill in the hours. But dead set that muppet Sam Scoop McClure saying Melbourne will do that pick 5 trade for Hogan because they want May, no they wont, they will do the deal when they get two first rounders for Hogan. Then to top it off he says how Essendon will need to give up this years and next years first round pick for Shiel but look out Carlton will get Shiel for just next years first round pick what an idiot.
  5. Yeah there is something not adding up in all this, are we about to see Melbourne do a Sydney? Interesting times ahead.
  6. According to SEN has requested a trade to Melbourne.
  7. Demonland would have crashed with all of us saying what a bad omen it was, hope that is the case for the Pies. Bloody unlucky though.
  8. Very good, I am hanging on to that 1%
  9. Now I know most people don’t rate the majority of Journalists and Jon Ralph is probably high on that list but for what it’s worth he said on radio tonight that there is a 1% chance Hogan is at the Dees in 2019.
  10. I am perfectly happy for Hogan to leave if in return we get Whitfield or Kelly.
  11. If the count continues this way it’s going to be very interesting listening and reading the media tomorrow. Both Gawn and Grundy had amazing years and both deserve to be near the top.
  12. What’s even more staggering is the CH7 commentators haven’t noticed the umpiring.
  13. Like everyone else so nervous, anxious and excited can’t wait. I really hope the players seize the moment, while we have clearly exceeded expectations this year opportunities like this don’t come around often. There are no guarantees in life and despite our list looking in good shape finals next year are no certainty, so let’s make the most of this opportunity.
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