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  1. Pert’s best effort so far
  2. Have been treated with contempt by this club for years. The continual torment has left me with nothing but a misguided sense of loyalty that ends with paying my membership but not bothering to watch games. The handful of semi-successful seasons over the last 50 years are scant reward for decades of support.
  3. Sad to admit it but we are a bottom 4 side
  4. at least we can recognise our ‘brand’
  5. Reminds me of when Graeme Hick used to play the he hook shot with his eyes closed
  6. The only 2 grand finals we have made in my life time 1988 and 2000 both leap years
  7. Who is playing in the ruck. Bradke. Doing Ok?
  8. I think this decision is a slap in the face to both Trengove and Grimes
  9. Alan Johnson was another who would have been handy that day
  10. Don’t disagree with him but any media coverage is welcome for a cub game that struggles for attention
  11. Jacko looking good in the red and the blue
  12. I hope we give him a Queens Birthday debut because that’s like our grand final
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