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  1. Is Lewis Taylor from Brisbane worth a look? He seems to have fallen out of favour up there?
  2. Barrett has achieved what he wanted by his comment. Basically said nothing but planted the seed of panic which is growing very quickly. He has to provide some trivial/semi-relevant comment on each club every week in his ludicrously named "Sliding Doors" column. I'm sure everyone in the football world knows that the club has a quite a few issues to deal with right now and has nearly always had financial challenges.
  3. I hope this latest distraction doesn’t disrail our season
  4. 7.Demons don't need a major review, says president https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-don-t-need-a-major-review-says-president-20190709-p525k6.html
  5. We should trade Oliver before we destroy his career too
  6. Goodwin will go on about getting back to playing our brand but unfortunately our brand is the stuff that gets dumped at $2 shops
  7. Club is amateurish, had no idea where it was at coming into the season (thought it was in premiership contention) and now has been overtaken by 8 or more clubs and unlikely to be back up again for years
  8. Any of the under 18 aust team stand out as a early draft pick because we are likely to have one
  9. Sadly the club thinks playing a couple of good finals last year was a great achievement but too quickly overlooked the dismal showing in the preliminary final. Too many short comings in th team that haven’t been addressed
  10. Neeld has clearly lost the players
  11. that stat just lines up with the most disposals as Collingwood had most and we had second most
  12. over the years they have predicted us to be rubbish and have usually been right so should be ok
  13. Danny Hughes played for the Crows in their first year about a dozen games
  14. '87 definitely the most gut wrenching loss but 1990 semi loss to Eagles (who rarely won in Melbourne) after beating the powerhouse Hawks 2 weeks in a row to knock them out of finals was hard to take
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