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  1. Hi Guys, With the ballot system how does it work if I have 4 memberships that are Category 2 and 2 that are Category 3? If I include all the barcodes together will it drop them all to category 3?
  2. All Dee's gear sold out the next day after the email was sent out
  3. Can someone pls give me some suggestions on my team as ive never played thanks Backs: B.Goddard, B.Deledio, H.Shaw, G.Broughton, J.Grimes, B.Lake, T.Bugg (T.Mohr, B.Smedits) Mids: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, J.Selwood, S.Comogilo, C.Wingard, J.Mcdonald (D.Shiel, J.Magner) Rucks: M.Leunenburger, J.Giles, (J.Rudden, O.Stephenson) Forwards: L.Franklin, N.Fyfe, S.Johnson, D.Martin, P.Dangerfield, D.Smith, A.Kennedy (A.Hall, T.Dickson)
  4. Hey i have been a long time readed and decided it was about time I signed up to the site. I was wondering if there are any more club functions on for the rest of the year as i cant see any on the website...Thanks
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