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  1. This. Strategic marketing has nothing to do with our football. As fans, we might be concerned about the embarrassment this might cause but the people selling our club don't have the luxury of sharing this sentiment with us. Regardless of our results, the job of the communications team is to talk up the club and provide access to players.
  2. I think it tells you that it wasn't his calves they were testing but his attitude. He's throwing everything at this chance and that's what they wanted to see before taking the leap.
  3. Yep, and he's done a good block of training already so should be fine with sitting out for a while. That said, I have the feeling he'll be ready in advance of round 1. He's the consumate professional and will leave no stone unturned in his rehab.
  4. I'm with you, LN. Repeat efforts, strength and concentration. Defender played him almost flawlessly and he still found a way to win the battle. Kennedy is one of the best forwards of the last decade and that vision shows you why. Agile, strong and smart.
  5. So it's not just me! I've called him Beavis and Butthead since game 1!
  6. A relatively injury-free run, so that we can make an accurate assessment of the list and coaches.
  7. Every player should have a short back and sides and should get a real job while they're at it. Next, they'll be off listening to that Rock and roll music. If you'd had hair like that in my day, by george, there'd be strife.
  8. I would love to see Pickett in there but voted Bedford as I suspect he might be a bit fitter. Hannan is a quick thinker and is super talented but seems to find himself out of the play too often. Needs to bring more tackle pressure if that's going to be the case. Alternatively, Wagner brings solid tackle pressure but he's not the creative goal kicker we're looking for.
  9. Isn't that a little arrogant though? There's 18 elite level organisations vying to be the best and making the finals is pathetic? I understand it's not the ultimate success but I certainly won't be microwaving my membership if we play hard and make the 8. I think the answer to this question is a little more nuanced than a ladder position. I'd like to see consistency - competitive against the best, clean up the bottom couple of teams and see real growth from some of our players and in our game style. I'm comfortable with our boys losing games if we're playing well. That said, if we keep a fit list for the duration of the season, finals should be an expectation.
  10. The Geelong Elimination final was clearly our best performance of the decade. We were ok but a tad lucky the week after.
  11. Conceptually ludicrous to lump the team's performance on the shoulders of the captain/s without any evidence to support. Poor Neita would have been dumped every second year!
  12. We'll win the premiership and Steven May will make AA alongside Max, Clarry, Tommy and Trac. Harmesy makes squad but just misses.
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