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  1. If I'm picking based on highlights, I'm taking Young but people bagging Taylor as 'stupid' or Jackson as 'worse than Lucas Cook' based on half the information the recruiters have at their disposal reeks of arrogance.
  2. True. It's when those opinions are put forward as categorical facts that it becomes tedious. We're all having a crack at picking the players we'd like to see and that's great but the reality is, none of us know whether Jackson will be boom or bust, or whether Young's foot skills will translate at AFL level. A little humility goes a long way.
  3. Having just read the article regarding Murray on AFL.com.au, I feel clubs may not be enamoured with him maintaining his innocence over his suspected drug use. If he has willingly used cocaine and is not willing to admit it after testing positive, that's probably a fairly decent indicator that you've got someone that's going to be difficult to work with. Having said that, maybe he really did just 'inadvertently' come into contact with cocaine but I think this would be playing a bigger part in his struggle to find a club than his actual football ability.
  4. Seems the perfect depth player for his position. Not going to get excited over it but it makes sense.
  5. I don't understand why people think this is crazy money. Surely, he is worth around 600k per season?
  6. Darren Gaspar. It was about 300k - huge at the time.
  7. Send Daniel Rioli to the Suns and see how many games he wins off his own boot. Martin is a gun and comparing him to Rioli is an insult.
  8. No matter what kernels of truth may or may not exist in what this guy says, he is nothing more than a troll. He says what he needs to say to deliver clicks, shares, comments and other engagement to his employer.
  9. If he continues to play at the level he played at for the last 7-8 games of 2019, he'll be very valuable. Yes, he has the potential to be much more than that but I do think he's unfairly maligned at times. Either way, I'm glad he plays for us.
  10. So what you (and a few others) are saying is that unless a person had some kind of role at Richmond, don't even bother? It's a yawn from me.
  11. Don't disagree with much you've said and if Frost was still playing for us on a contract befitting of a depth player, I'd be a happy supporter.
  12. I expect both of these guys to be really solid, hard-working players that will help the side improve its consistency across 4 qtrs through hard running. The recruiting team should be congratulated. They targeted these guys a long way out and got it done with a minimum of fuss. If we can get our hands on a really good small fwd or two, this ship will turn around in no time. Bring on 2020.
  13. Surely, you can't expect them to manage the list with the expectation that they'll all be injured? I like Frosty, he was fun to watch but offering him 3 years on decent money isn't sensible list management. Also, he wasn't sacked - that's hyperbole. He was offered a sensible contract and chose to leave. IMO, he made a good decision for his career but so did Melbourne, in terms of list management and player payments.
  14. Needs to be put in perspective. He had a solid year but certainly hasn't proven he can do it consistently. In my mind, he'd be every chance to have a poor year next year. Also, he's not going to be ahead of a fit May or Lever which means he would fit somewhere between last defender picked and a fringe player - you don't usually offer 3+ years to that type of player. Yes, Hawthorn has offered him 3 years but they don't have May and Lever. Lastly, the comparisons with OMac are ridiculous - OMac is contracted and has zero value on the trade table. We are cashing in our chips on an unpredictable player. I think that's sensible in the circumstances.
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