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  1. Way ahead of you man. At the start of the season I saw us running the same garbage game plan with what looked like no effort to fix our F50 entries, dysfunctional backline or poor skills over the pre-season and so didn't bother renewing my gold membership or make the 700k round trip to watch 1 game. Seen it all before from this club and have been absolutely disgusted it's happened again. Will withhold my money next season and watch for improvement before forking any of it over.
  2. And this is why Jones must go. How long has he been the leader of this rabble? Too forken long.
  3. Roughie and Hodge are probably both already out've our price range. We go for the no name assistants.
  4. Players mum whines her darling boy isn't getting a game ..... Spare me.
  5. No they weren't. They were a young side on the up. Thomas was sacked by an alcoholic President with a vendetta who was also coked up to the eyelids. If they didn't get the injuries they would have rolled us in the final for sure. Gehrig going down was massive, Hamill on 1 leg too. Sacking[edit] After many injuries during the 2006 season, St Kilda finished sixth after the home and away season but were beaten in the elimination final by Melbourne. Injuries to Fraser Gehrig, Robert Harvey, Justin Koschitzke, Raphael Clarke and Xavier Clarke during the game, as well as the underdone Aaron Hamill and Max Hudghton, led to the Saints exiting the finals after leading for most of the match but being unable to run the game out. They finished the season in eighth position, which was not considered good enough by the club's president, Rod Butterss. On 12 September 2006 it was announced that Thomas would no longer coach the club as a 'mutual' agreement. Thomas, however, maintained that the club had asked him to leave by sacking him and while he had accepted, it was not completely mutual. [2] The decision was a shock to the football world considering that Thomas was only the second coach to lead the Saints to three consecutive finals series. It is not known why he was sacked, but many factors include the controversial match against Fremantle in Round 5, 2006 in which the Saints were stripped of two points following a hearing the following Wednesday, which ultimately cost them a top-four spot and the double chance, the long-term injuries to Justin Koschitzke, Aaron Hamill and Fergus Watts and starting the season with two interstate trips in four weeks. Thomas has shown no interest in ever coaching another AFL club.
  6. It's not confidence ..... Too slow. Papley was just blowing him to the weeds in that clip. And he hasn't been the 1st to burn him off. Moving Salem into the midfield won't make him any quicker either. And I'd suggest he's dropped off due to the opposition realising how much we try to use him and so paying him more attention.
  7. I'm hearing you King. Been saying the same but the clappers don't want to listen. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/david-king-criticises-christian-salem-for-his-defensive-efforts-against-sydney/news-story/524659fc9754edfa5e758bc3e7edf311?fbclid=IwAR0otUllB87rmt0qyzTp3Y4mQuK9nL1WjH9o5N7qcAXBDB0HthOCnsvVMB8
  8. Pert will beg to differ. He'll be one of thousands I say. The club will take a huge financial hit for this seasons farce. it's not like we have that many supporters to lose you know.
  9. There's a saying you know ...... "Fools and their cash are easily parted." No offence intended Boss 😁
  10. No ..... They sent a truck load of manure to Punt road. Back in 2003 a disgruntled supporter of ours sent chicken hearts to Junction oval. David Neitz wasn't impressed at the time but they were the yo-yo years and well deserved (which they are now). http://demonwiki.org/Round+5+2003
  11. For another suggestion. We could all send a box of chicken hearts to the club.
  12. No such this as a Melbourne fair weather supporter. They're all long gone. I too have been a member for 15yrs and seeing a game is a 7hr round trip. Can make for some very disappointing drives home. Haven't wasted my time this year.
  13. I will decide after 4-5 games to see how we come out of the blocks. If it's the same mindless rubbish ..... No.
  14. Stated he was overrated a couple weeks ago and got howled down. Dinky 15m passes don't cut it, let alone the ones that get turned over (most times in the corridor).
  15. Montagna summed it up. “One of the things I’m most disappointed about with Melbourne over the last six weeks, we understand the year’s been a write off, there’s been a lot of injuries, they’ve been really disappointing, but the way they’re finishing off this season for me is a sign of a club that they just still don’t get it,” Montagna said on his Triple M's Dead Set Legends. “They are still a bit naive, because in this game of footy you need to continually strive for excellent and continually improve week… the competition is so hard and so tough, you need to keep improving and getting better. "I think it looks like to me, this Melbourne team think ‘you know what, this season’s done and dusted, let’s get to the finish line, we’ll be right next year. We’ll just get to pre-season, we’ll get our players back, we’ll be fit and healthy, and we’ll be ok,’ and that just doesn’t cut it at AFL level, it doesn’t happen that way."
  16. And yet he has none. If the Saints or Dockers we're playing in my front yard I would've closed the curtains. Swans too for that matter considering Roos was using Lyons game plan. Took over young exciting lists, turned them into unwatchable robots and rung them dry with little thought to the future.
  17. And the supporters could still remember the last flag. Most haven't seen one now.
  18. Death by 1000 cuts.
  19. Fair enough but I was alluding to their similarities as players. Both run headlong into tackles thinking they're big enough to break through, but aren't and can't.
  20. I would if there was light at the end of the tunnel.
  21. As they watch their insipid arguments go up in smoke.
  22. Been a critic of Jones for years. He's a true front runner. And Viney just appears to be a smaller version.
  23. Ahh yes ..... A new member. Welcome to the Bitter and Twisted Supporters Club.
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