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  1. Must admit .... I am bored. So bored I'm arguing with triggered snowflakes on the internet. Hate sunday arvo games. Anyway, good news is Essendon got done by a point.
  2. So what were you suggesting he needed to clear his head and be with his family from in a threat titled "Racist comment targeting Nev" ? And you can wish like a child all you like. Still won't make it go away.
  3. Out of touch with the leftist ideals I know.
  4. I get all that. But for eg ..... Should a player miss a game because there has been a death in the family instead of playing on with a black arm band. I'm sure they might not be totally focussed. And as my original post stated that Hardtack also didn't like. You will never ever totally stamp out racism ...... Some might wanna live in fairyland and believe if they call out every percieved slight on the internet that they can.
  5. How am I twisting your words? Did you or did you not suggest Nev might be missing because someone posted an emoji?
  6. Surprise, surprise .... The virtue signaller resorting to name calling. I'll have you know I'm so offended.
  7. No I don't .... Thats the point. Hardtack seems to think so though.
  8. You're the one with your panties in a bunch cause my opinion is different to yours. You don't lke it .... Scroll on.
  9. Well, amazes me that an emoji gets posted and people like yourself think the sky's fallling. And if the coaches didn't play me cause some fool posted an emoji on my twitter page I'd be having something to say to them too. But I also highly doubt that is why he's not getting a game. His form wasn't real flash last year and hasn't improved. What else ya got?
  10. Highly doubt it Hardtack. If Nevs not playing because of that he really should "Pack it in."
  11. Essendon are notoriously hard to deal with. They'd want Petracca.
  12. We own the term fragile. Havng said that even when Geeloong were winning flags I considered them fragile to an extent. They'd blow most sides off the park in the 1st qr and then cruise to victory. If a side could stay with them they often got the jitters late game.
  13. And 1 for the "Woke". And not so woke.
  14. I think many would find it racist that you think a pommy white boy band took black music back to America.
  15. Read my post slower and see if you can get it. And for what it's worth. Posting a monkey emoji and rape are quite different things.
  16. You really need it spelled out to you?
  17. Lets not forget outlawing the media with their picking and choosing what they highlight.
  18. You will never ever totally stamp out racism. Are we gonna spend the rest of our lives highlighting the 1 moron who has a crack? And if we were true to ourselves racism comes in all colours, not just whites. Best just get over it and move on.
  19. As do big forwards who can take a big grabs when the Hail Marys are coming in.
  20. Just read the thread and a few thoughts on various posts. 1. In regards to May. Many players get drafted as forwards, can't cut it and get tried back. May might be able to pinch hit but that'll be it. Pretty sure TMac was drafted as a forward also, the pinch hitter that got stuck there. 2. Tmac was terrifying coming out've defence with the ball. He either got caught or butchered the kick. He also did best up forward when he worked wth Hogan both using their aerobic abiliities to run their opponents up and down the ground. Hasn't been near as successful as the stay at home KP as we know. 3. Saty .... We did bomb the hell out've the forward line in 2018 and previous. Goodwin even called it "Chaos Ball." Very few of our goals were created with precision, it was like watching rugby most the time. 4. We do have a potential tall mobile forward in Jackson if he comes on.
  21. If I was a Hawthorn supporter I would have seen 12 flags in my lifetime. I'd be arrogant too. And reckon the Bombers will beat us. 'Cause that's what they do. I'm still scarred from when they beat us with most of their side out from drug suspension .... Twice. In the pre-season and again during the season. A typically embarrassing black blotch against our name.
  22. As a collective, a more arrogant bunch of phlogs you'd be hard pressed to find.
  23. Exactly how I felt. A very MFC like performance today. Proved they have learnt absolutely nothing and are as mentally weak as ever. Having said that they did surprise me by hanging on. Was sure our total humiliation would be completed.
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