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  1. I remember the optimism rising in 2010 for the coming decade of domination. That turned out well. Tune in at 17:20 for Bruces immortal words.
  2. Full Elimination Final. MCG stacked to the brim with delirious Demon fans. Don't see that every day. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GDRDtbQeo8Xgc1tpxOLWHhFYP8inGKbE/view?fbclid=IwAR2cniE4EJshQYSTatwqgBopGko5Y-uyYAIyUEULLmxxoNjdYlACeu3cwUg
  3. As opposed to the boxing camp where Maloney would belt the bejeezus out of the new recruits to toughen 'em up abit.
  4. We can only hope. Till they cherry pic a couple guns.
  5. On past history we'll hit the front late in the 3rd. The players will start celebrating like they have it won and then get run over in the last.
  6. I've examined the data gathered over the last 50yrs and I predict more mental fragility. When the moments come we'll be found wanting. If you have a strong club, seasons like last years total capitulation don't happen. We might go alright with a fit list but when the whips are cracking the intestinal fortitude to get the job done won't be there.
  7. Considering I don't smoke or drink at the footy I think 10mins less time listening to the morons on the loud speaker is great.
  8. Maybe less cool down time will be beneficial injury wise. Gotta be better than playing matches in Darwin.
  9. To be fair. I'm sure we would've been following some trend of the time though. Cause that's what we do.
  10. I rolled one over back in the day and learnt stacking actually hurts. Was a far more careful driver from that moment on.
  11. I recall the same. Wouldn't be surprised if it was us.
  12. I remember when I playing a few medicore games back in the day I'd joined a new club and we were doing pre-season match simulation. The ball was kicked to me and went over my head so I turned and when after it to be confronted by one of our more skillful players coming the other direction towards the ground ball. I made the decision I wasn't going to deviate and needless to say there was heavy body contact that resulted in the other bloke having his collarbone busted. The coach came up to me later and said " You meant that didn't you." to which I replied "No I didn't, I just wanted the ball." (which I did.) He then said. "Well, I saw what his problem is tonight...... He goes in half arsed."
  13. I too find the finals stressful but I prefer that to being embarrassed every other week/year. I want us to draw crowds as that means we are playing entertaining footy, and I also find empty stadiums embarrassing. And no kid that dreams of playing AFL football dreams of playing at empty grounds which is why we'll never be a "destination club" if we can't reliably draw a crowd. I fear losing Anzac eve, the QB and the revenue for the club and exposure for sponsors if we can't pull our sheet together ..... Quickly. We need to learn to be successful and sustain it or slowly die on the vine. And if the past 50yrs is anything to go by, I have zero confidence we can do it. But I have all the confidence that if we do manage some success we'll somehow find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot and blow it. Cause that's how we roll.
  14. I stuck the label on those so virtuous they feel entitled to disrupt people going about their daily lives. Extra credits for those who get themselves arrested. If the hat fits .....
  15. Virtue signalling isn't being an annoying turd attending protest rallies. It's getting on your high horse sticking insulting labels on anyone who doesn't agree with your attention seeking antics. No shortage of "educated" morons out there and you should know. Seems you like to surround yourself with them.
  16. Considering I know a few Maori kiwis who live in a constant state of anxiety due to earthquakes they've experienced and the threat of tzunami on their coastal town I'm not sure they feel either healthier or safer. I also know they don't feel things are especially cheap. It'll be interesting to see if you actually chase the greener grass on the other side of the ditch. I'll tip you won't, regardless of your hollow riddles on the internet.
  17. The amount of times I heard the perpetually outraged snowflakes threaten this after the last election was truly amusing. And guess what, they're all still here. If only they were people of their word and followed through with their sensationalist internet declarations.
  18. Nice clips boys but here's 16 minutes of brilliance. Note he kicked 5goals in the elim including a trade mark hanger and another 4goals in the semi final before getting his collarbone busted in the prelim and then retiring. If anyone should have been nursed to 300games it should have been this legend.
  19. Lost so much weight their pants are falling down.
  20. Which would be the AFLs grand plan. They love noting more than "The Big 4" winning.
  21. Didn't seem to help Port a real lot.
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