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  1. Over and over again it seems.
  2. You know. More often than I like to admit. I hate Melbourne.
  3. Often players develop into snipers as they age and start to realise they aren't quite as quick as they used to be. So they resort to giving out the odd clip to these younger faster upstarts.
  4. We shall see. I wasn't happy in '88 or the following years. Or 2000 and its following years.. And I doubt I'll be all that pleased over the next few years. Not enough class to get the job done and our poor efficiency inside 50 is a sign of this.
  5. Well considering the last 10-12 years as a yardstick. Last year seems to be an abberation doesn't it.
  6. Considering our conversion of inside 50s to scores has been trash for the last 2yrs you'd think they would addressed the problem over the pre-season. Instead it's got worse. Just shows how poor the coaching dept is.
  7. Pretty sure it's the players who pushed for free agency. They want to line their pockets as much as those in AFL house. "Oh , but our carreer only last 10yrs." You can still work after you're 30 boys. Clarkson had the Dawks doing trials for the AFL as well. https://wwos.nine.com.au/afl/hawks-trial-afl-rule-changes-at-etihad/8e15078f-7be8-4a50-b692-9d75c1b6f69c I also remember some uproar about Clarkson meeting Gill for coffees after a couple games Clarkson wasn't happy with.
  8. 3 for the elbow to the cheekbone. Another 2 for stupidity.
  9. The last 2 mins were a comedy of errors that show we make hard work of everything. They didn't give up though which was pleasing.
  10. Agree 100% though even last year our conversion of inside 50s to score was terrible. Just this year it's worse which reflects very poorly on Goodwin IMO.
  11. Hmmnn .... Wonder why you're always in Thailand? Sketchy stuff. I watched it live on TV. Was amazing.
  12. Clarko said it best when he declared that neither one of them were going anywhere this season.
  13. Ho Hum. We were done 3 weeks ago.
  14. JKH has been unlucky. Been playing his best footy for us before getting injured.
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