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  1. Nice clips boys but here's 16 minutes of brilliance. Note he kicked 5goals in the elim including a trade mark hanger and another 4goals in the semi final before getting his collarbone busted in the prelim and then retiring. If anyone should have been nursed to 300games it should have been this legend.
  2. Lost so much weight their pants are falling down.
  3. Which would be the AFLs grand plan. They love noting more than "The Big 4" winning.
  4. Didn't seem to help Port a real lot.
  5. Laurie Fowler from the 70's .... Another hardnut. Will always be remembered for this hit on Big John Nicholls while playing for Richmond.
  6. I'm just upstream at Wahgunyah 😉
  7. I'd suggest down the track the little medallion will still be worth a pretty penny if sold.
  8. He bluffed his way through this year and ended up folding. Now chasing his loses.
  9. I never said us ..... You did. And unless they miraculously learn to kick, handball and mark during the off season we won't be rebounding far. us /ʌs/ pronoun 1. used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people as the object of a verb or preposition. "let us know"
  10. And that's all I need to post this ...... Turned the game at that very moment. And this was in the 2004 Elim.
  11. C'mon man. That movie's Gold. His best performance by far 😂
  12. Always infuriated me. Never intrigued me. Reckon the side were just lazy. Couldn't sustain the output required for long enough.
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