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  1. Last season wasn't that good mate. They still butchered it flat out with stats saying we had a very poor conversion rate for inside 50s. They got abit of belief at the right time of the year. That's all. West Coast exposed them in the Prelim like good sides do.
  2. Abit rough singling out Petracca and the Weed. We've got a side of habitual butchers with the mids the worst of them. And they won't learn to hit targets or make good decisions during the off season.
  3. Our game plan, disposal and decision making is a disgrace. Won't be fixed up with a fit list.
  4. No doubt as with the bump Gill the Dill sees tackling as an OH&S issue to be eradicated from the game.
  5. Kent touched upon the answer up the top there. It's not a concern about being greedy or hungry. They're terrified to take the shot and miss. Better to hand over the responsibility to the next bloke than expose their own poor disposal ..... Again.
  6. We were never free flowing. Every goal is from a rugby scrum. Even last year. They were lucky they got abit of confidence at the pointy end but still made hard work of both winning finals. Reverted to form over in Perth.
  7. Players are all B grade battlers and they know it.
  8. Ahhh .... But if your opinion differs to his you'll cop a lecture from the high horse.
  9. Cripps is an absolute beast and has been for a few years. He is Carlton as far as I'm concerned.
  10. I know a couple and 1 rabid bloke that fits the above description. I remember he got all indignant and had his panties in a bunch a couple years ago when someone suggested the Lions actually had a superior list to the Blues.
  11. Nah, Kennett didn't care about footy in those days. Like Gutnick he only took an interest when he become President.
  12. Coulda been. The G was just a huge tin shed back then.
  13. Me either. I got my PSTD from having a toothless homeless wino with a hawks beanie behind me in the '88 GF who screamed, "C'mon .... The Horrible ..... HAAAWKS." from his raspy lungs every couple minutes for the whole forken game. Well till I left for an early train anyway.
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