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  1. Does it really matter? Lewis Jetta would be close to the best kick in the AFL and he does it.
  2. I think you could really benefit from taking a few deep breaths and having a think before you post.
  3. Jones and Vince back. Maynard to debut. One of Weid or Pedo to replace Hogan. (Simon Goodwin on MFC twitter)
  4. So what about the day he kicked 7 @Clint Bizkit?
  5. Can't comprehend how you've come up with this one. Care to enlighten me?
  6. Tyson will playin the middle, someone else will move to the wing.
  7. Agree. Can't see them bringing in Kent and Smith for one game then dropping them. Pedo unlucky, but can't fit all the talls down forward. Stretch worst performed over the last two weeks so he makes way for Tyson.
  8. Max is the AA ruckman, there is no way he plays anywhere but the ruck.
  9. I don't think anyone doubts that Bugg would be in the bottom couple of the best 22 at the moment. But he is currently playing his role, and I can't see anyone knocking the door down to replace him. When Hogan and Watts are ready, he (or Harmes/ANB) will probably be squeezed out.
  10. I did watch the game, there is no way he comes back in.
  11. Yes he did. Was fantastic, but there is no way he comes back this week.
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