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  1. I like it too and reckon it’s an A. But who really knows what lies ahead. Non vanilla, all WA kids from the same successful under 18 group who bring a positive, winning approach. 3 WA kids in itself brave IMO. Non conservative, that we are often accused of being. We seem to have got, who we set out to get.
  2. We've had a good go at moderately paced midgets without tricks over the years. Also reminds me of Parish hype a few years back. Little blokes need to have Rioli type skills for top 10 IMO.
  3. I'm hoping a Dyson Heppell type. Be an ok pick for me.
  4. Serviceable . Not exactly the three really quick mids we desperately require.
  5. Small injury prone small from Collingwood. Worked well last time with Kennedy. As it stands half the side is already injured. Taylor would be really putting his job on the line taking this bloke IMO.
  6. Gawn and Oliver presented again. Should lead the joint IMO.
  7. If they can play at full capacity and often. Not sure about this bloke. If there’s a doubt, leave him out , would be my view.
  8. Agree . So would talk of getting rid of Frost and keeping OMac. Issac Smith is in his 30’s and has no currency for me.
  9. I think Sparrow and Jordan are half a chance and maybe a couple of others in there might improve. None of them were particularly high draft picks. Nothing suicidal with them .
  10. Pretty spiritless mob. Compare to Hawthorns last game.
  11. Reckon that would show a little faith and maturity in the coach issue. However he does have a blow torch right under his aggots ,courtesy of our rather spiritless playing group, who he has constantly stuck up for. Our players have burnt coach after coach, ( pre Roos who had their measure) but otherwise the accountability never seems to rest with them or their leadership group.
  12. Suppose we all see things differently. Seems like a half reasonable coaching ‘plan B’ for next year if there is no immediate coaching improvement in the early part of next season. Next week should shake a few non performing or past it players off. Step after that ( might take a while to announce it due to list finalisation ) would be to really tidy up the leadership group. And the wheels on the bus ......
  13. Max for Captain , Oliver VC.
  14. Yes , but at times like this you feel a little bit cheated by those in control of the club.
  15. Think Gawn and Oliver more entitled to leadership roles over past two years. Such action would also see Jack able to concentrate solely on getting his game back to scratch.
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