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  1. You may well be right ,would be nice if something was done about it and people came clean.
  2. Finger pointing and tears going on all over the place. We don’t need all this panic. All l want to know is who is going to stand up and put the train back on the rails? Surely has to be a cold hearted approach by the appointed leaders both on and off the field. They are the ones who really understand the underlying issues ( we are just guessing) and they need to make changes to address these problems effective immediately. lf they can’t do it, then we need people who can, l can’t imagine for a second PJ wouldn’t be up to his armpits in resolving the current situation.
  3. Tom Mc and the Weid zero points after 5 games, yet huge no of inside 50’s in a number of our games. Don’t get how they couldn’t have 1 point with nearly a quarter of the season gone. Something fishy going on. TMac injured? Weid already got at?
  4. He’s not playing well at the moment but that’s harsh.
  5. I find the reversal in TMc form hard to fathom. He’s a very good player, but simply can’t find it. Surely there is a problem here.
  6. He did play a very good game and a big part of getting us over the line, but it was due ,maybe overdue ,it was round 4. Hope he maintains the form against the Saints and shows the way again . Last year was a huge disappointment against them. Has a bit more to do to really restore the faith.
  7. Sparrow and Jordan are kids and might make you eat your words one day. To call them rubbish is crazy. They are not the cause of the clubs malaise. Good to see Maynard find some form after some ordinary luck with injury and Billy Stretch hasn’t given it away. Would like them both to get a chance.
  8. If you overpay for something that doesn’t work, it’s hard to consider it a wise decision, particularly when what you purchase has an injury predisposition cloud. The opportunity cost on this transaction is looking pretty aweful right now.
  9. Never EVER pay two first round draft picks for anybody.
  10. The Elephant in the room is the co captains.
  11. I thought of the similarity to last year against Geelong too. Bombing it to a static forward line pretty much the same. Slow learners or haven’t got the message? The week before ,PA’s forward entries, being so precise ,made our defensive zone somewhat meaningless and made it easier for PA to deliver. Same again with Geelong. Turnovers from ineffective forward work is going to kill anyone with the new rules because you won’t be able to cover the quick , precise rebound pick off or have an extra bloke as insurance down there. Others have seen it and it’s happened twice now. New rules might make it more about ability than grunt in both halves perhaps?
  12. Lockhart and Sparrow have more goals than Jones and ANB in , yet Petracca is the bad guy? Up to forward coach, Goody and selectors to fix it.
  13. Reminds me of when l worked. Bad thread.
  14. So single Trac out in our forward line is a little over the top. Maybe you should cast your net a little wider.
  15. Seems a few are desperately trying to find a spot for Jones to reinvent himself. Not sure if this is in the best interests of the side. He has had a spot for two weeks and under performed. If he stays in, like everyone else he must perform.
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