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  1. Geez l thought it was a good effort with our injuries. In years gone by likely to have been a different outcome.
  2. If we finish bottom 4, Goodwin ( and probably a few players) probably get something like 11 games next year to prove it was an aberration.
  3. Think we have clearly been worked out. Evident from StKilda and Collingwood last year and the prelim. Two slow midfielders to go and don’t think it should be an AA, Brayshaw , Harmes ,Petracca or Salem. Some really hard decisions may need to be made. Have we got the Hawthorn like stones to pull the trigger?
  4. A fully fit Viney is a serious competitor we know that. Anything less becomes a problem. What lm beginning to doubt is his ability to regain proper fitness or are his injuries becoming chronic? If it’s the latter we have a problem. We seem to get very little news on the subject.
  5. Isn’t it about time we stood on our own two feet now and simply got on with it? Roos ( and PJ) did a great job for us taking on a basket case and establishing the blueprint. So now we should know what’s required. Im more interested in what we do rather than what Roos does or doesn’t do.
  6. Looking at our forward line today and most of the season, l reckon there are a lot in the queue ahead of him. Probably all the forwards actually. In a decent side with a properly functioning forward line l think he would go ok.
  7. It’s sad to see for sure but against the really quick sides he struggles badly. Became evident in our StKilda game last year. But the club now finds itself well and truly wedged. Is Viney Snr going to tell Viney junior to have a rest? Is the club going to pull up Jonesys career a few short of 300? I don’t think so.
  8. Another 179 cm job. Maybe we can get a full list of them.
  9. None of them near GWS class however and we keep trading away our best picks. Doesnt make sense to me. So , simple, if you can’t get someone GWS class or ultra high quality, for Christ sake hang on to your 1st rounders. Brayshaw and Petracca need to lift pronto or onto the trade table.
  10. Midget , slow, no tricks, can’t stick a tackle, no lateral movement. Not in same class as GWS kids unfortunately. Not sure what he offers us or why we got him?
  11. Been a pretty lame season. Elephant in the room, the two co captains. If one was at Hawthorn he'd probably be playing seconds, the other is a true battler, but has lost a bit. We have two AA players who show the way and are the real leaders nearly every week. Time for some tough love and restructure IMO
  12. You may well be right ,would be nice if something was done about it and people came clean.
  13. Finger pointing and tears going on all over the place. We don’t need all this panic. All l want to know is who is going to stand up and put the train back on the rails? Surely has to be a cold hearted approach by the appointed leaders both on and off the field. They are the ones who really understand the underlying issues ( we are just guessing) and they need to make changes to address these problems effective immediately. lf they can’t do it, then we need people who can, l can’t imagine for a second PJ wouldn’t be up to his armpits in resolving the current situation.
  14. Tom Mc and the Weid zero points after 5 games, yet huge no of inside 50’s in a number of our games. Don’t get how they couldn’t have 1 point with nearly a quarter of the season gone. Something fishy going on. TMac injured? Weid already got at?
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