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  1. I love watching Voeckler. Such an aggresive and courageous rider. I'm not confident of an Evans miracle but I think he will at least try something and I'll be excited for a while... BTW whats with morons running alongside riders and getting in the way on the mountains? Never ceases to annoy me. So disrespectful.
  2. My understanding of how Demonland works is that every foolish statement needs to be countered with an equally foolish statement in the opposite direction. A combination of yin and yang and Newton's Third Law. Thus, I contend the watermelon is pushing the cat into the lake.
  3. I know team management won't let Froome take yellow from Wiggo in the mountains so long as the Chief is still pedaling but what about in the final TT? If, though unlikely, Froome was having the ride of his life and on track to take yellow, would he be told to slow down and gift the win to Wiggo? Domestique bar sounds interesting. Let us know what it is like if you go. I might check it out the following weekend.
  4. I don't know if Cadel's Catholic but he needs a miracle now. Froome was awesome again. It was great when he accelerated and dropped his captain instantly. He has looked the best rider overall.
  5. Yeah, Cadel looked very vulnerable. I was worried Nibali would make a move at the time Cadel was caught and the pack would respond and drop Cadel.
  6. It was a good tactic. The contenders need to keep this up to try and wear Sky down. Otherwise it'll be a Sky lead procession to Paris and they'll take 1st and 2nd. Good to see TJ having a better day and offering some support. Cadel wouldn't know himself - a team mate with him in the mountains!
  7. I know what you're saying but I do unashamedly enjoy a bit of hopeful speculation. It's been keeping me going as a Dees supporter...
  8. Nibali showed last night that attacking on the decent can work. NIcely set up by having his team mate in the breakaway to help him out. Evans also had team mates in the break away, perhaps he was planning for a similar tactic. Although Nibali was ultimately reeled in, at least the Sky were forced to work hard to do so. I think Cadel's best hope is if Sky get worn ragged by countering relentless attacks. With two uncatergorised climbs and a summit finish on a catergory one climb, tonights stage is a cracker. Here's hoping Chief Wiggam cracks!
  9. I was disappointed in BMC on the mountain climbs in stages 7 and 8. Cadel's support riders were dropped easily. So easily - and here is me being optimistic - I wonder whether team management decided to conserve the energy of their support climbers on the medium climbs, where Cadel could likely manage solo, in order to perform better in the high mountains where support may be esential. Perhaps they anticipated Team Sky's tactic of riding tempo from the foot of the last mountain (stage 7), which suited Cadel perfectly. Chief Wiggam is lucky to have Froome. He could have - and perhaps would have - won the Vuelta (Tour of Spain) last year if he wasn't riding as support for Wiggo (whom he beat in the end anyway to finish second). If the Wiggmiester cracks in the mountains, Froome is a real threat to win. It will be a super effort if Cadel can beat both of them!
  10. Viney has a higher value to us than he does to other clubs. Firstly, we know him better than we do any other draftee and better than any other club knows him. That exposes us to less risk. Secondly, the support network he has in Melb and at MFC gives him a greater chance of success than being at GWS/GC. Finally, he is the type of player we need. I'm saying this because while draft gurus and other clubs may rate him 5-10, his increased value to MFC may justify pick 3. ...though I'm all for conniving to get him in the second round
  11. I'm interested to see if Cadel attacks on the descents from the small climbs. I doubt Wiggins could match Cadel's technical proficiency. Though, as you suggest, perhaps it may be too early to take yellow? Let the pressure build on Wiggins and Sky for a while longer?
  12. For a 22y.o. player who started the season with just 32 games to his name and was charged with captaining a rabble, he has done as well as could be reasonably expected. He's a smart player who knows how to acculmulate possesions. If he can stay injury free and do full pre-seasons he'll keep improving.
  13. "I don't think there has been any going away from it in the AFL. Stilnox is still in the marketplace and still prescribed regularly, and there are people who I have had who have side-effects like nightmares," he said (Peter Larkins). Nightmares are also a side effect of supporting MFC. The incidence being higher before and after trips to Subiaco.
  14. Great to see a few 'landers following the tour. Should be a good one for the Aussies. Green Edge should be able to give Matty Goss a chance for green. Cadel's an even better chance for yellow. His BMC team looks stronger and this year's course suits him better. Not to mention no Contador and no Andy Schlek. Don't worry about Frank Schlek, the number and length of time trials put him out of contention. Will probably come down to the final time trial. Wiggins might be the better time trialist in a one off event but I think Cadel will be better after 3 weeks of hard riding. To plenty of sleepless nights ahead...
  15. The problem with clash strips is the inconsistency in how the rule is enforced. That is a blight on the AFL - I have respect for the teams who have resisted complying.
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