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  1. A very rare winter's journey deep south last weekend attending our first big freeze. So here is our three word dispassionate analysis. Cheer up joeboy! Jones - lost a yard Viney - bust or crash Gawn - captain by performance Oliver - proliferate with ball Brayshaw - greater match involvement Hore - dwarf versus giant May - better late than ... Lever - commendable return game Fritsch - ying and yang Salem - uncharacteristic turnover king Frost - out for count Hibberd - recovery ward escapee Baker - learning the ropes Harmes - committed team man Petracca - can impose himself Hannan - greater connectivity required Weideman - stood his ground Spargo - tackling efforts improved Garlett - enigma within enigma Hunt - fluffed easier shot T. McDonald - scoreboard pressure needed Wagner - underrated, unappreciated soldier Kicking coach - kick up khyber! Collingwood supporters - surprisingly well mannered
  2. Did not receive a free kick inside the forward fifty last night and cannot recall any in recent matches if not the season in totality. This season's 'interpretation' there is virtually no in the back rule a blight on the game. What passes for a Rules committee should shove it where fits and cease it's malign revisionist interventions which devalue the uniqueness of Australian Rules Football. Got that of my chest feeling marginally but not three behinds better already.
  3. Cheers Joeboy!!! keep up the good work. Our take ringside with slightly tinted glasses. Post- game thread - for masochists only Jones - deserves club record Viney - determination belied value Gawn - stellar season continues Stretch - made little impression O. McDonald - no comment ropeable T. McDonald - missing in action Frost - athletic goal keeper Smith - compass unfortunately awry Hibberd - needed scratch match Baker - calm and composed Hunt - pedometer on speed Oliver - first half dynamo Brayshaw - field kicking mule Harmes - out of gas Spargo - better performance tonight Weideman - We rate him Petracca - fair objective assessment? Kennedy-Harris - run will improve Fritsch - lace out laser Garlett - group think pinup Wagner - lacks disposal polish Hannan - rushed back early
  4. Totally agree with the sentiments expressed Wells 11, massive disappointment after a splendid first half. Went to the game with entourage of crow supporting friends they were all smiles of course. As we walked out one them said "Melbourne loss the game rather than Adelaide won it. Didn't salve the disappointment of course but fair comment. With better players returning from injury the worm will turn and I'm confident of a return to better days at the footy.
  5. Breeze will not be a factor after dusk more concerned about which Melbourne team will turn up. On the direct flight from Perth hopefully. Team bus does not need to divert via Greater Western Sydney.
  6. Clayton Oliver trained. Our limited observation time did allow us the opportunity to ponder the flight path of his goal kicks. Up there in the 'stratosphere' comparative to others more measured efforts and not always homing in to target. Something to work on for 2020.
  7. Marty Hore was out there training and although he has some size on Bayley Fritsch when standing next to him. He's not a gorilla-keeper physique wise. Noticeably he was doing a solo long sprint through the centre of the oval. He appeared to moving comfortably at full stretch although he is not exactly running at express speed. Looking forward to seeing him and Oskar Baker play. Jay Kennedy Harris was the only named emergency observed at training and he looked sharp. After checking off the team sheet and this may set the hares off did not recall seeing Oscar McDonald at training. But our clandestine observations were discreetly located to the shadowy side of the scoreboard in the outer for about half an hour so he could have been easily missed.
  8. Some here may recall the game the week Neil Balme was sacked as coach in a season probably more ordinary than this year. Todd Viney's performance was BOG and kicked kicked two dynamic goals for the Dees from memory (not the most reliable post -seventies!). I don't remember the name of the caretaker coach but did he get a gig at the blues subsequently?
  9. Your ace reporting team has just returned from training today at Marrara to the Daily Planet desk to file this demonland exclusive. Todd Viney Demon Kicking Coach! In what was a 'closed' training session Christian Petracca , Jack Viney and Mitch Hannan were practicing their goal kicks under the watchful eye of former demon's champ Todd Viney. Whilst conditions this morning were not conducive to practicing goal shooting, (wind gusts up to 43 km from a strong dry season sou' easterly accompanied by a delightfully balmy top end temperature of 26.4 degrees celsius were observed by the Bureau). Consequently many of the goal kicks missed the major opening. The kicking actions were recorded to mp4 or similar for later review. Meanwhile the rest of the team were involved in the usual training drill variations at the michael long centre end of the ground. Michael Hibberd appeared to have fully recovered from his recent collision injury, Mitch Hannan was moving freely and Christian Salem looked in great shape. Training was supervised by various line coaches including Max Rooke who cast an imposing figure. Ben Matthews briefly addressed the team and spoke about opening up space for forward fifty forays which he said was "critical" . We assume in reference to produce opportunities to kick a winning score. As training wound down most of the team practiced goal kicking, Tim Smith and Tom McDonald were the standouts able to adjust to the windy conditions with low trajectory drop punts. Overall impression team morale and to use a "Goodyism" cohesion appeared to be on the positive end of the spectrum. It was touching to see the camaraderie between Gus, Frosty and young Clarrie.
  10. Joeboy - closer to mark MFC - brave but flawed Jones - slowing but effective Viney - in and under Gawn - an outstanding game Oliver - exciting centre chain Harmes - great first half Hunt - some impressive cameos Garlett - goals improved performance Petracca - get kicking coach Salem - less influence tonight Stretch - tries very hard Brayshaw - lost in space T.McDonald - getting better 🔱 Frost - confident but costly Hore - endeavour and composure O.McDonald - a serviceable game Wagner - jittery with ball Smith - dangerous tackle surely? Lockhart - some classy touches Neal-Bullen - average before injury Petty - was not disgraced Fritsch - yin and yang Baker - overawed but promising Umpires - some ordinary decisions Postgame - group think gripe
  11. Our read of the tea leaves tonight suggests the season's trajectory has turned ever so slightly on an upward trend. Victory is tangibly close provided there is total team belief and commitment to the fundamentals.
  12. Guilty Your Honour! Deep into the last quarter at yesterday's match at the 'G exhibit "T" , timed at approximately 14 minutes and 30 seconds on the Fox Footy re-play. Jack Gunston's 'handpass' to Chad Wingard who went onto to kick the ball which Liam Shields would mark and goal from would make an NFL quarterback blush. The right hand holding onto the ball clearly provided the force to propel it 15 - 20 metres downfield to Wingard. The left hand 'fist' limply accompanied the action. Sam Frost's was in a hotly contested pack situation arms, bodies and ball being flung in multiple directions. Pleasingly the football gods favoured us.
  13. Pleased to see you are back in ink Joeboy! Somewhat agree with your analysis with some notable exceptions. Jones - great second half Lewis - yin and yang Frost - confident and important O McDonald - played his part Harmes - outstanding all game T McDonald - signs of re-emergence Gawn - dominant all day Hibberd - reminiscent of old Lockart - provided some spark Salem - steady and brave Oliver - solid team contributor Hore - slow but clever Melksham - not his best Neal-Bullen - improved touch today Stretch - tried but limited Hunt - excellent forward pressure Brayshaw - never gives in Fritsch - better second half Wagner - bluecollar stops FlashChad Petracca - not drowning waving Garlett - come back Jeffy? Keilty - some impressive involvement MFC - team effort succeeds
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