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  1. Mmmmmm... as bare a baby BBO's bottom, just add Johnson's talcum powder for good measure 🙈🙉🙊
  2. Joeboy are you going to provide a 3 word analysis of their sur le champ performances?
  3. Memorable kicks... well had the extreme good fortune to see Tassie Johnson, Brian Dixon, Don Williams, Johnny Townsend, Bryan Kenneally and Doc Roet, all premiership players from the club’s last golden era still grace the ‘G. Only memory of RDB was at Princess Park, but sadly playing for the all navy blue. Agree that John Tilbrook was a magnificent kick, (a bio-mechanical marvel to behold on the run) but unfortunately his on field performances never matched his almost mythic legendary pre-arrival hype. With the exception of a cameo performance, when he briefly illuminated the ‘G with a what could has been. One Saturday afternoon during his debut season, with three goals from the half-forward flank. Lou Richards mischievously labelled him as ’Topaz Tilly’. The late Max Walker could hoof them too, for a big bloke. Resplendent in the # 1 long sleeved jumper, he kicked a magnificent drop kick towards the Jolimont goal, back in the post-halcyon days. Gary Hardeman was also a penetrating kick of a football from centre-half back. Enjoying the ‘series’ Demons 3031!
  4. A distant memory, ruckman Peter Weekes played VFL with MFC and later VFA with Prahran. Remember his debut season kicking action, was very awkward perhaps the footy equivalent of Froggy Thompson’s bowling action on the ‘G. Other luminaries and less so who played for both clubs according to Demonwiki, include Bert Chadwick, Bryan Kenneally, John Lord Senior, Bob McKenzie, Barrie Vagg and Don Williams. Bob Spargo, Vin Catoggio, Kelvin Clarke, Greg Hutchison, Andrew Moir, Russell Richards 🦏 and Peter Sinclair.
  5. Thank you DJ, that has clarified matters considerably. Unless there is a MFC premiership in the New Year offerings (or next), it may well be that any future scholarly research, will only be able to find brief references to demon flags in the Red Sea scrolls or other archaic sources. Meanwhile we await with hope that a new chapter will be written in the NEV.
  6. Daisy, could you also include the missing OT reference for this quotation? Book, chapter and verses, so we may make the appropriate inclusions to our holiday reading lists ... Thanks in advance TC. TPF39, the festive season in your hood has clearly returned to its pagan origins, although it appears more sodom and gomorrah than yuletide!
  7. In good company GWS and Lions also on the rise!
  8. Went by the epithet 'Buckets' for good reason BBO!
  9. Absolutely agree Flash cannot readily think of a Demons example, but Stewart Loewe who played forward for the Saints, improved his goal kicking tremendously. From a very rudimentary beginning where he struggled to "kick over a jam tin" to a powerful and accurate kick from the 50 metre arc. As his goal kicking record attests to with nearly 600 goals kicked. Do not recall who he worked with, but he did have a set goal kicking routine. Which combined with considerable training practice and skill development (one assumes) made him a formidable opponent.
  10. RL, If you care to explore behind the facade of Darwin as a modern progressive city and government tourist authority offerings you will find bogans, longgrassers, ferals, luddites and troglodytes abound.
  11. Yes RL we have the fan factotum team set on high beat at 06:30 this morning.
  12. A very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong pre-season was predicted ...
  13. Jay Lockhart ... 🙏 Sit autem stellam ejus ascendent
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