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  1. As long as that's not white powder without the cheesy flavour SWYL! Prefer my twisties straight out of a freshly opened pack, wholesome and crunchy 😝
  2. Not wishing to claim a scoop but this news doesn't 'seem' to have appeared elsewhere on a demonland thread. According to an article on afl.com 'Coaching squeeze hits as Dees make tough calls' Daniel is not unfortunately one of the twenty five staff currently retained at MFC. A sign of the times sadly. Daniel has been a loyal servant to the club both as an experienced player, member of the coaching staff and runner on match days. Max Roach has also been stood down from the coaching staff. Wish them both well.
  3. If this comes to fruition, we're happy to attend and provide a detailed report. With two provisos; 1. Demonland provides us with AFL accredited press passes (expect it will RSVP invitation only event) 2. Our 'chesty bonds' must have a prominent red V. (thongs are of course de rigueur) Your self-appointed top end correspondents
  4. Appreciate the link Dr. G! British Pathe footage, with an authentic Aussie voiceover. Well before our time, but has that distinctive style of going to flicks (Saturday nights?) and watching the Australian Movietone News. Rupert was still learning his trade at the Melbourne Herald. 80 odd seconds of the stuff of legends! A viewing of the brief highlights show how truly magnificent the Redlegs team of that era must have been. Surprisingly reminiscent of the contested ball, once possession was gained, move the ball quickly with creative handball and clean kicking skills to an open forward line, where will of the wisp small forwards kick accurately for goal. (Considered to be desirable in today's era of the 'game plan'). Norm Smith received an award for 'most unselfish'. Evidence of his team orientated play was clearly on display twice at 00:30 with a well directed handball that cleared the pack, followed at 01:00 by a 'creative' handball to Alby Rodda front and square for a six pointer. Both involvements would be described as goal assists now. Never going to complain about the look away, backwards over the head handball again!
  5. Agreed JJC, not wishing to obfuscate matters further, but according to Webster's obscure (of people) is defined as "not attracting attention, not known to people at large" Oxford somewhat elucidates by suggesting... those unknown to fame, whereas an online dictionary reports "not discovered or known about". On the question of the Feldmanns' ancestory, (even more obscure sub-thread: Jewish MFC footballers). WE were pondering placement of a question mark after their nomination. Our research indicates possible Prussian or Ashkenazi origins for the Feldmann name. We have also purportedly tracked Derek to northern climes. Where he may reside (well at least until recently) as a manager of a timeshare holiday resort.😉 Anyway the bubblegum card depicts Derek with some other 'obscure' Ex- Demons.
  6. Maintaining the even more obscure sub-thread: Jewish Ex-Demons footballers, Derek and Rick Feldmann. Returning to the very obscure Gentile Ex-Demons footballers thread... Laurie Queay played two games in 1972 (probably off the bench). Unfortunately 'Tiger' Ridley and the match committee were unimpressed, he never played for the firsts again. Pretty decent footballer in his day for a school now prominent in recent AFL drafts.
  7. At that game and visibly recall the Fidge- Millane 'incident' to this day. Ted rather publicly and mistakenly retaliated to sly whack from Millane, during the play, with a powerful right cross to the head. Millane was dazed, confused and on very rubbery legs. So much for the faux tough image, Millane attempted to project on the footy field. Unfortunately for Ted, Swooper massively disapproved, it was Ted's last senior appearance and he was delisted at seasons end. The match itself? After an three goal opening burst by the Magpies, a fabulous Brian Wilson lead recovery by the Demons, who stormed back to secure a memorable victory.
  8. Now that is an innovation we'd like to see! Open the transfer window for May 31 202_ . Have Jesse return on loan (a la the English soccer) for the remainder of the season. Re-kindle his passion for the game and sort out the dysfunction in the forward line. Win win. 🤩
  9. Yeah, physicality on the footy field at its best. Sadly 'legislated out' of the game today.
  10. JUst viewed video of 1st semi-final 1994 Dees v Doggies... the great Jakovich out injured? but Captain Garry and team mates step up to the plate and performed magnificently. We were in the zone! True, memory is less reliable as time passes. Prior to viewing would have sworn (erroneously), young Neita cleaned up Chris Grant,who appeared to be out for the count. But he returned to the ground after half time! Albeit a little 'groggy' and probably less able to perform. With concussion rules in place now would not happen. Only fly in the ointment? Having to fly to Perth and play West Coast Beagles the following week. Sound familiar? Dreams of ultimate success thwarted by earlier opportunities not taken at that moment in time. Other teams with less talent have won premierships, perhaps decided by the roll of the dice or the bounce of the Sherrin.
  11. Skuit, if you're currently "stuck in Darwin" my only recommendation would be the recreational lounge at old Impex worker's village at Howard Springs, Social distancing may apply. You're right Demon's supporters here probably wouldn't raise a centurion's cohort. 🤠
  12. Just when we were both thinking here we are marooned in Darwin fading into irrelevance and obscurity. After withdrawal of future MFC games in the top end 2019. Rab D Nesbitt has helped revive the Tarax brand somewhat by accident. Rab you may have recalled our claim of attending every Demons' game played in Darwin. Unfortunately though research at Demonwiki has proven that to be erroneous as an earlier match was played in the 90's which was temporally inappropriate for our presence. Pleased to read so many fond memories from other baby boomer posters. Anything to add some levity to your day!
  13. To arrest the purported vertical exponential leap in those afflicted neither gloves or masks are currently recommended by health 'experts' Apparently the bug is carried by gloves and masks should be reserved for use by medical professionals. Yes with panic buying and shortages of popular consumer items, thrifty alternatives are always welcome. Although the advice recently offered, (in order to forestall the contagion) by an Iranian cleric. To apply oil of pansy flowers (in polite society) to an unmentionable part of the anatomy, nightly, does not give one exactly a 'ring' of confidence. Happily bananas still appear to be abundantly available. Those sections quoted of course originate with Hemingway.
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