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  1. If it is a full moon ... Tuning in now with a cold Guinness ... Well, it's a Marvelous Melbourne night for Demondance With all the stars out in recovery up at Goscher's (with Crossy) A fantabulous night to make bromance (Angus and Clarrie!) 'Neath the cover of wintry August skies (at the ‘G under lights) And all the fans on the fan sites are railing (Match Night thread) To the sound of the sirens that blow. And I'm trying to please by calling in bets (Dees at a $1.70 for the win) Of every heart- beats true for the Red and the Blue And all the night's magic seems to shout and hush And all the footy boots light seem to shine in your (tackling) crush ... Howling Go you mighty Demons! (with more than a nod to Van the man)
  2. Well we're buoyed by the naming of another demon debutant. Congratulations Kade Chandler. He seemed genuinely excited and grateful for the opportunity going by his interview today. Will be tuned in tomorrow evening fingers crossed for an improved team performance and a worthy debut performance from the young man.
  3. Yes venom and vitriol seem to have given way to resignation and apathy... post- finals back to the trade period and draft for a lift in spirits coming soon watch this space ...
  4. Highlight of the round!!!!! Oscar’s very first gooooooooooooooooal !!!
  5. A 19 year old showing some ticker at long last ..., the rest?
  6. Kicking back with a cold frothy Guinness and a meat pie (with salad of course!). Come what may. We’re calmly enjoying the best dry season up this way for yonks. Go Dees!
  7. Gee that must be a genuine Mick’s Whips original hope he can make it crack.
  8. Hope that Oskar can gives us something as the performance at Marrara was about as convincing as Paul Rowland v Peter Hudson back in the dark dark ages...
  9. joe boy - back from alice? Jones - lost split second Viney - missed after concussion Fritsch - new pinup boy Salem - solid performer overall Oliver - slotted great goal Harmes - got mojo working Gawn - evolving ruck synergy J. Wagner - rinse repeat re-select Lever - finding way back C.Wagner - workman like performance Brayshaw - bounced back emphatically Hibberd - glimpses of old Lewis - forward line generalissimo Neal-Bullen - incremental improvement noted May - scary scary man Petracca - tantalising cameo christian Jetta - better for run Hunt - more pill needed Petty - hype proceeds performance Frost - darling out muscled Preuss - purple patch only Lockhart - lock down role? MFC - silver lining... somewhere Umpires - back to WA
  10. Groundhog’s season continues, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Thought Fritsch was mostly outstanding emerging star in the making. There’s a silver lining inside that cloud ... somewhere.
  11. May was clearly shoved out of the marking contest by Darling allowed Kennedy to take mark virtually unopposed that quarter. Do WCE bring their own umpires also when travelling?
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