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  1. Jay Lockhart ... 🙏 Sit autem stellam ejus ascendent
  2. Totally support your summation of Nibbler's annus horribilis BBP. Expected so much more after he appeared to establish himself in season 2018. Where his contributions to the team performance were largely positive. Early on in the season some of ANB's ball handling skills were abysmal, he could not get a"grip" for love or the money. Watching his fumbles whilst attempting to gather the loose ball did stick in our craw. Unfortunately there appeared to be no marked improvement over the season. Whatever he had (lack of confidence?) seemed to become epidemic as many of his team mates became similarly afflicted as the season wore on... His goal scoring "attempts" were book-ended in the final round against North when he hit the goal post low down whilst in the clear 20- 25 metres out, virtually front on. At the very end of the last quarter in Hobart. Talk about 'snatching defeat from the jaws of victory', it was very much the sour cherry on top of the indigestible melange served up by Nibbler and many of his team mates for most of the season. Suggest he commences ball work with a lower pressure inflated softer Sherrin and consults the Maharishi this pre-season.
  3. Earl as track watcher extraordinaire and a member of the Fitzroy literati, it appears your subtly humorous off-beat reference has flown well under the radar. Rather than trawling thru highly speculative threads and seeking the next football Ubermensch, (David Neitz or David Schwarz clones come to mind) to reach the holy grail (13th premiership). Perhaps posters on demonland may derive greater benefit from these additional gems from your horse's mouth most resplendent in guernsey # 27. "Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed." As a final note for those still pondering Season 2019... "And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."
  4. Well according to Spike Milligan's guide for good eating " baby-faced angry bluebottle with chopstick in hand is not necessarily barrel of laughs" 😱
  5. Deservedly, gave the nominal All- Australian ruckman a proverbial bath.
  6. Belmont Bogan or has he come straight from Mad Monday as Nosferatu? Sounds strangely familiar...
  7. Just to cheer up all those deespondent folks about the Club's immediate future or previous decades in the football wilderness. We are ranked second bottom career (cumulative) Brownlow votes of the original twelve clubs making up the Victorian Football League pre-AFL. Eagles are closing fast must be all those hometown votes from umpire Margents 🤓. Career Brownlow votes by club 5570 GEEL 5503 COLL 5462 CARL 5418 HAW 5416 ESS 5291 STH/SYD 5065 NTH 5059 WBD 5055 RICH 5050 STK 4719 MELB 3427 FITZ
  8. As the curtain closes on the Marrara Stadium stage we're both feeling fortunate and a trifle torn. Living up here remote from the goings on at the centre of the Demon universe. The annual visit by the mighty Dees to the outer antipodes of the AFL world has been a local social and sporting event. Always anticipated with great enthusiasm but given recent history more measured optimism. Will treasure some great memories of past and present players stepping into the limelight. Sometimes sparkling for the briefest of cameos, Liam Jurrah with the ball bouncing it in a graceful arc or the more theatrical heroics of Jack Trengrove athletically jumping at the forward pocket boundary throw-in, late in the last quarter to punch the winning behind against the power. Or the almost galvanising goal from Jayden Hunt's monster torpedo punt. The post-demonic alternatives don't quite have the same appeal, Melbourne in the depth of winter? only if the demons have the will to win. The 3000 km return journey road trip to Alice, scenic, but endlessly overtaking road trains and avoiding wandering grey nomads, steers and other ferals with Gerry constantly taking the p!ss. You would have to question your sanity and dedication to the cause. Well as George Harrison most effusively crooned " All Things Must Pass"🎸
  9. Any emerging football talent like a Gilbert Macadam or Liam Jurrah would be a recruiting coup from our Central Australian Academy program.
  10. Add Western Bulldogs, Port Adelaide and West Coast Eagles? to that list BBP.
  11. Breaking news which may please many posters. Demons apparently have played their last game at Marrara and the Gold Coast Suns will instead come to Darwin from 2020. Goes with the territory re: AFL concessions to Suns for exclusive access to local recruitment?
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