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  1. So roos said. Illustrates the same problem though as roos would have selected billings, an in and under mid, ahead of a silky, outside player who was an elite kick even then. And besides, as it turns out, I'd rather we took billings anyway. For full disclosure i supported the decision at the time. But that doesn't change the fact it has proven to be the wrong decision. Fact is they should have chosen Kelly. Not because he has proven to be a gun. But because the roos Goodwin game plan built around contested ball has proven to be redundant and they have both failed to bring elite or even above average kicks to the clubs.
  2. I hope he would acknowledge our issues are in part due to the players he recruited. For a start the decision to take Salem and Tyson rather than Kelly
  3. To quote the commentary on NBA 2K20, 'we've seen that movie a few times'
  4. You can't coach skill errors? What does that even mean? What you can do is recruit players who will make skill error for their whole careers. And choose not to recruit barely a single elite kick in 8 years. And then you can marry that decision with a game plan that, like any game plan, relies on players hitting targets inside 50 (or if bombing it in at least kicking it to a forwards advantage) and not making dozens of ridiculous turnovers every game (because of the decision to recruit players who will make skill error for their whole careers). And then you can go to post match press conference and wearily answer the same question about connection going inside 40. And promise we will work on it. Unlike you Saty i don't blame the players. If you don't have the skills, you don't have the skills. You might improve a bit (or like Salem and Oliver you might go backwards) but there is no magic fairy dust that is suddenly going to make a rubbish kick into a good one. Again, both Roos and Goodwin are to blame for our list and our current problems as their recruiting strategy as been to weighted towards contest ball winners at the expense of skill.
  5. Sure, but the point remains is that a player who comes to the AFL as a poor or even average kick will rarely get much better, particularly their field kicking. The reason of course is like golf swing it is all about technique and by the time they get to the AFL they have kicked it hundreds of thousands of times. Very hard to change a golf swing and very hard to change kicking technique. I can count on one hand dees players who have improved more than marginally. Jones is one, who gtes much more penetration than when he first started Set shots are easier to correct because it is more mental, they have time to gather themselves and they can develop a set routine. Cassboult is good example. This is the key reason i feel so concerned about where we are at as club. As i have been banging on about we are simply a terrible kicking side, at a time in footy's evolution where kicking in the skill that separates teams as all teams now compete and defend. All clubs have our one wood. But the best ones have mix of a few elite kicks (like say bot Kellys), above average kicks (like say Heath Shaw), mostly average kicks and very few, if any real butchers (insert 15 dees players here). I don't care what game plan is employed if you have team full of poor kicks then you are stuffed. And it will take years to recruit and draft ourselves out of this problem. Again as i have noted before i put the blame squarely at the feet of Goodwin and Roos for almost exclusively chasing competitive ball winners and getting no elite ball users. Viney is the prefect example. As is Brayshaw. Oliver is becoming one.
  6. Can't imagine Simon would find it that funny. Though i'm sure he would find some learnings from the experience
  7. When the story of this match is written lets not forget they didn't have a bench in the last
  8. Fair suck of the sav. At training we rarely miss a target. Yes I know it is pretty well known that in an AFL game there is usually a fair bit of pressure but hey let's get training right first. The key thing is that there is lots of learnings. That our players could expect pressure in a game of footy is one of those learnings.
  9. Levers running is so lazy. Got himself caught in no mans land then and allowed dusty to kick under no pressure
  10. Smith has to be dropped for not manning the mark properly. Unforgivable
  11. That was the worst decision i have seen all season against trac
  12. Good Lord I hope bennell gets fit soon. We need his kicking skills more than we need competitive beasts. Am I right in thinking Bedford is a a good kick? If so I'd put him straight in. We work so hard for so little result. But we kickec two great goals through agaggresse kicks. I hope they keep it up. Rather lose attacking then lose in a scrappy game of rugby
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