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  1. Exactly rjay. A good outcome in the end I reckon. One we avoided The massive fall out that the crows ate still trying to recover from of an ill advised camp. Two the club, and in particular goody had a wake up call about effective communication. The fact that some players (mainly younger ones) did not feel comfortable and/or empowered to raise their concerns ironically sent a clear message that the club needed to improve its engagement and communication with players. And they seemed to have done so. The old my way is the highway, bend to my will way of running any club (or business for that matter) is a relic from a bygone era. It doesnt work. That approach was at the heart of the essendrug fiasco.
  2. Spot on George. And the modern zone set up a all teams employ (and I reckon the eagles have close to the best, perhaps just behind the tigers, though rance not there brings them close) places an even greater premium on kicking skills and decision making. The zone means players need to be able to more with their kicks these days. Twenty years ago the best kicks were those that could drill a low 40 metre bullet to a neita or a Dunstall. Still an important skill. But the best kicks now have to weight their kicks to advantage, pop it into a hole, checkside, kick long enough to get over a press etc etc. Good decision making is just as important. When to use which kick, who to kick to, who not to, when to go backwards and reset etc etc Players like hill pendlebury and suckling have the skill set and decision making. We have very few playears with these skills. Or decision making skill for that matter. And as i have said for years it is our biggest issue. And a player like Hibberd has only one kick in his toolkit. A left foot helicopter. Combine that with woeful decision making and an an inability to kick on his right and he is the very last plsyer who should be kicking it inside 50. I was really disappointed he took so many against wc. Goodwin should have made it clear he was not to. If he did we have another problem.
  3. I like it. I reckon there is chance they could commence a season by mid August (allowing for 3-4 week mini preseason prior to that). This is based on my guess/prediction social distancing restrictions will be eased by end of July. Play to end November. A conference system would make that window of time feasible whilst cutting down on travel costs. An i reckon there woul dbe massive interest and the winner would still be regarded as a legitimate premier. No asterisk. In some ways the winner might be lauded given the hurdles all teams will have had o overcome (so perhaps a positive asterix!) Mark my words they will play a season this year. We wil collectively get though this time and the AFL will need to play games to stay financially viable. Same goes for clubs like the dees.
  4. Of course some were, that is the nature of footy. Pressure exacerbates poor skill and technique. The eagles are a much, much better kicking team and executed under pressure much better. As good kicks do. At one point deep into the second half the DE was 75% to 42%. But many of the errant kicks were under zero pressure. Some from stoppages after a mark or free. Like Mays missed kick that went straight to an eagle and cost us a goal. We are the worst team in the league at kicking a football accurately.
  5. Good luck dazzler. Things will turn for the better soon enough. Enjoy your time with bubs and your family. And remember to be kind to yourself P.S I'll pass on your apologies to ANB and Omac if i see them.
  6. Doesn't quite work. Sort of a reverse 'what have the romans done for us'
  7. Agree. To an extent. At least one of his kicks directly (which was after a mark not in play, so unforgivable) cost us a goal.
  8. That may well be true but Hibberd's inside 50 kicks were ridiculous. Not only were the never to our advantage he helicopters the ball (unlike say may) and so they come in slow and high and make it dead easy to cover. You add his complete inability to kick on his right (which cost us a goal in the first q because when he should have switched, couldn't, had to turn back to the boundary and kick a floater down the line that of course got intercepted) and I'm sorry but Hibbo has lost me.
  9. Nailed it. And so many of those missed targets were easy kicks under little pressure, with some only 20 metres kicks - May, Lever Spargo, Trac, Viney, Langdon, Tomlinson etc etc. As WJ or redleg noted at some point in modern footy if you can't execute your kick you lose. Simple. And missing targets by foot renders any game plan or structure dysfunctional. And yesterday we doubled down by also missing any number of handballs (Jettss what were you doing?) We are a terrible kicking side and Salem and Jones not in that side hurt our massively as they are two of of our three most reliable kicks
  10. They got told 30 mins before the game the season was on hold (but in reality likely finished). They are on the other side of the country in a ghost town (even when not under semi lock down). Talk here on dl that they had to move hotels. They face a 12 hour trip home. They are by and large a bunch of young guys. Agree. Let's cut them some slack.
  11. And no marks or goals. But hey lets bag him out
  12. Lever is a crap kick. Rubbish technique
  13. May is a good kick. Who regularly turns it over. Costs us another goal.
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