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  1. Fair comment. Perhaps I'm judging him a bit harshly. My assessment is influenced by the fact I thought he might be the sort of player who thrives at a higher level. Someone wirh a real x factor. I half expected him to slot straight in and light it up. Like a Sydney stack or higgins. Which he didn't. I'm not writing him off and he could well make it. But he might have to recent himself. Maybe as a dashing hb.
  2. I assume you are missing a question mark. For some reason i thought he had a full presason. Gives me some more confidence that he didn't in so far as if he can have one he might go to a better level. Is he currently injured?
  3. That really hurt didn't it nasher
  4. Absolutely. To be honest I was a bit disappointed with his form last year. One of tbe few to hsve an uninterrupted preseason, his best position was vacant and had a chance to cement his spot. Showed some glimpses but for mine simply did not impact enough, dissipated in games and disposal iffy. If not wing where does he play?
  5. Some good points. I wouldn't want trac taking silly shots but sometimes it looks as if he is so fixed on following team rules that he limits his brilliance. And I'd only give a couple players licence. Trac and fennel or Lockhart. Its just that he is at his best when playing. free and totally on instinct. And the sort of goals he can snag are real team lifters
  6. I'd really love goody to encourage him to go for go goal more often and give some licence to take more low percentage shots He is terrific at finding team mates and setting up goals and you dont want to lose. But he has great instincts and is real spark plug. He had an excellent 2019, super consistent. I expect him to go to another level and if he does we will be in for a treat.
  7. I have this funny feeling of de ja vu again
  8. Yes, i guess so. I thought he meant professional sports
  9. They don't actually. Or at least i 'm pretty sure they don't. I stand to be corrected but i don't think any of NFL, NHL, NBA, MBL or Golf are signed up to the WADA code. In fact most of those sports have incredibly lax regimes and penalties, baseball being a classic example. In golf i have feeling they only recently started testing players for performance enhancing and recreational drugs (long been rumors about heavy coke use on tour)
  10. I don't know, but i'm willing to be a guinea pig and test a range of scenarios (guvna i slipped and fell into a bath of coke)
  11. Yes it matters. A lot. Jetta is on the run in that shot. I'm guessing he doesn't drop it from that high on set shots but even so the exception does not prove the rule.
  12. I like Christian's Jesus Christ Pose Look fit but jeez has seriously big legs. Didn't hurt Leigh Matthews i guess.
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