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  1. A modern interpretation of the Darwinian theory
  2. No, of course not. I think it is safe to assume Nixon was being facetious. And has heard some other rumour. As someone above pointed out shameful how he can trumpet support for maintaining positive mental health and trade in gutter rumours. The internet has been a wonderful invention for the world (remarkable to think in its current form ie the www it gmhas only been around for 25 years). But providing a platform and a forum for a peanut like nixon represents one of the downsides.
  3. Shouldn't be a problem if they have sufficient mental strength.
  4. Have you and Praha ever been in the same room together?
  5. As good a place as any to put this. Terrific replacement game for the round 9 Alice game i reckon:
  6. Agree. They should use this song in all their campaign material:
  7. I had the same idea. Had about 25 in a garbage bag with plan to sew them together to create a blanket. My mistake was to store them in a garbage bag. They got put in the garbage. Stopped collecting scarves after that.
  8. I have managed to beat my addiction to exercise.
  9. Maybe. He doesn't look a natural crumbing forward, but as you say he kicked goals. But from memory most were from leads not crumbing?
  10. I'm not sure about being on the slide as such but this year is a critical one for hunt, who is treading water a bit. We need his pace, he is competitive and has an x factor but it's not clear what tge best position and role he is best suited for. And there should be a lot more competition for spots this year, so he won't be gifted any games (hopefully). Big year in his career I reckon. The positive is that if he is regular starting 22 player he will have gone up a level.
  11. Fair point. But nonetheless I still think there is some real potential in players like sparrow, dunkley, jordon, Lockhart and Bedford. ALao petty, spargo, fritter and baker are all coming into their 3rd season and I included that group in my comments. Add jackson, kozzie and rivers to that group and there is a pretty good core of young players coming through.
  12. Good post, agree with most of it. It us an interesting point you make about 1st and 2nd year players going up a level. Last year was unusual in so far as no first year or even second year players made a real impact at senior level (As opposed to just getting a game) These days at least one normally one would have. And no knock on any of those players. Just the way their development has progressed. If you include this year's draftees to the group that is now entering their 2nd and 3rd years it reasonable to expect a handful will make an impact. And maybe one might really surprise and become a really important player.
  13. At first glance I wondered how they had got a recent photo of me and mixed it up with a shot of dunks. But on closer inspection realised it wasn't me. Easy mistake to make though given how similar our physique are.
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