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  1. I completely accept all the criticism and would have expected nothing less This post was really meant to be a tribute to the forum and the supporters who keep the "spirit of 26" alive. As a long-distance supporter there is little other than Demonland to help keep the passion alive when you have no one else to discuss the game and plight of my beloved club with. But like any long distance relationship it gets to a point when you don't know when you'll see your team play again and all the effort of staying in touch with all the intimate details doesn't make sense any more. I believe the club is on the right track and have some great young talent with a solid coaching group and the most competent administration we have had for a long time. And I did not mean to encourage any other supporters to jump off the bandwagon. If and when I move back to Australia I am sure I will be back on the forum once again...(I will be making an exception to watch Jack Trengove's comeback match, who I still believe could be our great avenger...) Stay passionate and engaged. Go Dees!
  2. Dear Demonland, I am not a regular poster but I have been religiously reading Demonland for several years now. However, after watching (most of) the match against Essendon I’ve decided it is time to bid farewell to Demonland and take a break from watching football indefinitely. I have lost the enjoyment of following the game and club I have loved for the last 27 odd years. The performance of our players against a club I despise so much (ever since their dirty tactics against our young players in the 2000 grand final) was nothing short of soul destroying. Of course there have been worse defeats than that of late, but after all the positivity around the club during the pre-season it is so deflating and incomprehensible to see the team play with so little spirit and coherency. But that’s not the only reason. The state of the game and the management of the league has becoming a complete farce with the constant rule changes, draft manipulations, and unequal fixturing, not to mention the appallingly inconsistent decision-making of the AFL governing body. Watching clubs like Hawthorn, Geelong and Sydney consistently being able to top up their lists without dropping from contention is a complete farce and against the spirit of the game as far as I am concerned. But before I sign off I wanted to say a big thank you to all those that contribute to this forum. I have greatly enjoyed the incredible amount of passion and insightful input provided by the majority of posters. As someone who has been living overseas the last few years with limited opportunities to see the Dees play on the hallowed turf of the MCG I have found the forum to be a great resource. Particularly, the training reports which help keep the fires burning during the off season. I hope you all continue to keep the passion going and I hope the club will (eventually) turn things around and become a finals team once again. Ascobar P.S. Shout outs to my favourite posters in Whispering Jack, Steve the Man, and Saty plus all the moderators and administrators for keeping the forum afloat.
  3. Yeah that's my reading of it too, def reminds me of Heppell
  4. I reckon the new logo should be used on on away jumpers instead of just the MFC part. Then it would look less like Carlton's and be more obvious that its Melbourne. Anyone care to do a quick mockup?
  5. Very clever marketing. My immediate thought seeing to new logo was New York Yankees (or maybe I was just channeling our President!). Its simple, clean and by just using the word Melbourne, I think they are pitching towards a non-football crowd to buy Melbourne branded merchandise. I wouldn't be surprised to see tourists buying some of the new gear just because it says Melbourne but not in a cheesy way.
  6. But it's a good excuse for three pints at lunchtime...
  7. Like the eight ball says, concentrate and try again Demonlad...
  8. What i like about this deal is that is shows we had a backup plan in case the Howe deal with GC fell through. We are obviously keen on no. 3 and we got it.
  9. Always worth remembering we got VB for nothing! Its all about the overall list balance at the end of the day, not the individual deals.
  10. Such a lame comment. He might have well have said "a club based around football". Completely meaningless so don't bother trying to read anything into it.
  11. I was amazed they managed to compile anything let alone 3 mins worth!
  12. I don't see what the problem is. We still have Watts and Trengove that fit the category of "high draft picks we are holding onto in the hope they will come good" and they have both shown far more than Toumpas even did. Time to move on...
  13. "Well, of course it could be done! Anything could be done! But it only is done if it’s done."
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