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  1. Is Stuie's life membership transferable?

  2. As the father of a little girl who now has an interest in footy purely because of the women's comp I strongly disagree. But obviously that doesn't stop you from having your own opinion which is different to mine.
  3. You typed that like this didn't you...
  4. I contributed information I heard from someone told directly by an assistant coach. You're welcome to do the same.
  5. From L to R, my guess: Gawn, Daisy, Tyson, Trac, Jones, Vince, Viney, Stretch, Gus, Hogan
  6. Kent out for 5-6 weeks with a back injury apparently. Mentioned by Shannon Byrnes to someone at training.
  7. I wouldn't have thought so. Viney is only 22 and we hopefully have learned our lesson about young captains. Jones, or Jones and Lewis if the players and coaches see fit.
  8. Sure do. Went to high school with him. Pretty much gave up playing after watching him.
  9. stuie


    Lol righto mate, not sure how I was bossing you, was just asking why you'd bother to comment "wgaff" when it's a self defeating statement. Baffles me when people come into a specific thread about a specific topic and comment "who cares" about said topic.
  10. stuie


    Why come into a thread about him and comment that you don't care then?
  11. stuie


    By "making it" I mean staying on our list and getting some games regularly. No slight on the bloke, by all accounts he's a hard worker and tries hard, I just don't see a spot for him going forward at this stage. Obviously just my opinion and predicting the future somewhat, but that's what footy boards are for hey?
  12. stuie


    There was more to it than that as far as that trade goes, but I get where you're coming from. We've probably gone off on a bit of a tangent with the whole thing anyways. Long story short, I can't see Kennedy making it, but that's just me.
  13. Cheers Saty, appreciate your dedication. Keen to hear what these certain players are working on on craft day if possible: Frost, ANB and Bugg.
  14. stuie


    But you were replying to a comment about Collingwood fans not being disappointed in losing Kennedy... (You even bolded that section)
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