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  1. I hope we lose by 150 points next week. I don't know why, but this list don't want to play under Goodwin. If we don't make a change, yet another year will be completely wasted. Unwatchable heartless sh*t.
  2. Cue Goody with: 'We never gave up and showed some improvement in the last quarter. Week to week we are improving.' 🤮
  3. As an ex captain of this club, he's more than entitled to his opinion. If you don't want to be constantly reminded of how bad the Demons are going, I'd suggest not ever turning on your TV or opening a newspaper. We are woeful at the moment. Best you get used to it.
  4. of course I turned it on straight after the 3 wickets in 11 balls ... and now I'm going to sit here for hours and watch a huge partnership build - I guarantee it. Still better than watching the Dees though.
  5. Not exactly sure what you were expecting to see? This is literally a forum for people in their armchairs to discuss things after the event - and you may have noticed the season isn't going super well for us right now.
  6. Wow Smith. I can see really why they call you Bull, the way you always compete.
  7. The Eel has been spudding it up all year. Now he decides to have a breakout game. 🤦‍♂️
  8. WHY? Why is it so hard to take our time to hit up a simple lead in the forward line? When has bombing it ever worked? They don't even try!
  9. here comes the tsunami of consecutive goals, start counting #draftpicks
  10. Lol Tmac. The one time a chest mark would have been acceptable. 🙄
  11. He has looked a class above today in terms of disposal.
  12. yes, experience plays a part of the vast difference in class between May and Oscar. There you go we've talked about it.
  13. He's like an anti Ablett Jr in terms of ball retention.
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