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  1. Not many options available, I assume this due to the fact that Richmond have 100k members. I ended up in M8, row W as everything else was allocation exhausted at 10:04AM. I would suggest anyone planning on rocking up on the night to get in now and secure themelves a seat....
  2. Boys out on the track - minus the Casey group who will be training tonight. Hunt, J.Smith & JKH all with the main group this morning.
  3. G’day folks, Any times listed for training? Cheers.
  4. Final teams? And do we know who are the travelling emergencies to Perth? Cheers
  5. I think you’ve misinterpreted my comments about Balic being a chance for a game towards the end of the year. I definitely don’t think he’ll be gifted a game “just to give him a taste” and I definitely don’t think he is a “next season rookie” - whatever that actually means! From what I saw today, I think that if he continues to develop and play the way goody likes his players to play, he will be a chance to force his way into the team based on form and talent. He is a strong bodied half forward/mid and if his form keeps trending in the right direction, he’ll challenge ANB/Harmes for a similar spot in the team. He has missed a lot of footy over the last two years so we’ll keep an eye on him as I said after watching him today he has plenty of upside. Go Dees!
  6. Here’s my take on the Melbourne listed players. 3 Votes – Pederson: Was the dominant player on the ground. Kicked 6.1 and took at least 8 big contested marks. He looked unstoppable. And boy did the frankston locals give it to him! 2 Votes – Bugg: After a quiet first half managed to work his way into the game and finish up with 6 goals. Got on the end of a cheap one or two but also dished off a couple to teammates which he could have easily kicked himself. 1 Vote – Baker: Found plenty of ball and has some aggressive run & carry. Kicked a nice goal too in the last quarter to seal off a good game. Seems like a handy prospect. … Wagner: found enough of it but disposal still lets him down. Set up some nice set plays but also had a couple of poor turnovers by foot. Hunt: Similar to Wagner, gave us some good drive off half back but had a couple of bad turnovers that these blokes shouldn’t make against opposition like this. Although probably first in line for a call up out of all of the defenders today. Frost: Took some good strong marks but again the knock on him was some poor skill errors. Wont be forcing his way back in the team on todays performance. Smith: Ball wasn’t deep in defence much but he took a couple of strong marks and made the most of his opportunities. Petty: Took a couple of nice marks and looks like an impressive prospect in defence. Quite a big lad for a kid. Garlett: Very ordinary from Jeffy. Kicked a junk time goal in the last but found no where near enough of the ball. When he did he looked quick and a cut above but these moments were rare. Stretch: Didn’t do a great deal either which was disappointing. JKH: Just going through the motions. Seems a long way off all those 30+ possession VFL games that he had last year. Don’t think we’ll see him in the red & blue again. Balic: A lot to like here. Wasn’t dominant but made the most of his opportunities. Was strong around the ball and he has clean skills. Also took a couple of nice marks. Will be interesting to watch his progress over the next half of the season. Could be a chance for a game towards the end of the year. Keilty: Couple of nice contested marks but unfortunately didn’t finish the game due to concusion. Filipovic: Actually didn’t mind the work of the young ruckman. Gets into some good spots and contested well in the air. A good game Johnstone: As mentioned before, a last ditch effort to reinvent him as a small defender but unfortunately he doesn’t look like he’ll make it. Pretty quiet from him again today.
  7. Yes he did. I would definitely prefer him to only be used as a forward though.
  8. Anyone know if Pedo is still crook? I thought or forward structure particularly in the first half looked out of whack without him there....and of course I would prefer not to have Wattsy pinch hit in the ruck.
  9. So today I decided to head down to Windy Hill instead of watching our boys against the Giants. In the stands sat Garland, Dawes and Tapscott – Tapscott with strapping around his Right Quad. No sign of Strauss and Gawn who I actually thought might be a chance of playing today – the mystery injury curse has struck again! Anyway, for the most parts the game was pretty sloppy. There was a 2 goal wind blowing towards the city (?) end and I think it affected a lot of the skill level. It wasn’t great viewing but surely couldn’t have been worse than the game up at Blacktown! So with 27 minutes on the clock, Casey were an even 4 goals in front and the game appeared to be all over, espescially as some quarters had been awfully short. But from the 27 to 34 minute mark, Bombers kicked 5 goals to put themselves 1 goal up. Surely this was game over. No. Centre Clearance to Casey through Aiden Riley and Jetta takes a big pack mark, his second for the day, (yes his second contested pack mark!!) and kicks truly to level the score with 35 minutes on the clock. Back to the centre and another Casey clearance; with some incredible dash and flair Blease grabs the ball, puts on the after burners and kicks truly with 36 minutes on the clock to put Casey one goal up!! Siren blows at 36:20. Now, heres the wrap up of our Melbourne Listed Players: Trengove: Played across half back and half forward for 75% of the day and looked slow and disinterested at some points. It wasn’t what we wanted to see from Jack. He had one terrible holidng the ball called against him early in the game where again he was caught with no awareness and very slow. His 25% of the time in the middle was more fruitful as he got his hands on it a bit, but overall not a great game for him. Jamar: Looked very underdone and slow early. He warmed into the game, but didn’t have much game time. The only time he looked like he cared was after Michie got flattened and there was a bit of heat in the game leading up to half time. Interestingly though my Essendon mate I was sitting with though he looked good in the ruck. I think though he will need another week at Casey before coming up to the seniors. Blease: Was very flat early and struggled to get into the game. Had a bad dropped mark and shank kick early in the first quarter playing across half back. But as the game went on he improved. Rotated through the wing and deep forward and ended up with a lot of possession, particularly in the last quarter. Had some textbook run and bounces which was good to see, and also put in some pretty good chases; also had some excellent possession where he was clean and looked like he had far more time than anyone else. Got a bad knock in the 3rd quarter which split his eye open but he kept running on. Should be picked for the dees next week. Michie: Started the game very well and gained a lot of the ball through the middle but dropped off as the game went on. Had a big knock which I think explains his limited involvement in the game after half time. Toumpas: A very good game. Looked good with ball in hand and ran well for most parts. Played through the guts and across half forward. Should have a look in to be selected next week. McKenzie: Ran hard, tackled and chased well. Even got a bit of ball for himself, and his skill looks to have improved. (Must be the only player on our list who has done so!) Not sure what his role is going to be in the dees moving forward but he put his hand up today. Salem: This was my first look at Salem and I thought he did well. Didn’t set the world on fire but was clean by foot and looked OK in traffic. Will be better after 4-6 VFL games. Harmes: I like what I see with this kid. He had mongrel in him and was in constant tussles with the opposition all day. He is a go-er and looks like he wears his heart on the sleeve. Was good to see some passion. Hunt: Very impressive flashes throughout the game. This kid is quick. At ¼ time he was the only one the coach singled out for taking the game on which was funny because the coach slagged the playing group for playing the ‘Paul Roos game’ of high possession, and maintaining the ball. It was interesting as I then looked to Trengove who had a perplexed look on his face! King: Its funny watching this guy play – he is so skinny and lanky but goes ok. Worth hanging onto for a few years I rekon though. Jetta: Actually did alright up forward. Had the 2 contested pack marks I mentioned earlier and was handy around the ground. Got a few knocks but kept motoring on. Riley: First time I have seen him play and I though he was ok. Goes for the ball hard and won plenty of the ball. Reminds me a bit of Jack Viney. Will improve from here. Nicholson: Honestly didn’t notice him much. I see that he got mentioned in the best above but really I didn’t think he had much of an impact. Clisby: Was very solid in defence and could have earned himself a spot after todays game. Like a lot of the other players today he didn’t dominate and came in and out of the game but what he did do was good. Who should earn a call up after today: Blease, Toumpas, Clisby & Mckenzie (but whats his role going to be with Vince, Cross, Jones and Tyson?) and Nicholson (as I said seemed to miss all of his possession today) Casey Players that played well: Smith, Page
  10. Can someone please post the link to todays press conference?? Cheers
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